Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2289

Card in a hand!! Xia Tian deeps frown!! Unknown is most fearful. Now corrupt wolf has taken to Xia Tian unknown. But Xia Tian also understands that is absolutely impossible to present the true invincibility, even if the corrupt wolf seems is now invincible. Bang!! At this moment in the sky a lightning chops, this lightning chops place that endocrater, that totem youth seven kills the big hole that the armed forces died. !! The howling appears together, all people saw death totem unexpectedly to jump out the big hole. What?” Brow of Xia Tian immediately a wrinkle. Xia Tian, you are waiting to me, you have killed my totem Saint beast, I will kill you sooner or later, I in three you, you do not die too early.” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces to look angrily to Xia Tian. Bang!! Walks quickly, time without enough time, how long even if I am Nine cauldrons Expert cannot support.” In the dark cloud has broadcast a long sound, clarity that all people listen, unexpectedly is Nine cauldrons Expert. Snort!!” The totem youth seven kills armed forces cold snort one, afterward the body shoots up to the sky directly!! „To run away?” Xia Tian to seven kills the armed forces to pursue directly!! Bang! A lightning chops, Xia Tian dodges hurriedly, afterward he can only look helplessly seven killed the armed forces to run away from their front, he ran away to airborne, ran away to the position that the dark cloud was, afterward thorough disappearance: Xia Tian, I in three you!!” Nine cauldrons Expert!! Three!! All people all hear clearly!! Xia Tian already looked that this seven killed uncommon location of armed forces, but he has not thought that seven killed armed forces unexpectedly to have Nine cauldrons Expert to work as the backer, has not thought that seven killed armed forces unexpectedly to go to three in this manner, had other methods to go to three besides use transmission?

Kill! Kill! The Qi Wang army is also rushing ahead there, completely is the unilateral slaughter, they only clash do not kill, drives away these people, these people kill one another completely. The rocket is also continue explode is shooting. The snow territory confuses the army rout of city!! The war cry are in all directions innumerable!! The deep inscription already does not know that at this time where, he has not helped the corrupt wolf, has not helped Xia Tian, because here person were too many, he cannot expose his status, therefore Xia Tian made him leave directly, he made an appearance here, this has made in the world all people know that he and Xia Tian were the hostile relations, this could very good hideaway his real status, his real status be: Xia Tian little brother. Hateful!! Also has left behind a disaster.” Xia Tian a little regretted that now has not gone seven to kill the armed forces dismembering the totem youth, if he spoke seven to kill the armed forces dismembering at that time, that seven killed the armed forces definitely again unable to live, he has not thought that seven killed armed forces unexpectedly to use the reversion summon, will summon in within the body of Saint beast totem, what therefore Xia Tian killed was only the Saint beast totem, but was not seven kills the armed forces. The Xia Tian enemy are many, moreover strength is very formidable, now has left behind such a totem youth, then the Xia Tian later trouble must have. Snort, three? You will definitely die today here, but also discussed in anything with me three.” Saying that corrupt wolf cold snort ten points disdain, his these words have also pulled back Xia Tian Xia Tian, at this time the Xia Tian feeling, the corrupt wolf truly is S , B, if the corrupt wolf sneak attacked Xia Tian while the opportunity, then can attack Xia Tian absolutely, but he has actually chosen the attire, B. Regarding the corrupt wolf probably is: The life can install several B, installs B is B. Yeah! It seems like first solves your this corrupt dog.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward his body leaps. Blue luan coverall!! The body of Xia Tian presented coverall directly, this coverall is he cuts to kill to assist the doctor and his these under there obtains. ! Changes the flash of body, Xia Tian killed directly to the corrupt wolf. Anything!!” When the corrupt wolf saw blue luan coverall immediately stares, he thinks what Xia Tian must use is the coverall of own god wolf, unexpectedly that but currently Xia Tian uses is the blue luan coverall, although this coverall he did not know, but the coverall is a coverall, might very formidable, after five cauldron Rank 9 Expert wears the coverall, can strike to kill six cauldron Expert. Void wolf claw! The right hand of corrupt wolf flings, the wolf claw pounded directly to Xia Tian. !

The silver light dodges. The incarnation was quick for the Xia Tian speed of blue luan, adds Shangxian again. After silver corona, his speed was abnormal, moreover can various types transfer the direction, Bang!! The sharp mouth of blue luan killed directly to the corrupt wolf. The double wolf attacks!! Both hands of Xia Tian change into two great wolves directly, has fired into Xia Tian maliciously. Bang!! The double wolf of corrupt wolf was defeated by the blue luan directly, the both hands of corrupt wolf also all are the blood, his body by formidable strength to flying. Whiz! When Xia Tian carries on the pursuit, the corrupt wolf counter-attacked once more. ! This Xia Tian had already prepared, therefore has shunted directly, this time his careful observes the both hands of corrupt wolf. Has not injured!! The hand of corrupt wolf has probably not been injured to be the same. Resilience? It is not right!! Even if strong resilience cannot achieve the so abnormal degree. Bang!! Blue luan again with corrupt wolf attacks in together.

!! The people favor to unite!! The body of corrupt wolf changed into a tian gou instantaneously!! After not having the coverall, his changed the body also directly changed into a dog. Really is the corrupt dog.” Xia Tian says with emotion. You court death!!” The corrupt wolf has fired into Xia Tian directly. ! Xia Tian fast dodging, he withdrew from the coverall attribute, afterward the user favors to unite, he is not does not want the user under the coverall attribute to favor to unite, he is not skilled, therefore does not dare to use rashly. The people favor to unite!! bo! His body changed into the conditions of half -and-a-half people of snakes directly, the person the first snake body. This changes the shape of body is Xia Tian and small snake changes the shape of body, striking power very formidable, moreover favors to unite regarding other people have certain suppression, suppressed many to look at the strength and opposite party of small snake strength specifically. Hateful, unexpectedly links my tian gou to suppress.” Corrupt wolf angry saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the corrupt wolf, you turned into the dog are not my match.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. Xia Tian, should not be too extremely arrogant, one will have you to cry.” The corrupt wolf spoke of the dog he to be angry each time, if were not this dog has the origin with him, he did not want this pet, others got rid are the dragon, the phoenix, the totem, seemed has the imposing manner, this changed the body turns into a dog, that was did not have the imposing manner. „? How do you want to make me cry?” Xia Tian doubts looks to corrupt wolf. Actually do I make you have a look at my card in a hand am what?” The corrupt wolf waves: Comes out.”