Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2297

Xia Tian!! Hears this glossary the three people in time room to stare. This name they were too familiar. Uneven Imperial City three City Lord, is called the Xia Tian person, other elders will bump into him dead. How many people altogether came?” The snow territory confuses city new three elders to ask hurriedly. „A person!!” What? He was also too wild, his unexpectedly person dares to come our act high and mighty, was really has been courting death, my this has killed him.” New two elder angry saying, in these three brothers he is that type simpleminded, the four limbs developed person, his strength, the speed is fast, but is the head is not miraculous. „The second child, you do not make.” A big elder brow wrinkle, he understands that Xia Tian this time comes is far from a good. Big brother, this time came to clarify is kills our, if we exited, he will begin to kill people absolutely.” Three elders are three people of brain trusters. I know, but if not exit, the morale of army greatly will fall, this, I exit, you stay behind, if I have an accident, your two brothers help me take care of the family.” The big elder clenches teeth to toward outside walk directly. Big brother, may not.” Three elders shout hurriedly. Big brother, must go to me to go, you stay behind, actually I must have a look at his Xia Tian to have any fierce place but actually.” Two elders is a youth. Second Brother, you cannot go, you went to the words you will definitely hit, has troubled when the time comes, is inferior to this, he did not know in any case our three, that casually looks for three a little to be mad the qualitative person to replace our three to exit, then our three observe in the hidden place, with subpoenaing Fu told them to say anything.” Three elders proposed. Good, listens to the third child.” The big elder nodded. In this time city wall, Xia Tian stands there, nobody dares to go forward, the person who because went forward a moment ago all died, moreover is dies not entire corpse.

Therefore the general ordered not to anybody approach Xia Tian. That general is also the person of seeing the world, he saw after Xia Tian strength so formidable, asked person under to call a halt, even if were this or died over ten thousand people, when he heard Xia Tian this name, that did not have slightly hesitant has stood firm Xia Tian directly, then sent for informing three elders. Can come? One crowd of waste.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Elder!!” One line of three people walked from behind directly. When that general saw when three elders who immediately stares. Saw that time Xia Tian of these three people sat on the ground directly: I said that also works as the elder on your this small courage? unexpectedly looked for three false deceives me, you thought that really I am silly, deceives you again, the snow territory confuses the elder strength of city is five cauldron Rank 9, you I looked for three five cauldron Rank 1 deceive me, you thought that I won't be able to look?” Hears a Xia Tian words fake elder to open the mouth to say directly: I could not understand you to say anything.” Real ink marks, your three should see a play in the, comes out, I do not kill you, my Xia Tian tells the truth, tells the truth, said that does not kill does not kill.” Xia Tian took a chair to sit in the city wall directly directly, must know now here, but the snow territory confused the domain in city, moreover here 300 million armies, but Xia Tian unexpectedly lay down on this on the chair directly. Snort, you had anything to say.” And fake elder cold snort said. I do not like conveying a message, I look up three, if you do not come out, I kill off here all people, do not question that I do have this skill, couple days ago I should just cross to kill 100 million to put on the same person with you.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Attracts!! Hears the Xia Tian words, surroundings these people have all held breath cold air. Has killed 100 million people, this was also too fearful. Nobody dares to suspect the genuine and fake, because everybody understands that front person was not the average person, this point got rid to look from him absolutely a moment ago.

One!! Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three person's shadows exploded to shoot from the rear area, saw these three person's shadows time, Xia Tian lazily gaining ground of: Then image point type.” Said that what matters looks for our?” Big elder coldly looks to Xia Tian. I think that you are smart people, beforehand matter I did not say that thoroughly you should also understand I want to say anything.” Xia Tian spoke such ambiguous words. Continue!!” The big elder understands that Xia Tian words, that delivers the information. You want to defend a city, I can guarantee that in seven days broke your city, massacre you three and here more than 50% person.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Do not be too wild, you are any thing, has the skill our two single Tiao.” Two elder angry shouting. single Tiao? In my move can kill you.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Do not boast in that B, come, how I must have a look at you to kill but actually my.” Two elders shout loudly, hear the words of two elders, the complexions of big elders and three elders change, why this is they do not let the primary cause that two elders come out. Wait / Etc.!!” The big elder shouts hurriedly, three elders are also fast pulled back two elders. Slaps his, this matter.” Xia Tian sits there, expression light saying, probably was saying that a very ordinary matter was the same. But he says incoming call is not simple, two elders were solemn the snow territory to confuse one of the city elder here best people, Xia Tian unexpectedly wanted others to slap his, this was how possible, hits person of not face-smacking, this was the most minimum respect. This.” The big elder also hesitated.

Good, I said that today does not kill you, that does not kill you, since you do not hit, I walked, I think that I should not need to discuss.” Xia Tian said that must stand up. Once he stands up, then today's negotiations thoroughly broke down. Xia Tian also wanted to keep his promise, in seven days broken city, and has killed their three, here 50% person. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reached in the ears of all people. Two elders have covered their face directly, his whole face inconceivable looks to three elders: Third child, you.” Second Brother!!” On the faces of three elders presented the anxious expression. It can be said that two elder manners are extremely arrogant, but he actually never has disobediently the words of three elders, at this time he noticed that the expressions of three elders could not live to be mad, but he thought that did not have the face very much: Ok, I walk.” Said that he angrily walked. Summer City Lord, we go to discuss that can be good?” Three elders looked that asked to Xia Tian.