Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2303

The Feilong city to extinguishing the distance of Longcheng is three days of distances. These three days of distances are doomed are extraordinary. Moreover this opposite party goes out of town the morale is not high, even the opposite party also has some are the whole body is the wound, such army goes out of town directly, the brain of command definitely has the problem. However in fact, is not the brain of command has the problem, but is its lower part has the problem. Hateful, kills, I must kill them, I must kill off them, clashes to me, I must kill to extinguish under Longcheng at the shortest time.” Senate enlightened emperor angry shouting, if not because of his physique and cultivation issue, he now perhaps already while still alive hurt, even if were he now were not so painful, but he looked for person of Zha Guo, nobody can cure his wound, this let his anger. Enlightened emperor appeases anger, our armies are rushing now extinguish on the road in Longcheng, after yesterday's war, we now is very exhausted . Moreover the morale is low, if goes forward now, our armies will be wearier.” A commander said hurriedly. I do not dare, I want you to give me at the maximum speed to the opposite party city, attacks a city to me, kills off them to me.” Senate enlightened emperor angry shouting. Qi Wang in knowing the opposite party in rapid march, he changed the strategy. The strategy is not irrevocable, but must look how the opposite party leaves the move, the opposite party, only then has incurred, oneself can meet to incur. Rapid march!! The opposite party this may really be is courting death.” Qi Wang has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly to so will lose the reason angrily, this regarding them may absolutely be a good news. Mr. Qi Wang, what to do should we then?” The uneven big elder asked. Is simple, the opposite party not awfully, we delivers them dead now, transmitted orders, ahead of time the night assault, gives me to be good because of their road which must be taken ambush tonight, then hits their to be caught off guard, the cloudy wind valley is the best place, uses to burn down to me, the manufacture confusion, waited for that the opposite party responded, withdraws troops, then waiting next instruction.” Qi Wang ordered directly.

He also thinks this fight will have the difficulty, but now looks like, this difficulty should not have. Yes!!” The uneven big elder said directly. This time campaign Qi Wang set out 500 million armies directly, other people defend a city, 500 million armies all ambush above the cloudy wind valley, waits for the dark night to arrive, when enemy side after here, that is the time of death of enemy. Cloudy wind valley, at just the right moment.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, heard the Xia Tian words, Qi Wang understood, preparation of Xia Tian definitely also in cloudy wind valley, therefore this fought them it can be said that to occupy completely the beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people. Brothers, transmitted orders, ambush time who dares to make noise directly cuts to me.” The uneven big elder ordered directly. Because Qi Wang they are the rapid march, therefore besides the rocket, other equipment has almost not carried, especially these large-scale equipment and heavy weapons, were all placed in the city. Needed one -and-a-half day distance, their half day arrived, after arriving, they hide in cloudy wind valley both sides, the cloudy wind valley is not any Grand Canyon, but the topography is important, moreover both sides cliff about 78 meters in height, therefore is suitable to hide, normal, if the enemy side prepares fully, will not choose absolutely night after here. But the present ginseng enlightened emperors could not control that many. Looks the own empty lower part, looks own that the beard that keeps downward falling, as well as that becomes the sharp voice. He must kill people, moreover he is seeking for the famous doctor at the same time, he believes that certainly can some people rescue own, the heaven did not lose the person with high aspirations, the famous doctor he had found, moreover this name truly can help him restore the lower part, can the desperate matter appear, the name said the needle in his institute to be strange, perhaps if took also to be saved the needle earlier, now has treated, he was also same is a disabled person, cannot the matter of good men and women. Hears here, he also gave to kill famous doctor.

Finally also nobody governed to him again injures. I must kill, I must kill, the army attacks to me, abandons the heavy weapon equipment, after leaving armed forces, I want you to arrive to extinguish under Longcheng at the maximum speed.” Senate enlightened emperor angry shouting. At this time everybody understands, if they do not defer to do, they who the ginseng enlightened emperors said also will be killed by the ginseng enlightened emperors now. Big brother, the enlightened emperor he was insane, we cannot continue with, otherwise we will also accompany him dead together, now the morale of this regiment is just weak, can such army come up to go to war? Moreover such long-range raid they arrived extinguished under Longcheng not to have the strength, how this also hits, we must remove.” Three elders said hurriedly. Right that the third child said that Big brother, left hesitant, died with him, did not find an excuse with his us at the worst, said that has fallen behind, can say that shipped the heavy weapon to equip.” Two elders are also hurriedly said. Good, we on the grounds of shipping heavy weapon equipment, are separated from the large unit directly.” The big elder nodded. Their three know the opposite party fearful, if this team is the heyday, perhaps they can resist with the opposite party, but now this army, although large number of elderly persons, but clearly this army is the army of bringing death. The curtain of night arrived gradually. The snow territory confuses the army of city still to worry to march, the speed is fast, their armies completely are running now, every day running of each night, will such run like them is Xia Tian also will be tired. Naturally, what said is Xia Tian also fully runs for one day one night, but not with their similar speeds. Treads!

Sound of footsteps very disorderly, thus it can be seen, the person of this team presented stamina to be weak now and symptom that the speed reduces speed, they ran in the cloudy wind valley, the scene still very peaceful, nobody dares to stop, they understand, so long as stop, that must face the anger of enlightened emperor. That was compared with the death also terrifying matter. ! The signal flare explodes together in the sky, the rocket that afterward blots out the sky flies to below, at the same time the rolling stone rolling logs are innumerable, the hot cage does not listen tumbles to go to the below of canyon. This type of canyon is very big, therefore stone not anything too big might, but they want is not the stone might, but creates the fear with the stone to the opposite party. Defense!!” Saw that that moment opposite party first response of rocket defends, but their heavy weapon equipment have taken off, now has not defended the equipment. Bang! At this moment, the ground of entire canyon all explodes crushes, suddenly countless people all were exploded by the flame fly, by canyon these Qi Wang army officers also presented certain casualties. It seems like plays was a little big.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil.