Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2294

Doing several things at the same time technique!! Xia Tian jade Jane Dakai, above writes the doing several things at the same time technique three characters. In Spiritual Force direct investment jade Jane. shit, unexpectedly is so abnormal, no wonder the corrupt wolf will make that demon Expert kill me.” Xia Tian understands why at this time finally the corrupt wolf must die by oneself, because this time does not die, perhaps that corrupt wolf this whole life is unable to kill itself truly. Qi Wang in therapy also very depressed, if he were not encumbered by the chaos caused by war, he already can come to covet the wolf to kill, when he can leave actually late. Corrupt wolf by that demon Expert rescuing. Corrupt wolf, I will certainly kill you, Jiu Jiang, I will certainly revive you.” This is the Qi Wang two big desires. The snow territory confuses in the city of city. Second Brother, the good news, in the killed these people does not have the big brother, does not have the person of same age rank, comes back to report that according to the scout these five cauldron above Expert were all cut to kill by Xia Tian, the Boss was cut to kill free of evil intention, therefore our matters will not have anybody to know.” Five elder incomparably excited saying, they most fear is the big elder is killed by them, afterward had retaliated them. Good, good, good, is really the day helps me , the luck came to keep off cannot block, this time also nobody can block us to make a rapid career advance again, the ten big elders' all people besides our three all died, our three were doomed is greatly long second child elders and three elders.” Two elder incomparably excited saying. Second Brother, leaves happily is too early, although we will turn into the first three big elders according to the truth, but we have not rendered meritorious service this to be gossipped in the back, said that we are only the luck good become the first three big elders, but if we have rendered meritorious service, that is different, nobody can say that again our status backgrounds are not positive, some people will not suspect that we were up to mischief.” Six elder saying of slowly. He is the brain trusters of these three people of teams, his words they carefully will all listen.

Right that the sixth child, you said that but we now are not suitable to go out of town, the opposite party strength was too terrifying, if we want to obtain the merit, that can only be finally loses is bigger, we also they will be perhaps same as the Boss, capsizes in Yingouli.” Two elders understand the meanings of six elders, but he is also worried to die, will lose the present all. Second Brother, we can drum up support actually.” Six elders mysterious smiles. Drums up support?” Two elders look puzzled to six elders. Triggers several explosions with the gunpowder crag outside, then assigns the person to pass on the victory report in the city, said that we obtained win, a lot of people have killed, in any case mouth on our faces, we, so long as said that everybody believed that everybody believed that then above was good to coax, as for can seize the city now not to be unimportant.” Six elders show a faint smile. Great idea, fifth child, but must depend on you.” Two elders said. Relax, the Second Brother, wraps on me, I do not have sixth child's brain, but I have the strength of not being able to use up.” Five elder very self-confident saying. Three enlightened emperor places!!! They are leading 8 billion armies in fast setting out, they the city all leaves behind few people stationed, then the army continues. Report!!” Said!!” Front transmits the combat report, big elder died, two elders lead to pursue, kill the enemy 300 million, but the place army rushed, they retreat the city now, waits for the support of army.”

Big elder unexpectedly also died, how this does, ten big elder unexpectedly died seven.” And an enlightened emperor deeps frown, he does really does not understand that should be obviously invincible army unexpectedly under will suffer heavy casualties in city of the small perfection, dies continually seven big elders and 700 million armies. The body of this enlightened emperor has white tiger tattoos. Must know that 700 million armies may be the sharpest armies. But now links them dead. Tiger enlightened emperor, showed according to the information that uneven Imperial City and eight big influences united, therefore they so formidable, it is said uneven Imperial City three big Expert, Qi Wang, Xia Tian and free of evil intention all came, especially that Xia Tian was known as that next three first Expert, I estimated they used any method to defeat our armies.” On mark enlightened emperor saying of snow sable slowly. Um, right that the sable enlightened emperor said that the opposite party has either used the method of sneak attack, either will use has cut the method, can therefore kill our crack troops, but they cannot be do not harvest, the most minimum second child their there cut to kill the opposite party 300 million armies, moreover they also seized these many cities.” The mark of third enlightened emperor a ginseng. Snort, since you said that I did not punish their family members, transmitted orders, set up the heroic tablet to them.” Tiger enlightened emperor cold snort ordered directly. Yes!” Under a famous artisan meets the command. Moreover their three seals to the second child, other people also died in any case, seals them as the big elder, two elders and three elders, this also rewards their meritorious military service, moreover transmitted orders, making the following person try hard, the meritorious military service that who established many gave who raised the elder, in any case now seven vacancies.” The tiger enlightened emperor ordered again. Yes!!” Under another famous artisan meets the command. In cave.

Xia Tian carefully is looking at the doing several things at the same time technique now. A doing several things at the same time technique most overbearing point is, so long as the main body does not die, even if were does several things at the same time, will then not cause anything to injure to the main body, even if were the main body died, so long as did several things at the same time the cultivation thousand years, same can the rebirth, but if the main body and did several things at the same time to die, that was the thorough death. Reason that the corrupt wolf at that time made that demon Expert kill Xia Tian is because he understands, once let Xia Tian cultivation this merit law, that Xia Tian only needed to hide one to do several things at the same time, quite of does not die. At the worst together year later is a real man. Moreover the doing several things at the same time technique also major characteristics, are one do several things at the same time to be able a cultivation ability, Xia Tian can definitely let one cultivation Pill Refining technique that does several things at the same time to keep, then lets one cultivation refiner technique that does several things at the same time to keep, oneself have the need time is directly can free takes back this strength, after using up, returns again doing several things at the same time. This point is most overbearing. Before Xia Tian always hates oneself not doing several things at the same time technique, cannot well practiced strongly own strength, but he can now. Each does several things at the same time to check a pet, each does several things at the same time also to think through with own strength, can use each strength freely, naturally, did several things at the same time to use this strength, then next did several things at the same time unable to use, cut the strength to take one minute. However the doing several things at the same time technique also has a fatal danger.