Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2305

Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all looked to him. Everybody also wants to know that actually Xia Tian then has what combat method. This world, Expert is Venerable, whose fist is big who decides, since his snow territory confuses the city to capture eight big influences the domains, that must have a look at his snow territory to confuse City Lord of city to have that skill.” Xia Tian stands up, vision firm looks to the distant place: „The next war declaration, makes entire next three know that this war, keeping him from rejecting this war.” Whom challenges?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. Snow territory confuses the king in city, the war of life and death.” Xia Tian said that walked from the room directly. Xia Tian only left behind such a few words to leave. This.” Chief of eight big influences look at each other in blank diamay. Next war declaration.” Qi Wang saying slowly, he understands that the Xia Tian decision the matter is nobody can change. Moreover he also understands this war, if must hit, ten years may not fire off, but the Xia Tian rest of the time are not much, his rest of the time only then more than two years, because Emperor Shintou Izanagi the person of influence must come quickly, from three Expert. Although he in next three can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, however his equipment, the defensive powers as well as to six cauldrons the sensibility of compared with next three six cauldron Rank 1 Expert in many. Regarding present Xia Tian, can defeat the probability of opposite party not to be high. Although he currently has to do several things at the same time, later he possibly becomes very abnormal, however present he has not actually stiffened is too many, naturally in same rank he is absolutely invincible, but to previous six cauldron above Expert, he may not win, previous time he to fighting demon clan Expert time almost died. Far did not say. This time war declaration absolutely is not that good under. The snow territory confused the enlightened emperors in city is six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, then their kings?

The strength definitely is being as deep as a well, will the entire snow territory confuse the kings in city to lack the merit law? Will lack the weapon? Will lack the operational experience? Will lack the pet? Cannot!! Even if Xia Tian is next three first Expert, he does not think absolutely own present can defeat the snow territory to confuse the king in city. Therefore he after speaking under war declaration these words directly went back to close up. „Under Qi Wang, wants, but the opposite party the snow territory confuses the kings in city, person difference that it is said the strength does not compare five big top strengths.” The uneven big elder asked hurriedly. „Doesn't Xia Tian cut to kill has assisted the doctor?” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate said. That is different, assists doctor their strength origin unclear, but absolutely is not cultivation, in five big top influences the strongest person is of Nine cauldrons gate, he is most Expert, but it is said the snow territory confused the kings in city in the past and that war over seven days of Nine cauldrons gate seven nights, finally tied.” Giant Bull City City Lord said. Ties with of Nine cauldrons gate? This was also too terrifying.” All people all surprisedly look to Giant Bull City City Lord. Right, in the past that fought me happen to the scene.” Giant Bull City City Lord nodded. Hears his words, everybody looked to Qi Wang, because Qi Wang and Xia Tian were brothers, Qi Wang impossible helplessly looks that own brothers brought death, although everybody acknowledged that Xia Tian truly was next three first Expert, but Nine cauldrons gate that and snow territory confused of city to be aloof next three. Next war declaration, and informed the world, the people who all wanted to see a play can come to watch their fights, actually this fought is establishes whom is true next three first Expert.” Saying that Qi Wang unemotionally, nobody can see any idea from his expression. Everybody present wants to know that actually Qi Wang how thinks. Whistling!!” Free of evil intention long expiration. Their several understand that this fights the probability that Xia Tian loses is 80%.

Although the Xia Tian talent is they have seen strongly, the strength is outside in these people are also fiercest, but the opposite party was one lived nearly thousand years old monsters, this old monster and Qi Wang were different, he was cultivation over a thousand years . Moreover the road of his cultivation was different from others, others every day for all kinds of weapons, the compounded drug and cultivation material wait / etc. worried. He has never worried to any matter. Since that day that he since was born, all things that uses are best, how his intelligence again is mediocre, pounded with these days material treasure. For these years, he exhausted all snow territories to confuse in the city the best thing. The strength of this person can be said as very terrifying. At least in the next three his cultivation conditions compared with on that good several thousand times of Nine cauldrons gate, passed through these many years later, of Nine cauldrons gate now perhaps is not his match. The news of next war declaration has not arrived at the snow territory to confuse city there, the entire next three people all knew. The people of five big top strengths after learning of this news also rushed to the heavenly thunder pass. Entire day under the person of secret influence also in abundance rushes to the heavenly thunder pass. Closed door Expert all coming out that dived to cultivate to move. Xia Tian this name all people are familiar, but the snow territory confuses the king in city, this person everybody is more familiar. These two person one are present next three first Expert, since one had not defeated the person, even if has not defeated facing Expert of Nine cauldrons gate person. This news has swept across by the coverage -type phenomenon directly entire next three. The snow territory confuses the army place of city!!

Report!! Uneven Imperial City three City Lord Xia Tian send war declaration!!” Five cauldron Rank 5 Expert report said that five cauldron Rank 5 Expert in next three is strongest a group of people, but actually can only degenerate into now to others notifies, the person who thus it can be seen this in front of him sits well now is actually the what kind status. Read!!” The tall and strong form sits well there together. Heavenly Thunder closes a war, the war of life and death, withdrawal of troops that loses.” Character very few, but is actually each character sees the blood. The war of life and death. Below very peaceful, can enter in the person strength to this main hall to be worst is also above five cauldron Rank 5, but these people do not have any person to dare to express the opinion, in the face of this person, only then, that they can do obeys, this person said that any they listen to anything. Because this person is the snow territory confuses the king in city, his words are the most authoritative words, his a few words controlled the snow territory to confuse city over a thousand hundred million people of life and death. At this time the Xia Tian war declaration has delivered to his front. The decision that then he makes will be the snow territory confuses the future of city, will fight or does not fight. The snow territory confused the kings in city to stand slowly, afterward he own right hand high holding up: War!!!”