Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2291

The Qi Wang army started thoroughly confused the armies in city to pursue these snow territories. In this time city. Second Brother, the Boss has defeated, now his person is retreating.” Five elder excited saying, he a moment ago when obtained this news almost excitedly not dead, this was a happy heart heads on completely, was too happy, big elder unexpectedly also defeated. This regarding their several, the news was good. Like this their three can become the big elders, two elders and three elders. What you said is real?” Two elders have stood directly. Naturally, I am see with one's own eyes, now their army is removing in the round trip.” Five elders more said that was happier. Good, good, opened the city gate, I must have a look at the Boss distressed appearance.” Two elders are also an excitement of face, he understands that he this time definitely has stood up from failure, because the big elder has planted, other elders all planted. May not!!” At this moment, six elders shout hurriedly. How sixth child?” Two elders and five elders all are puzzled look to six elders. Second Brother, cannot open the door, you did not think that this is a very good opportunity? Although the big elder this time has planted, but his strength and influence also, moreover he also has in three enlightened emperor there relates very much, if makes him live going back, he will have sooner or later also the opportunity to stage a comeback, therefore we cannot make him come back absolutely.” Six elder vision ice-cold saying. Second Brother, the sixth child said right.” Five elders nodded. But person many mixed, we , if not make them come up, I feared.” Does not need to fear, Second Brother, you, so long as announced that said the enemy is wearing our military uniforms at this time, wants the muddled advancement, then soldiers will make the choice.” Six elders said. Good!!!” Two elders clap: „The fifth child, you run personally, said receives the lead, said that the enemy has worn our clothes to come to sneak attack us, lets them, no matter sees any person, executes summarily.” Yes, Second Brother!!” Five long have picked honest. Second Brother, this time we stood up from failure, so long as our perfection, even if did not have the meritorious military service, our positions were also steady.” Six elders said.

Is Ah!! Has not thought really that strength unexpectedly such formidable of enemy, Lian mostly died.” Two elder brow wrinkles, he understands, strength very formidable of big elder, moreover he has 100 million people to exit, and in the team also has the corrupt wolf, the deep inscription and seven kill armed forces such Expert. Second Brother, no matter the enemy is strong, so long as we persevere the city, the enemy absolutely is impossible to attack, after all our here also 300 million people of armies, you should understand that Boss their group of people all are not the frontage charge die, but dies under the scheme of enemy, otherwise 100 million people the words that carries on to fight with all might, that is dry hits must hit above the first half month, but Boss they now is less than day on rout, this on proving him was the intermediate total, we only need unable to persevere, that on the intermediate total, will not want to capture our place city, They have 1 billion people also insufficiently.” Six elder very self-confident saying. Right, right that the sixth child, you said.” Two elders nodded. Above city wall. Opens the door, opens the door!!” Kills, do not manage them, they are the spies of enemy!!” Innumerable arrow rain fly directly, they crawl from the dead crowd, they have not died in the hand of enemy, but actually died under the arrow of person on one's own side. Corrupt wolf and Xia Tian place! Xia Tian was really also coveted wolf the ability of the doing several things at the same time making badly battered. Depends on you also to have partner? Was right, that Qi Wang and free of evil intention that two waste, that makes them come together, I can destroy completely your three people fully.” Corrupt wolf very self-confident saying, he to own present ability confident. Has made a mistake, my partner is they!!” The Xia Tian left hand wields!! !! A long water dragon appears, this dragon seems awe-inspiring, although has not ended overall, but he is the dragon of genuine goods at reasonable prices. Whistling! Afterward a wings hot cage appears. This fire dragon obtained the small fire dragon of hot Qilin inheritance! Xia Tian has three pets.

The small fire hose's origin is very mysterious, now after it has eaten up the corpse of flood dragon, the strength obtained very terrifying growth, but the small fire dragon directly obtained the ability of hot Qilin blue fire, and obtains the inheritance of hot Qilin. Anything!!” When the corrupt wolf sees Xia Tian these three pets very surprised. He thinks Xia Tian, only then a pet, this pet is the pet that the present Xia Tian user favors to unite. But now Xia Tian here unexpectedly presented two, moreover seems very formidable. You tie down one to me, remaining gives me.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward has fired into the corrupt wolf directly. ! The silver light dodges, his body vanished in directly same place. „It is not good!” The body of corrupt wolf hides directly to side. His tian gou body is quite rapid, however the Xia Tian movement is quicker. ! Bang! The Xia Tian second pursuit direct tail pounded on the body of tian gou, flew the tian gou racket all of a sudden, beyond the command two tian gous wanted to rescue, was already without enough time, that two tian gous at this time already tied down by the small fire dragon and small water dragon directly. Bang! Bang! Bang! Do not kill me? Aren't you very fierce?” Tail of Xia Tian on this all of a sudden then pounding all of a sudden on the body of that tian gou. Bang! Bang! Bang! After ten minutes, tian gou already pounded covered with blood.

First did several things at the same time dead in battle. Xia Tian has fired afterward into second doing several things at the same time. Hateful!!!” Main body angry shouting of corrupt wolf, these three can be his main body actually, so long as there is one not dead, he does not die, but his time normal can only control one, another two close right up against in the subconscious to fight. Bang! Xia Tian is pounding down of tail tail. Second does several things at the same time also directly by the smashing that he pounds. Next was you.” Xia Tian smiling looks to the corrupt wolf. No, no!!” On the face of corrupt wolf presented the panic-stricken expression, afterward he starts retreat directly. Runs away!! He must run away. I thought that which you toward run away.” At this moment the body of Qi Wang explodes to shoot directly from opposite, the god wolf coverall will covet all of a sudden the wolf to push to the ground, Xia Tian is also takes advantage of opportunity to overrun, will covet the Chu necklace that the wolf obtains newly to give along. Whiz!! Black fog flashes through, blocks the blood claw that Qi Wang has patted directly.