Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2306

War!! War!! War!! In the main hall all people all shout. The snow territory confused City Lord of city to put down own hand directly, the scene was peaceful immediately: My snow hawk is the next three strongest people.” Xia Tian VS snow hawk!! This war is a next three strongest war, since thousand years a strongest war, no, even this fights must cover the thousand years ago Qi Wang to extinguish the next three that war. They are the next three in most famous people. The army who this fights both sides also arrived in the heavenly thunder pass!! The entire next three all celebrities all arrived in full. Qi Wang, long time no see.” Yan male your highness, flows the Sir, wins your highness, the Yu blue gentleman, several good interest, not to have thought that four also watched this fights.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, subordinate who the influence of five emperors only misses Emperor Shintou Izanagi, although the deep inscription is the Xia Tian little brother, but on outwardly he is the Xia Tian mortal enemy. Therefore he is watches competition not to come Xia Tian their this heads absolutely. Such rare war naturally must come to have a look well.” Yu azure on first that amiable appearance. Yes, in the past the Yu blue gentleman and have not asked for cheaply to the counter- war, that person of strength of present was perhaps stronger.” Yan male your highness cracks a joke to say. Was right, the Yu blue gentleman, you can tell that us actually this snow territory does confuse the kings in city to have what forte?” Qi Wang puzzled looked that is blue to Yu, several other people also looked that was blue to Yu, they are also waiting for Yu's blue reply.

After all entire next three really understand the opposite party, only then Yu blue person. Um!” Yu nodded blue, afterward continues saying: Snow territory confuses the king name of city to be called the snow hawk, pet who he is a spoiled child, ascending the sky, he is collection all people vainly hoped for that in a person, he to Freshman road running free with the current, what does not lack since childhood, others' dream in his opinion conveniently may take, weaponry? Compounded drug? Merit law? Right? He does not lack, moreover his is best, he over 900 years old is, these for 900 years he crawls this year in the day material treasure, others cultivation human body needs to polish unceasingly and informed and experienced, his body has soaked for more than 900 years in the most precious raw material for medicine, can say that he has the body of true not dying, his human body against has terrifying compared with these.” Attract! All people have all held breath cold air. Hears here time they can imagine that the terrifying of enemy, can say that the Yu blue great strength is piles completely with the wealth. Such person was also too terrifying.” „The method of snow hawk emerges one after another incessantly, moreover his merit law is also best, the weapon is also the good letting person envies, person who he can be said as does not have the weakness.” Yu blue helpless shaking the head. „The Yu blue gentleman, actually did you in the past are how tie with him?” Qi Wang asked. All people hear Qi Wang these words also curiously looked that was blue to Yu, does Yu raise the snow hawk to prove him blue intentionally is also very fierce? However by everybody to the Yu blue understanding, obviously he is not that person. Yeah!! This mentioned was ashamed, I in the past was six cauldron Rank 1, he was five cauldron Rank 5, therefore our two fought to a draw.” Yu blue very awkward saying. Hears Yu blue these words, on all person foreheads is the sweat. This absolutely is a heavy pound news. Yu blue six cauldron Rank 1, snow hawk five cauldron Rank 5. Finally their unexpectedly has hit an evenness. This may absolutely be the big news, everybody thinks that past Yu azure and snow hawk fought them are six cauldron Rank 1, finally initially snow hawk unexpectedly was five cauldron Rank 5, in other words Yu azure has aspired to seize the next three peak by five cauldron Rank 5 strengths, then now his strength is six cauldron Rank 1?

Actually does he become how fearful? Nobody knows. He now.” The back of Qi Wang is the cold sweat. Yeah, in any case I now definitely am not his match, therefore Xia Tian this war fears the winning percentage less than 10%.” Yu stretched out a finger blue. Surroundings these people also all think very terrifying. Before they think that Xia Tian won the probability that this fought is 30%, now looked like less than 10%. How at this time regardless to see that this fights Xia Tian unable to win. 10% probabilities were really too low. „The Yu blue gentleman, the skill of that snow hawk is what is also strongest?” Qi Wang asked again, he as if wanted to ask the news of related snow hawk. This simplicity, the Yu azure strongest skill is the human body, his human body formidable fearfulness, I remember that previous time I throw from the upper air of 500 meters place him, finally his unexpectedly has not died, this is I have seen the most abnormal human body, even if the wild beast does not have the so fearful human body, 500 meters, this altitude can pound the muddy flesh all fully.” Yu blue think to think fearful. He does not dare to explain this matter to the present. 500 meters Ah! Attract! Those present have held breath once more cold air. 500 meters that is.

This absolutely is not the small digit. Such high upper air, they do not dare to imagine, meeting a cruel death that 60 meters common five cauldron above Expert sufficiently fall. Is so abnormal.” Qi Wang also more and more is worried now. When he hears the so abnormal human body was a little does not dare to imagine. Um, his human body was called the strongest human body by me, not death man.” Yu nodded blue. All people all nodded, the man who truly does not die, they have never thought before next three have the so abnormal man, this man simply abnormal fearfulness, fearful makes them unable to bear shiver, such person has surmounted the next three formidable degrees completely. That this fought Xia Tian to lose.” City Lord anxious saying of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. I think that Xia Tian can win.” Free of evil intention saying that slowly at this moment had not spoken, he worship to Xia Tian is inexplicable, does not have any reason, he worships Xia Tian, does not need any reason, in his eyes Xia Tian is the strongest man, during is strongest most strong. Such match regarding others is perhaps invincible, but regarding Xia Tian, that. Why do you such trust him?” Yu blue puzzled asking. Because of since me with him, he never had lost, my this whole life has not admired anyone, he is first, Qi Wang is second, naturally, what I admire Qi Wang directs the ability of combat, the one who admires Xia Tian is his strength, even if in my family that group of old codgers, if saw Xia Tian also absolutely to be able with me same to admire his.” Said free of evil intention. Brat, whom you were calling the old codger??”