Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2300

Three did several things at the same time to be also same as Xia Tian, has shown the mysterious smiling face. Among their three mind is interlinked, the soul is also one, the meanings of all Xia Tian their three understood. Xia Tian must certainly handle an earthshaking matter, otherwise his how doing right by enemy that 3 billion big khaki cloth. The entire next three northern half divides is experiencing the war at this time. The snow territory confuses the city remaining 5 billion armies to be divided into two parts, part by the tiger enlightened emperor is led, to sneak attack the reinforcements in god mouse city \; Moreover few people are by sable enlightened emperor lead, to sneak attack the reinforcements in Wolong city. This point beforehand three enlightened emperors have premeditated. Their three fan out in three groups. Is led the main army to take the positive army of allied armies by the ginseng enlightened emperors, is led few people to sneak attack the reinforcements by the tiger enlightened emperor and sable enlightened emperor respectively. Besieging a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the enemy does not certainly think that we can besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements, their support troops certainly worry now, so long as we come a huge sneak attack, they instantaneously will collapse, once billions armies collapse, that is the person on one's own side stamps the person on one's own side, so long as finally I have the person to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, then can destroy completely them directly, did not have the support of these armies, their positive armies will also give way, moreover these cities are similar to nominal.” Saying that the tiger enlightened emperor thought aloud, he immersed during his plan at this time completely. He even thinks own present won the victory of this fight. This time sable enlightened emperor is also an excitement of face, although he has not been infatuated with tiger enlightened emperor such, but also is the Sheng Xiao every night, immersed in the incurable and female crowd completely, as for the fight, he already told, making under hand person hit, good that who hit raised who worked as the elder.

Heard to raise under elder his hand these people more excited. But they have not thought that Qi Wang had already seen through their plan. City Lord and City Lord of Wolong of city god mouse city after hearing the opinion of Qi Wang all fast will order to assign, after their armies receive the news, first has made the change. Ten thousand people of guerrilla forces appeared. Several thousand guerrilla forces in each mountain top, jungle wait / etc. places started to ambush directly. Waited for the snow territory confuses the city armies is not the victory, but was the death. Extinguishes in Longcheng. 700 million armies all arrived extinguished Longcheng, after Qi Wang enter extinguishes Longcheng, start to build the fortification, Chief of other eight big influences follow every day in Qi Wang, keeps close, they understand now is to learn the real ability time, the city garrison war, seems the simplest fight. Generally speaking, the city garrison war can be 1 : 2!! If population, only then 1 million people, then can be 1 : 3!! Is has 1 million people, the enemy be only the population is 3 million people of times can have the opportunity to crash in the city.

But are getting more and more along with the population, city garrison is also getting more and more difficult, because the opposite party also has the weapon, knows how things stand the endless person, in the next three fights, 1 : 2 was very high proportion. „To fight the city garrison war to remember two points, strengthen themselves, weakens the enemy.” Qi Wang light saying. The Chief all as if children of eight big influences generally patient is listening. They usually are Boss in the influence, figure of Chief rank, however in the Qi Wang front, they are one group of scholars, obeys the scholar who the teacher teaches diligently, how study well but Qi Wang Professor their is not, Tiantian is upward, but is the method of murder. Strengthens is in itself the creation city garrison equipment, the weapon, usually you love with is the kerosene, the stone and rolling logs, the bow and arrow wait / etc..” Qi Wang looked that said to the people. Um!” The people nodded. „What I use is the Advanced weapon, moreover inside and outside I will carry on also defend, first waxes the wall, such wall itself will be very slippery, after waiting for the kerosene attack, the might of rocket is bigger \; The stone above next city wall must tie up reliably, then pounds to draw again, otherwise can only become the tool that the enemy steps on, once more, near the wall digs a ditch to me, in the ditch puts the kerosene, above spreads out a thing, to look, once the enemy launches the huge-crowd strategy, plans steps on the corpse to come up time, these kerosenes have had an effect, the corpse of opposite party can become our fuels, everybody thorough impediment will fall route that the enemy attacks.” Qi Wang patient saying. Unusual being enthralled that the people listen. A moment ago I said strengthens own part, then I said first weakens the means of enemy.” Qi Wang said again: First, the person need to sleep, regardless of strong Expert does not sleep is will never be good, Feilong city distance here has three days of distances, I want you to leave behind few people on the road, waited for the opposite party just to go to sleep to go to beat gongs and drums to me, waits for the opposite party to kill to run, the opposite party must rest continues to beat gongs and drums, in brief in three days, I must notice that their soldiers can only display 90% strengths.” Yes, Mr. Qi Wang, my this arranges.” The uneven big elder said. When then the opposite party arrives under the city, their goals absolutely are the cities, moreover definitely meets surrounded by the opposite party overbearing disposition we four sides, therefore we must send for exchanging the equipment of enemy to link while the first dark night their this square armies, is makes them each other regard the enemy, calls me, more chaotic is better.” Qi Wang has saying.

Big brother, this I completed.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face: What I said is chaotic, other must do by the soldier.” My this arranges.” The uneven big elder told again. Since there is a third child to get rid, that opposite party this time definitely met the chaos, but this can only destroy the opposite party 20% morale, moreover opposite party, although some meeting casualty small people, but the opposite party will have big few people.” Qi Wang continues to say. Big brother, I guaranteed the person who opposite party casualty absolutely is not a small part.” Xia Tian said again. „, What has your boy done?” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Big brother, you will know quickly.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Good, these are only part, after that some armies that disturbs come back, must at the maximum speed on the road completes the roadblock, digs Haokeng, completes the trap wait / etc., these needed the brothers in city to support, but was quick, moreover hid, waited for the opposite party to respond that they first will attack a city, when the time comes had the good play to look.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Big brother, I strongly request the remaining matters you and others I to come back to say again, do not drop me.” Xia Tian is also every day listens to the Qi Wang words to be enthralled. Why does your boy also want to go?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Big brother, the army of enemy also soon arrived, allowing me to install B.”