Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2308

Xia Tian went out!! The vision of all people all centralized on the body of Xia Tian. Here many person has not seen Xia Tian, but they had heard the Xia Tian reputation, next three first Expert, they saw at this time Xia Tian time had not thought has anything special. Summer City Lord, you look like do not have anything special.” The Yin-Yang double ghost cracks a joke to say directly. Yes, therefore I must try hard cultivation, otherwise others noticed that I will say: You have a look at him, except for the commander-in-chief, has no merit to speak.” Xia Tian teased was saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha!! The scene all smiled to make one group. After everybody thought Xia Tian goes out, the scene becomes seriously, but now looks like, Xia Tian is also a personality people. You continue to chat your, does not need to manage me, I listen not to speak, I only think the person static commander-in-chief meeting of now.” Xia Tian lies down on the chair very optional saying. Feeds, summer City Lord, do not rest, got up to say with us how you planned to cope with that not to have the snow hawk of body of dying.” Free of evil intention Master are very impolite with has drawn Xia Tian directly stiffly. How can also cope, hits, me do not tell that the body of any dying, you do not make him stand that to make me chop several blades to try motionless, words that his head does not fall, I chop my head.” Saying that Xia Tian despises, in his eyes the body of any dying is not the matter, although the snow hawk was not known as that the body of dying, the human body defensive power is terrorist, but if Xia Tian uses [gold/metal] Dao, that anything people can chop die. What is main, by the strength of snow hawk, will not kill his opportunity to Xia Tian with [gold/metal] Dao. Has been able to feel the crisis on [gold/metal] blade like this Expert. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hears the Xia Tian two words, people smile.

Everybody understands, serene that although Xia Tian said that but the following war can be next three unprecedented wars, if Xia Tian were killed by the snow hawk directly, then this war will not have any quality of being worth looking, if they carry on a truly very intense war, that this war will become the wars of entire next three legend, even by the reentry next three annals, likely thousand years ago Qi Wang will destroy completely entire under three is the same. Everybody may anticipate this war. That summer City Lord you think that you will win?” The Yin-Yang double ghost asked directly. This issue is very caustic and mean. This is not the idle talk, if I think that I cannot win, I early ran, the fool here waits for death.” Xia Tian spoke each time can bring the happy feeling to everybody, because the Xia Tian speech was very straightforward, not to person a feeling of aloofing, moreover no matter who asked that his anything he replied. Summer City Lord also is really open.” Yu blue gentleman smiling saying. Right Yu blue gentleman, asking you to help?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the Yu blue gentleman. Had any matter saying that was OK.” The Yu blue gentleman said. „After more than one year, transmission of your five big influences do not open, can I sit your transmission to go to three.” Xia Tian looked that asked to the Yu blue gentleman. Hears his words, everybody helpless shaking the head. Xia Tian also really may I ask. The next three all people want to ride that several transmission to leave here, to high-grade three, what a pity that transmission is not all people can sit, if you dare to sit forcefully, then Expert of three that heads instantaneously will execute you. This also why such an important goods person here waited for the reason of big transmission opening. Big transmission 500 years open one time, can five cauldron Rank 9 above Expert direct transmissions to three, as for the expenditure also be very big.

Ok.” Yu agreed with the request of Xia Tian blue directly. Hears here time, all people a little cannot believe that own ear, Yu blue unexpectedly will agree request of Xia Tian, this was also too abnormal, but such request all people want to say that but does not dare saying that, everybody understands certainly, even if were said uselessly. Because there of five emperors wants to pass is also very difficult. That many thanks.” Xia Tian cups one hand in the other across the chest Xie [say / way]. My words have not said that I make you sit, your name must hang in our Nine cauldrons gate, moreover you must pledge by the soul that can not with the Nine cauldrons gate be the enemy life-long, only if the Nine cauldrons gate wants to kill you, naturally, the premise is you are killed by the snow hawk.” Yu said blue directly that hears the Yu blue words, everybody understood the Yu blue meaning finally, no matter what everyone could look, the Xia Tian talent was absolutely abnormal, if especially he has defeated the snow hawk, he definitely will have no bound in the future. Yu such did to draw a talent to the Nine cauldrons gate blue, has been short of an enemy. Good!!” Xia Tian readily agreed. He has already thought this matter, he rides transmission of Emperor Shintou Izanagi is definitely impossible, so long as he rides that transmission, perhaps the person just appeared in transmission that is surrounded, finally death can also be very miserable, therefore he chose has ridden Yu Wang the influence transmission. No matter what his ancestor also has the origin with Yu Wang, before had the friction, but their Xia Family this already did not have the ability to resist with the strength of Yu now again, therefore grievances already did not exist. Xia Tian wants to do first goes to three to inquire the news, then standing firm heel, if he can three aspire to seize, then he also had the qualifications to solve parents' matter. Time!! Xia Tian most lacks forever is the time. Looks that they such achieved transaction, other people are envying of face, but they do not have the means that who lets others Xia Tian is the talent, is next three first Expert. Moreover makes them go with snow hawk to the war, they do not dare.

This war concerns the fights between next three most Expert. Three days later!! The people gather once more here, they understand that today must the day that goes to the heavenly thunder to close, today they must witness the snow hawks Xia Tian and between has fought formidable, these two people actually who is true next three first Expert, today must carry on to choose, naturally the war has possibly arranged for day. !! All people all anticipate looked to that leafed door. However walks is actually Qi Wang. Everybody waited for a long time.” Qi Wang cups one hand in the other across the chest to hint with the people. Qi Wang, Xia Tian?” The people have doubts looked to Qi Wang. !! Gate again was shoved open. The body put on Xia Tian of sky blue Chinese-style gown to walk from inside, was the imperial robe, sky blue imperial robe, Chinese-style gown very attractive, served as contrast completely the Xia Tian makings, this time Xia Tian seemed the king rules to be the same. Walks!!!” On the face of Xia Tian did not have smiling face.