Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2301

Hears the Xia Tian words, on people face is the heavy line. The Xia Tian words said was really too straightforward. Careful.” Qi Wang nodded. What he and are Xia Tian relate? Brother, he naturally know that Xia Tian must do. For the person of enemy is out miserably will turn into the poor wretch with Xia Tian, let alone before you, is rich, since you with Xia Tian after the enemy you want thoroughly was poor. Therefore Xia Tian must go should be the opposite party treasure house!! Relax, this matter I was too familiar.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the sneak attack, dug a hole to steal the valuable the matter he too familiar, if this time he wants the means to steal the things of opposite party these 3 billion armies, but he also understands that this obviously was very difficult matter, after all the opposite party was not silly like Sun Empire, all concentrated all things is suspending together, moreover must have the characteristics, deferred to the position manufacture treasure house in imperial capital. Therefore Xia Tian steals Sun Empire time so will be relaxed. Both armies battle most is mainly the morale. Xia Tian this time goes, so long as were harasses the morale of enemy side. In Feilong city. The snow territory confuses the big elders in city they is looks with two elders to three elders who a face anticipates, they were waiting for three elders' replies, actually he hid the soldier. Actually soldier majority of also here, be only one small some hides in the resident family, on the nearby mountain pays expenses, goes hunting wait / etc., I falsely reported a digit, in any case 200 million people look like with more than 100 million people are the same, which fool will take inventory population three elders to show a faint smile really „”. That this when the time comes distributes the supplies time to give us to be few.” Two elder puzzled asking. „Compared with the supplies, life is more important, if makes the ginseng enlightened emperors know that we withdraw troops intentionally, that crime is not small, if makes him know that the Boss they are we change to killing, that ginseng enlightened emperor will directly perhaps have killed our three.” Three elders answered. Um, right that the third child said that we are not short of money, even if starves to death unable to discover.” Two elders said.

Report, the ginseng enlightened emperors arrived outside Dacheng 50 li (0.5km) to locate!!” Good, the second child, the third child, we go out of town to greet the ginseng enlightened emperor.” After the big elder nodded, had person to walk directly. At this time on the avenue in Feilong city. Yeah, it seems like or came early one, considers as finished now here strolling well, stepped on.” Xia Tian sighed, afterward started directly swaggering was walking in the city, the teams of these patrols saw that he also saluted, because dared not to put on the certain background of military uniform in the city not to be small. Xia Tian does not have to think own unexpectedly such has the face, has submerged in the city of enemy, then the enemy must give itself to salute on own initiative. This treatment was also too good a point.” Xia Tian depressed saying, but does he has not forgotten oneself today here is do, he is the create alarm: Here present is the person of that three elder, that lets off them, waited for outside these people to come me to begin again.” Xia Tian said that continues to start to start to take a stroll here. The place of Feilong city was not big, accommodates 1 billion people enough, but wanted to accommodate 3 billion people of ten people are definitely incorrect, therefore other these armies definitely will be arranged outside the city. The night falls. Xia Tian has almost all familiarized here, now here is the snow territory confuses the army in city everywhere, but among these armies slightly rubs the small battle to be also many, the person more than one were not good to manage, especially takes hundred million as the unit time, that was not good to manage, Xia Tian this time has not treated takes a stroll here. He starts to keep the character everywhere. Your grandfather to this tour. Signature: Xia Tian. These words have written all over the main street and small alley in Feilong city at this time. Similar that is busy at work, should have a look at that any enlightened emperor.” Xia Tian already knows where the enlightened emperor lived, what made his disappointed was, he had not found the so-called treasure house, he has not seen any with large army guard in the palace the place, has not seen to be similar to putting the place of treasure: N , N , D, is not will make me run a fruitless errand one.”

exceed thinks that Xia Tian more is not feeling well, therefore he arrived at the enlightened emperor directly the place, can look discover anything. Finally this looked that he has not seen the buried treasure, but actually saw that enlightened emperor is doing the matter of drifting along, moreover is a person with 40-50 women, that battle efficiency can be said as levers, the enlightened emperor now is the incomparable excitement. Good, good, I waited for your spirit most relaxes at that moment comes ruthlessly to you.” In the Xia Tian hand has put out an silver needle, this named breaks the cloudy needle with the silver needle, is in one Pin Baoqi, usually does not have any function, but can actually insert breaking of opposite party with ease **, then kept the opposite party this whole life from doing the matter of men and women again. However the enlightened emperor is six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, Xia Tian, if directly carries on the sneak attack, the success ratio is 0. Therefore he must wait for that waited for enlightened emperor sneak attacks in that second of most relaxing, in him most excited 0. 1 second makes him fall directly the hell from heaven, keeping him for a lifetime again from becoming a man. Front spring scenery is infinite, but Xia Tian has not actually appreciated that good play. Until after three hours, the quick dawn, the Xia Tian opportunity came. Is now.” The body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place. !! The silver light dodges. Xia Tian understands that now this second is the moment that the opposite party spirit most relaxes, if now does not carry on the sneak attack, after that did not have the opportunity. Expert of any rank, must relax in this moment. Is relaxation of total involvement. Breaks the cloudy needle!! Xia Tian distance that enlightened emperor less than ten centimeters time, broke the cloudy needle to fly directly, he has not gone to look that has succeeded directly turns head to escape, he understands, was a man angriest time, this time man will turn into the lunatic completely.

Ah!!! A pitiful yell from Xia Tian transmits. Succeeded.” On face of Xia Tian one happy, afterward he continues to escape. Bang!! Anyone, I want you dead!!” The ginseng enlightened emperors ran directly. Wants me dead? You pursue to look!!” Xia Tian had already found out here terrain, afterward he ran directly to person most places. Monkey match thunder!! A monkey matched Thunder Reng to go to person most places. Afterward he continues to escape, after rushing to person many places once more, he was a monkey matches Thunder Reng. Bang!! „The might of monkey match thunder is big, right hasn't he given to prepare the black pineapple? The promotion version of monkey match thunder, one will go out of town happen to can try.” Xia Tian smiling saying.