Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2304

The entire canyon had the large explosion. At this time Qi Wang and the others also all is a face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Third child, is this you do?” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Several other big influence Chief were also stares in a big way the eye to look to Xia Tian. Definitely is this anomaly, did not need to ask.” Free of evil intention has been accustomed to Xia Tian was abnormal, the move that but this Xia Tian makes was a little big. Ok, the withdrawal of troops, did not have the significance, such big sea of fire, little said that must die 3.4 billion people.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head , the good B strategy cannot compare Xia Tian this anomaly again, he thinks can destroy completely the opposite party 100,000,000-200,000,000 people while this opportunity, attacks the imposing manner of opposite party. But Xia Tian unexpectedly gunpowder crag suspending in cloudy wind valley below, this could be said as is really abnormal. The rocket is joined to the gunpowder crag, can say that this is the perfect combination. If opposite party were not in the situation of rapid march definitely must be able to discover these many gunpowder crags, but now the opposite party is the rapid march, absolutely did not have the leading troops to examine, because this has therefore helped Xia Tian. The gunpowder crag embezzled 3.4 billion armies directly in the sea of fire. This time, opposite person stopped, looks that allies they in sea of fire stopped the advance. Anomaly!!” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate passed by side Xia Tian time spoke. Anomaly!” .

Each said a Xia Tian anomaly from the people of Xia Tian side process, if before them, only thinks that Xia Tian is next three first Expert, then from now henceforth Xia Tian is the next three first devil, the devil of killing devil, with Xia Tian for the enemy, deceased person that was needless saying that it can be said that many died many. Yeah, third child, if is your such soldier, I commanded like this am useless.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. Xia Tian is a person hits the opposite party many hundreds of millions people completely. My this whole life does not want to fight against you.” Said free of evil intention also whole body shivers. He he!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, he has not thought that after the gunpowder crag and rocket collide the might so to be big, lit a sea of fire completely. The enormous and powerful 500 million armies arrived here quite therefore to give Xia Tian to ignite. Bang!!! The army middle ginseng enlightened emperor has not nearly dropped from the sedan chair: What's the matter?” Report!! Under front that canyon is the gunpowder crag . Moreover the two sides have the ambush of enemy, now the forefront army has been annihilated, 400 million army live does not have, moreover front is unable to pass temporarily, there is the sea of fire.” What? How can like this!!” The complexion of ginseng enlightened emperor thorough changed, came up dead 400 million armies, this regarding him was the massive loss, he altogether 3 billion, now have not gone to under others city dead 400 million, this loss was not small. Enlightened emperor Sir, our armies need the recuperation, now the army equipment, the morale is less than 50%, on the army has not equipped, even if we went to under the city unable to attack a city.” A commander said hurriedly. „Are you are complaining about me?” The complexion of ginseng enlightened emperor immediately changes. Puff!!

The body of that commander directly by the smashing that he rips!! Reason that he knows this time will die these many people all because of him, but he does not allow others saying that enlightened emperor who especially his subordinate, he keeps aloof, he does not allow others saying that he has the mistake. Although in the opposite party words has not complained his meaning, but he is thinks that the opposite party complained about him. Transmitted orders, the army recuperation, the command of that issuing arbitrary and confused orders had been killed by me, making the team put on the equipment, waited for that the arrival of heavy weapon, the leading troops give me to investigate well clearly, after waiting for the flame to extinguish, went forward again.” The ginseng enlightened emperors ordered directly, the following person nobody dared to be disobedient he. Because a moment ago that commander was best being out. Although he in the speech does not have any problem, but he actually should not, when the ginseng enlightened emperors most are angry expresses the opinion. This time three big elder there. Narrow squeak, Big brother, did you hear? Died 400 million people, moreover commanding that offers advice was also killed.” Two elders felt after own, carries on the back is the cold sweat. Enlightened emperor is keeps aloof, he will not permit the emergence of failure, even if presented him not to acknowledge absolutely, therefore faced the enlightened emperor time, he said that any you only needed to say to was OK.” Big elder saying of slowly. Right that big brother said that our times have picked a poor life, but since now the enlightened emperor ordered, we must have these equipment to rush to the front, but we try not to meet with the enlightened emperor, even if met, he said that any we were listening, then we discussed the countermeasure in secret again.” Three elders said that he most is worried is the ginseng enlightened emperors with them, when the (spear|gun) causes. Um, the third child said right, cannot annoy him to be angry.” The big elder nodded. After three people nodded, leads to rush directly. At this time another two enlightened emperor there situations are not good, their ambushes have not succeeded, instead is the army does not know that , their unexpectedly relation on their army, armies all were not dispersed, several billions armies in different places, and has not located has the casualty.

Every day wants to know that tactical situation that radically is impossible. Sneak attack failure!! The normal war just achievement that started is keeps, but now the entire war changed, after Qi Wang and Xia Tian they have joined this war, the war starts to appear inclined, before to them inclined, now starting from inclined to Qi Wang army there. When they now kept when was nibbled, a biggest order transmitted. All armies all withdraw troops, take heavenly thunder to close for the assembly area, gathers completely. The heavenly thunder pass is the natural blockade of god mouse city, it separates the north and south directly, probably is Great Wall on Earth is the same. This order is the snow territory confuses the kings in city to send out, therefore all armies all retreat at the same time. Had been also issued the ultimate set command by two big enlightened emperors of guerrilla differentiation, is request army outside gathers at the maximum speed. The ginseng enlightened emperors were most pitiful, he must kill to extinguish Longcheng with great difficulty to get down, finally after receiving this order, he directly returned, although he very unwilling, but he does not dare the disobedient this order absolutely. In this time Qi Wang army. It seems like always fought a decisive battle to come.” Deeping frown of Qi Wang, the opposite party sends out set to take the heavenly thunder to close for the boundary, must erupt a true decisive battle. Decisive battle? I have a better idea but actually.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.