Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2302

Bang!! The monkey match thunder in Xia Tian hand throws toward person many places specially, like this not only can kill opposite party most people, but can also let the opposite party thorough confusion, when the time comes the death base number will increase, but also the imposing manner of opposite party can also therefore the chaos. In this world does not have anything is a monkey match thunder is unable to solve, if there are that two.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward two monkey match thunder threw the two sides of front that big team directly. The formidable explosive force exploded thoroughly there person chaotic. ! Ah!!! The enemies raid!! Is the enemy raids!! Do not be chaotic, defends to me, looked that the clothes do not look at the person, saw that the enemy kills to me.” These generals ordered directly. Looked that the clothes don't look at the person? Their here many big figure may not wear the military uniform, suddenly the person on one's own side and person on one's own side have hit . Moreover the people of three big elders put on is the most excellent equipment, is different from these ordinary officers, suddenly these two armies also hit. Xia Tian is helping everywhere. The monkey match thunder had been thrown 20-30 by him. Here has almost sufficed chaotically, outside was time exiting makes also chaotic.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he runs directly to outside. That enlightened emperor of this time already thorough fell to the ground to sway back and forth, he has not pursued far, the ache of lower part made his thorough is unable to endure, this ache was the man strongest pain, this time he wished one could to cut directly directly his lower part: Pain died I, pain died I.” Hateful, certainly some people can cure my, I first cut you.” The enlightened emperors said the direct blade cutting the dignity of man. He thinks this will not be painful, is aching feeling not slight reduction. The beforehand ache has not reduced, moreover now were also many a pain pain feeling, he saw place that one were cut, that was the shame adds the ache.

At this time the guard of enlightened emperor all ran over, when they saw the when pitiful condition of enlightened emperor has held breath cold air, afterward they lifted the enlightened emperor. Bang!! Outside the city has also heard the explosive sound. Was the time should make black pineapple make an appearance, was only a pity that this thing was too difficult to make, even if were monkey match thunder that fellow also only makes ten to me.” Xia Tian looked at the black pineapple in hand then directly to throw the crowd most crowded place. Bang!! Remains silent a sound! Bang! Afterward that center had the large explosion directly. Mushroom cloud raises directly!! Lying trough, this is must play the atomic bomb.” Xia Tian has opened the mouth, although this thing does not have the might of atomic bomb to be big, but Xia Tian believes that the black pineapple directly had claimed 1 million people of lives a moment ago at this moment, such explosive force was really too terrifying, what the explosive force brought was frightened and becomes a fugitive. Even if were monkey match thunder one most can also kill 100,000 people, moreover must in the opposite party all one by one stood waited for him to explode. But might unexpectedly of black pineapple compared with monkey match thunder big these many, a black pineapple will have carried off close 1 million people of lives!! Ok, saves the point to use, now the team of enemy side already chaos . Moreover the morale also dropped, I should also go back.” Xia Tian said that hurried back directly extinguished Longcheng. Next morning!! Scout repayment.

Report, the enemy 3 billion armies suffered the heavy losses of unclear army last night, the opposite party casualty cross surely, moreover it is said many high levels were also injured.” Hears this information time, all people all looked to Xia Tian. Everybody understands that all these are Xia Tian do absolutely. Xia Tian had not denied, lazily by there. Report!!! In enemy Fangcheng everywhere is your grandfather to a words of this tour . Moreover the inscription person is summer City Lord, now the enemy morale pelts, but the opposite party actually does not know why will set out in this time army, killed to here.” Normal, when clearly knows own this side morale pelts, the opposite party is impossible to continue to attack, only if.” Qi Wang looked to Xia Tian, other people also looked to Xia Tian. Visits me to do, I just made that any enlightened emperor not can be the man, who knows that he was so mean-spirited, this led troops to hit.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he probably was saying that a child crossed each family same minor matter. But those present all cannot help but have covered their crotch department!! Frightened. Did this also call mean-spiritedly? They understand finally why that enlightened emperor must lead the army to hit directly, originally because of Xia Tian. Xia Tian kept the opposite party from being man again, opposite party possibly was not how furious. Just right that the opposite party comes, their morale greatly falls now has happen to given our golden opportunities, lets a third child such lane, the morale of opposite party now are most also 80%, when they arrive under our city wall the morale to turn into 50% words, we won.” Qi Wang smiling saying. Leads troops to be swayed by personal feelings, before looking like, he who goes to war most abstains from copes with the corrupt wolf to be the same, if he coped with the corrupt wolf at that time on own initiative, was swayed by personal feelings, then final result nobody knew. Although he wished one could to kill the corrupt wolf directly, but he also understands that he was a command of army, he must behind these hundreds of millions people of lives be responsible for himself.

50%? Only feared that they must link three Chengdu not to be left over.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Sees the Xia Tian smiling face, other people have covered their crotch department once more. Too terrifying. Xia Tian not only to outside person is a devil, to them is also the devil, their this whole life does not want with Xia Tian for the enemy, this Xia Tian too to be also more terrorist, oneself intrude in the enemy 3 billion armies, and lets the opposite party the Boss, in the legend has the enlightened emperors of six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, is unable to continue to be the man again. It can be said that this is a anomaly. Where now next three have almost not been able to block the Xia Tian staying or going. Good, then the operation plan starts now, starting from tonight, I must make the enemy little was nibbled.” The Qi Wang vision looked to distant place. Boss they should handle now, tonight is the first wave!!” On the face of Xia Tian has also shown the mysterious smiling face. Sees these two brothers' this time expressions, Chief of these eight big influences all cannot bear the feeling, they admired uneven Imperial City really more and more, in uneven Imperial City only came out three people, was more terrorist than trillion armies. Tonight was the first good play.” All people were all anticipating arrival of this first night, everybody understands that night is doomed is extraordinary. Xia Tian is directly is also waiting for in the city wall, he lies down on the chair silently looks to the distant place: I am not a person in the fight.”