Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2307

At this moment, in the courtyard were also many an important goods person. This courtyard is called the outstanding heroes institute!! So long as is the strength surpasses five cauldron Rank 5, or the background very big people can enter, enter here person to open own Realm, at this time the place of entrance altogether came one line, this line of enough more than 100, seem awe-inspiring, 100 individual uniform five cauldron Rank 9, can say such scene rarely. Your this group of old fogies came.” Saw free of evil intention these people time immediately stares. Brat, does not come not to know that you mixed such big reputation to come outside.” And an old man said. Several are free of evil intention Master, a hidden entrance Tu Dragon clan, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting!!” Qi Wang goes forward to cup one hand in the other across the chest to hint. Your Qi Wang given name we are like thunder reverberating in one's ears.” Free of evil intention Master dispositions are very open, they probably are the deity of area north of the Great Wall are the same, live free and unrestrained, stands aloof from the world, even if saw big figure, talked and laughed merrily. Has not thought that linked you also to come out, was really rare, I also think that your this whole life was doomed to starve to death in the place that bird did not defecate.” Yu blue gentleman very impolite saying, but everybody knows that he is cracking a joke, moreover can look from these words, he and free of evil intention Master are familiar. You have not delivered going that eats to us.” Free of evil intention Master complained. Key your capacity for food are so big, I cannot give, perhaps on you who uneven Imperial City can raise.” Yu blue gentleman smiling saying. Words of Qi Wang one hear of Yu blue gentlemen, go forward to say hurriedly: Free of evil intention with us is also brothers, if everybody does not shut out, can go to our uneven Imperial City housing, the absolute control that eats suffices . Moreover the place that lives in we can the earliest possible time prepare and ensure you arrived at uneven Imperial City to have the best food and lodging.” Qi Wang this is must incur to arrive in full Imperial City this group of Expert. 108 five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, this is a very terrifying battle efficiency.

After they join uneven Imperial City, then uneven Imperial City formidable. Good, otherwise we come out are also the background free of evil intention, heard good that he mixes, can eat to sate the appetite, therefore we all came out.” Free of evil intention Master said. Hears their words, the people all is a heavy line of face, joins an influence by their strengths casually, then let alone ate to sate the appetite, when the ancestor was supplying good, had such gang Expert to live in oneself that even if did not get rid also to scare to death the match. Finally their unexpectedly like this by food buying, moreover Master goes to apprentice matter also is really very rare. „, Mixes to eat mixes to eat, said that anything goes to me.” Scolded one free of evil intention. Your young brat, wants to overturn the heavens, looked that we do not repair your.” Free of evil intention Master said that must come up to start. Looks at these funny guy Master and Disciple, people all very helpless. Your this group of old fogy dishonest treating come out show off anything in the remote mountain, the apprentice puts to rush to the reputation, then you go for shelter, you also feel all right the exit / to speak that said.” One line of seven people walked from the entrance, five cauldron Rank 9, are five cauldron Rank 9, this Expert is usually difficult to see, but this time war all gave to entice the old fogies of these hidden worlds. Real family seven, your seven did not say that doesn't start the big transmission never to come out? Now how also to run.” Saying that free of evil intention Master are not feeling well. Has such good play rarely, we naturally must come to have a look.” The real family seven child 11 cup one hand in the other across the chest to hint with the people of five big top strengths. Really lively, is really lively.” Two old men also appear in entrance, five cauldron Rank 9, are five cauldron Rank 9. Yin-Yang double ghost, you also catches up, did not fear that we do kill you?” Real family seven child wicked looks to that two old men.

„Does hatred value such high do, we were also old bones, now is waiting for big transmission opening, we also hit any dozen, this time heard that recently most famous that next three first Expert Xia Tian must fight with snow hawk that anomaly, we naturally must come out to have a look.” Yin-Yang double ghost saying of slowly. Mei Zhushuang sword!! Dark night four Saints! All various grassy plants immortal! . The person who one after another in thousand years become famous appeared here, these people were in 1000 were famous recently, they had before contradictory, however over a thousand years, any contradiction neutralize, they now wait for was 500 years big transmission opening, when the time comes they can leave next three to three. These are crest of wave temporary figure, although does not have you and Xia Tian is so abnormal, but the most minimum past years also had the free of evil intention momentum, now quick is outmoded.” The Yu blue gentleman answered. Qi Wang nodded, 11 cups one hand in the other across the chest to hint. The future is a guest, they came Qi Wang naturally to entertain, moreover Qi Wang also specially assigned the person to prepare food to entertain free of evil intention Master. Was right, Qi Wang, Xia Tian?” The Yu blue gentleman asked. Hears these words everybody to respond that this war declaration has gotten down nearly for one year, is Xia Tian of Challenger has not seen the person to the present? According to the truth these days should be the time of martial arts contest. „, He is still closing up, for these days should go out.” Qi Wang answered.

The people all nodded, procrastinate, light, Xia Tian did not have what superiority quickly, if he also lies down there now chats, then he really to refusing stubbornly far, after all this time war, but the war of life and death, Xia Tian and snow hawk only then a person can live. But that person who lives is next three true first Expert. Including five emperors influences and all hidden influences! You said that if this snow hawk has won, big transmission does open him to walk?” The Yin-Yang double ghost asked such an acrid question suddenly. Naturally, that fellow and so on was not a king, he cultivation all did not lack, went to three him is ordinary six cauldron Expert, did not have that many people to serve him again, did not have that many people to consecrate him, he possibly was how familiar with, even the strength can falling slowly.” Free of evil intention Master said. Um, truly, this fellow, if won, then next three on constant disorder and unrest.” All people all are helpless shaking the head. They understand that the snow hawk is not a convenient lord. He could not win.” At this moment the form fell among the people together directly. Xia Tian!!” All people at present immediately one bright.