Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2298

Good, guides.” Xia Tian said that walks toward inside with them directly. What is called Expert? Then is called Expert. Arrives in the city that the opposite party 300 million people guard solitarily, moreover dares the island of resistance to be thorough, others said that walks toward, he walks toward, also did not fear that the opposite party has the ambush. This point except for Xia Tian, but also who dares? This is to the self-confidence of own strength. The big elders and three elders also admire Xia Tian this point, they also looked from this point, today's negotiations perhaps they very passive. Quick, three people came to a restroom directly, here environment is good. Please drink tea!!” Three elders are Xia Tian pour tea directly. The normal person does not dare to drink enemy tea but actually absolutely, once because intoxicates, that is five cauldron Rank 9 Expert cannot shoulder. Thump! The Xia Tian slight hesitation, has not drunk the tea directly, saw that Xia Tian dares to drink, three elder helpless shaking the head of, he understands that today's negotiations they lost absolutely, the action that although he pours tea to Xia Tian is very small, but this has actually represented the breadth of spirit and morale issue. So long as Xia Tian somewhat hesitates slightly, then showed that Xia Tian said that has slow, if Xia Tian hesitates does not drink, they can also say their condition. But Xia Tian continually looked that had not looked, this represents them only to obey the Xia Tian words, is unable to determine price. Xia City Lord said.” The big elder is also helpless shaking the head.

Gives you three days of time, withdraws this city, advances the Feilong city directly, no matter other I, war after as for Feilong city, then has not closed with you, so long as you do not provoke on own initiative I and plot against me as well as my family member friend, I can guarantee that other people die, you do not die.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Withdraws from here to have a reason, we such withdrew, how the brothers see us, how above do we reply?” Big elder depressed saying. I, no matter, that is your matters, if you feared that does not have the means reply, I first kill your several million people, like this you should be able to reply.” Xia Tian smiling saying. No, does not use, we can.” Three elders said hurriedly. Cracked a joke, making Xia Tian kill several million people, these may be their initial capitals. Both armies to the war, we must meet.” The big elder said again. I said that no matter I, that is your matters, actually you choose to oppose with me, that is a mistake, I acknowledged that your people are many, strength, but a little you have made a mistake, here is not your families, actually next three are very big, so long as you want the family, you can come uneven Imperial City to apply, we naturally will plan the region to you, making you construct own family, this does not need to bleed, did not need to sacrifice, what a pity you have chosen the aggression.” Xia Tian saying slowly. This is not we can decide that is above decides.” Big elder depressed saying. Therefore I must hit, projected on you to be painful, projected on your kings to know one have made a mistake, if I killed 10 billion people of him to know wrong, I killed 10 billion people, if I killed 20 billion people of him to know wrong, I killed 20 billion people, if I killed 50 billion people of him to know wrong, I killed 50 billion people, I such did to protect my family member, the lover and friend, moreover I can also save the next three people, I did not fear the day tribulation, I and other day tribulations waited to be very long, what a pity day tribulation. Does not come.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Day tribulation? This thing he did not fear that the strength of his thunder and lightning happen to used up, had been worrying the strength of thunder and lightning was insufficient. Hears the Xia Tian words, on big elders and three elder foreheads all are the sweat. They have determined, oneself are talking with a devil. Kills tens of billions people, this words, they said that says.

Good, Mr. Xia, we tries to find the solution, three days, within three days we will certainly withdraw from this city.” The big elder said directly. I waited for your good news.” Xia Tian said that the body vanished in directly same place. Vanishes to be the same baseless. They only saw silver light. Good quick speed!!” They have looked at each other one. Big brother, removes, this person we cannot offend, I finally know now why other elder assembly died, with such person opposes, even if will be the enlightened emperor comes also dead.” Three elders clenched teeth to say. Yes, this person can only be the friend, cannot be the enemy, we sell this favour, then withdraws, I believe words that he spoke a moment ago real, even if will be the king definitely will also admit mistakes in the future, this person will be a devil.” The big elder nodded. Big brother, I matter that gets down the arrangement to retreat, you comfort the Second Brother, our three like brothers, this matter has explained with him well.” Three elders understand that they have hit two elders, two elders will definitely not say anything, but he will be also depressed. Um, I urged him.” The big elder nodded, afterward walked directly. The Dayingli surface of Qi Wang army. Came back, came back.” Saw Xia Tian to come back, all people all were look to Xia Tian that a face anticipated. What kind, how is it?” The City Lord face of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate anticipates looks to Xia Tian. Handled.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

„, Real false.” City Lord depressed saying of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, several other City Lord are also very depressed. Naturally, three days later they all will withdraw, give you three days of time to raise money, everybody great undertaking, do not miss my money.” Xia Tian said directly that they gamble, a person 10 trillion, if Xia Tian lost, then Xia Tian compensates their 10 trillion, if Xia Tian has won, their person gives Xia Tian 10 trillion. They wanted previous time loses to Qi Wang to win directly, but they do not have to think one not only cannot win, but also has compensated 10 trillion. „It is not good, we must wait for three days, if summer City Lord pit we what to do?” Giant Bull City City Lord shouts. Is, is, waits for three days.” Other people echo to say. Good, I also told you a moment ago, gives you three days, these three days made you arrange money, right also will have planned next time to bet anything, we continued, I liked your this group of local tyrants.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. He believes that the Xia Tian words, he also more and more admires Xia Tian now, he looks at Xia Tian to grow with own eyes. Present Xia Tian, is one person seizes the next city. City that 300 million armies defend. Breaks everybody, had not a good news to tell everybody.” Qi Wang beckoned with the hand.