Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2292

Quick!! Quick that all these have!! After the Qi Wang army that side fight of ended, Qi Wang personally has caught up, he comes to here time happen to saw the corrupt wolf of escaping, at this time the body of this corrupt wolf does not have what wound, just his two did several things at the same time killing by Xia Tian, Qi Wang wore the coverall to attack instantaneously!! Must cut to kill corrupt wolf directly, is Jiu Jiang revenges!! But at this time his hand by one group of black fog holding. Was good to catch up!!” In the black fog presents a shadow, on puts on the Black Gown shadow. Um?” A Qi Wang brow wrinkle. ! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, afterward the day cold sword in right hand to the shadow hand cut directly. Bang! The shadow right hand flings, threw Qi Wang directly to Xia Tian, Xia Tian started retreat hurriedly!! Expert!! Although fights is only the flash, but Xia Tian looked, the opposite party is Expert, this reaction rate is incredibly fast is really incomparable. What person?” Qi Wang doubts looks to the shadow!! From his imposing manner looked that should be came from demon Expert . Moreover the strength absolutely is six cauldrons above.” The Xia Tian right hand has gotten hold of day cold sword. Corrupt wolf, has not died.” The person under Black Gown said. How did you come?” The corrupt wolf wiped off the bloodstain of mouth, afterward has stood. Death region must open immediately once more, opportunity that now can leave only, once otherwise opened you to go back unable to go back.” The person of that Black Gown reminded. „, Helping me kill them.” Corrupt wolf saying slowly, this Xia Tian has routed his confidence thoroughly, he no longer requested himself to kill Xia Tian, he felt that he must unable to kill Xia Tian probably, the thing that this Xia Tian robbed was abnormal, if this time cannot cut to kill Xia Tian, he worried that the own later opportunity was getting more and more uncertain, because that thing can help Xia Tian fast formidable.

Good!” The person of that full Touhei fog nodded, afterward his head presented seven dark clouds and nine small dark clouds, seven cauldron Rank 9, but his strength is seven cauldron Rank 9 , can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths in next three him: Really is troublesome, here unexpectedly suppressed my these many strengths.” Big brother, making me come.” Xia Tian looked that said to Qi Wang, he understands this rank the Expert strength solely is not Realm is high, moreover his operational experience is also very rich, the pet rank is also high, the weaponry is also very Advanced. You, I assist you in side carefully.” Qi Wang nodded. Blue luan coverall!! The body of Xia Tian turned into the blue luan instantaneously. Good, unexpectedly is a coverall!!” Saying that person under Black Gown appreciates. ! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, presented again time he arrived at the person of Black Gown: Went well?” When Xia Tian this strikes goes well immediately, his body directly fights with the fists to pour in the place. Bang!! ! Xia Tian suppresses the ache on body, runs away fast, after he runs away, in the ground presented a gulf. Responded well.” Nod of the person of Black Gown appreciates. Very strong, although only displays six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, but he with assisting the doctor completely is not a scale, assists the doctor to understand that changes a surrounding that ability probably child to be the same, but change environment ability that the person of this Black Gown uses has actually reached the pinnacle.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Third child, in our two same places!!” Qi Wang said. Big brother, copes with him is not the person many.” Xia Tian understands, although oneself can cope with ordinary six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, but is actually not able to cope with this rank Expert, normal ordinary six cauldron Rank 1 Expert impossible the abilities of six cauldrons to display Pinnacle radically. However this type the person who came from demon actually, he already already soon to eight cauldrons, although he is unable in the abilities of next three use seven cauldrons, but he can actually perfect displays the limit the abilities of six cauldrons. His change environment solely did not change the surrounding paths and trees, but also turned into one of the change objects, confuses Xia Tian with the false appearance.

X-Ray Vision eye!! The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously!! Before the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye was half weak ability, the present X-Ray Vision eye can restrain six cauldron Expert perfectly, six cauldron Expert abilities created a false impression, false are stronger, but the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye that made looks through these vacations, regardless of the match were strong so long as bumped into his X-Ray Vision eye, then the vacations of six cauldrons completely were useless!! The blue luan attacks.. The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place. Snort!!” The person of Black Gown contemptuous smiles, when Xia Tian attacks to his body, his fist overcomes once more. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian vanished in directly same place. Bang!! The back of person of Black Gown early received incomparably formidable strikes. Bang! The body of person of Black Gown flew directly, afterward his both hands make an effort at a ground point, a tuck dive the Xia Tian strength downloading, had not received the too big injury obviously, although he can only display six cauldron Rank 1 Expert strengths, but obviously his resilience is six cauldrons above, human body also very formidable. Anomaly, although his Realm was suppressed six cauldron Rank 1, but his defensive power and body formidable degree as well as the resiliency all are seven cauldron Rank 9 strengths.” Before Xia Tian, thinks Expert that three or other place comes are most is also same as six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, but he knows that now he made a mistake. How does this also hit?” Qi Wang depressed saying. The opposite party striking power is six cauldron Rank 1, the defensive power and resiliency truly seven cauldron Rank 9. Good!” On the face of person of Black Gown presented an excitement of faint trace, afterward in his hand presented a gagger whip: This demon Yun Qi, although cannot be regarded any treasure in our that in your here should be considered as on is the top treasure.” Whiz!! The person of Black Gown has fired into Xia Tian directly.

Rips!! A person of whip Black Gown behind a big slice of meat all stiffly has ripped Xia Tian directly. Ah! Good pain. Blue fire, burns to me.” Xia Tian can feel on the whip to have other attributes. Rips! The person of Black Gown was a whip directly pulls out on the body of Xia Tian, was a bulk meat is torn up. Third child!” Qi Wang rushed hurriedly. Coverall!! Rips!! Bang! Qi Wang maliciously was flown by whip pulling out directly, the coverall vanishes, the body of Qi Wang was also torn up a bulk meat. Hateful!!” Xia Tian angry shouting. This time delivers you to go to the western heaven.” Whip pounding in person of hand Black Gown maliciously to the head of Xia Tian, saw directly Xia Tian must pull out direct died, at this moment two finger silent appearances, directly whip gripping.