Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2299

Hears the Qi Wang words, everybody was also peaceful. They understand that the proper business must come. I think that everybody also understands, we now on military strength is on hand limited, removes is used to be stationed in the city temporarily, in three days the army of city of perfection can with adds on our present altogether 700 million people, but I just received the news, the leading troops of enemy arrived, enough 3 billion people, moreover what leads is a snow territory confuses the enlightened emperor in city, which enlightened emperor as for is I do not know temporarily, but we arrived in extinguishes Longcheng the time should be able to know.” Qi Wang saying slowly. 700 million pairs fight 3 billion!! This digit was too fearful. Even if the person who presents these to see oversized world also very depressed. Was a pity our armies come was too late, earliest also has two months to be able with our army sets.” City Lord depressed saying of Wolong city. Wolong City Lord, god mouse City Lord, you must order, to stop them now continuing, the enemy this time sends 3 billion armies to make the leading troops to come, that other 5 billion armies definitely have ambushed on the road, waited for your reinforcements, such typical will besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements you not.” Qi Wang looked that said to them. That what to do? Without the words of reinforcements, how we 700 million defeat the opposite party 3 billion, 300 million that does not retreat in addition are 3.3 billion armies.” Wolong City Lord puzzled asking. That is our matters, I do not hope that looks you escort to the fiery pit your brother, you order now, you should have the Advanced pass on message symbol, inform, making your armies stop at the maximum speed, then the large unit splits up, by ten thousand artificial units, seizes various big or medium mountain tops, the woods important place, fights the guerrilla warfare with the opposite party, splits up to me opposite party that huge team, making them separate to pursue your people, once separates, then there should be your world, you of familiar terrain want gradual nibbling to fall the opposite party the army people should not be difficult, If this could not have won, you went back to kill your commanders-in-chief, family confiscated and beheaded, this type of waste did not want.” Qi Wang said directly. The people listened to the Qi Wang words, smiles. However they also admired Qi Wang. Qi Wang regarding the control of general situation was really too overbearing, moreover was the overbearing terrifying, his unexpectedly can have the firsthand information, and fast made the judgment as well as the combat method and countermeasure. Can say the method that Qi Wang must win told them, if was unable to win, that was really their too waste, has raised one group of pigs. Relax Qi Wang, our people will certainly complete mission.” City Lord and City Lord guarantee of god of mouse city Wolong city said.

Good, so long as thinks the means to split up to nibble opposite party that 5 billion armies, then these 3 billion armies we can consume slowly.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Qi Wang is the strongest command. Nobody can surpass him in the command ability. Even if controls tens of billions people of combats, he can also direct with ease. Han Xin of Han Dynasty was fastidious: Own leading troops better and better. Others lead troops to consider that he can lead these many soldiers, soldier were many, issue were many, the worrying matter are more . Moreover the mutiny, causing trouble person of also will be more. Leading troops of Qi Wang is: Living that many I can control. Three days later!! Being sincerely convinced that Chief of eight big influences lose. They sent for losing spirit stone have delivered to uneven Imperial City. Bishop Cao all comes are welcome, he also really admired dead his these two brothers, the person who can enrich oneself, separated for several days to make a money to him. Qi Wang is the next three fables. Before was, now is also. Before eight big influences, has the friction, since they after Qi Wang, they decide from now henceforth not to rub, moreover their eight called Qi Wang for Mr. Qi Wang, in their eyes Qi Wang looks like a teacher is the same, skill that Professor silently they battle.

The Qi Wang operational skill and way can definitely write about in the textbook. Invincible mode of operations. formidable combat method. „Does Mr. Qi Wang, we overrun now? With didn't need faction several leading troops to search the bottom in the past?” The uneven big elder asked. Does not need, third child's words are effective, the third child makes them fall back on the Feilong city, they do not dare little to draw back one.” Qi Wang very self-confident saying, their brothers too mutually understood. He believes that the Xia Tian strength resembles Xia Tian to believe his operational capacity is the same. Compared with believing one also believe the opposite party. Good, our armies directly went forward.” The uneven big elder said directly. Um, a bit faster arrives to extinguish Longcheng, the matter that we must handle also has, I must teach you city garrison combat, although the city garrison combat is the most basic mode of operations, is the simplest mode of operations, but I will make you see the different city garrison combat, I will also make you know that the city garrison combat can be invincible actually.” On the face of Qi Wang has shown the mysterious smiling face. In 3 billion armies. You said that their three also did defeat?” The ginseng enlightened emperors have doubts looks to the intelligence personnel. Right, the armies of three elders removed, moreover it is said two elders the severe wound, the life and death does not know now.” It seems like the opposite party is not really simple, right their casualty how many people?” The ginseng enlightened emperors asked. Only remaining was less than 200 million people, the casualty should more than 100 million people.”

Order army, the full speed advance, a bit faster in the past the Feilong city converged with them.” The ginseng enlightened emperors ordered. In Feilong city. „The third child, I more and more admire you now, this wicked idea you can think.” Two elders have raised up the thumb. Second Brother do not blame me to hit you are right.” Three elders laugh were saying. „Did the third child, what say? Our three being intimate with brothers also kiss, my this whole life has not admired anyone, you absolutely are alone one, is not good the brothers.” Two elders said directly. „The second child, you must revolt.” The big elder cracks a joke to say. Big brother, I made a mistake.” Two elders admit mistakes hurriedly. However, the second child, actually did you hide these soldiers which?” Big elder puzzled asking. In this time Qi Wang army. Boss, the second child, the third child, the fourth child, the fifth child, the sixth child, the seventh child, your several divides the work well, the resources assign to understand to me, was right, the Boss, the second child, the third child, I must teach you three very stern mission, this is all my gunpowder crags, was in uneven Imperial City all gunpowder crags, I gave you three them, I must compensate the opposite party to play well.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, has shown the mysterious smiling face.