Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2309
On the faces of all people also presented the dignified expression. Nobody smiles again. In this time uneven Imperial City. „The third child, hoping you to be able calm and steady coming back, your family member also in this you.” The vision of Bishop Cao looked to the distant place. This time matter is too big, even if he wants to conceal the truth unable to conceal the truth. The entire next three all people know that Xia Tian must go to fighting that lives on more than hundred years of legendary figure, the snow territory has confused the king in city. This war!!! Entire next three are all paying attention, just only then these true Expert can observe with own eyes, other people can only wait for that fight result, actually who is next three first Expert, this time must appear, moreover this fights also to concern the next three destinies who lost who withdraws troops. This is their commitments. Observes the request: Five cauldron above Expert. Ordinary five cauldron Expert cannot participate in the commentary, can only stand in the distant place watches, five cauldron Rank 5 people can speak few, Chief rank big figure of five cauldron Rank 9 above Expert or eight big influences can carry on to express the opinion like this and discussed that but must be away from war both sides the place five kilometers away to observe. Five kilometers can be said as a very far distance, normal person anything cannot see, however person top here is Expert, five kilometers regarding them, look at the thing ten meters away like the average man, does not have what difficulty. The Qi Wang army requests to watch very strictly. The snow territory confused city there to be stricter. Five cauldron Rank 5 following people do not let.

!! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian fell on the heavenly thunder has closed, all people all saw his sky blue Chinese-style gown. Qi Wang is also first time saw Xia Tian puts on is so official. At this moment all people believe that Xia Tian is the genuine king, because his king makings are inherent, a person before, rules the world. I called Xia Tian, uneven Imperial City three City Lord, meet the snow territory to confuse the city king snow hawk today, if I defeated, uneven Imperial City all people withdrew completely, no longer confused the struggle between cities the participation to eight big influence and snow territories.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, what he represents is uneven Imperial City, although uneven Imperial City only comes out three people, but all people understand that is because these three talented people changed the war, if not these three people, the snow territory confused the armies in city to sweep away that three big influence. Now Xia Tian has guaranteed, so long as he defeats, that uneven Imperial City person all goes back. Nobody dares to question his commitment, because he is next three recognition first Expert, his words have the reputation compared with any commitment. The imposing manner is extraordinary!! bo!! The head of Xia Tian presented five small cauldrons and three small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 3!! Although is only five cauldron Rank 3, but does not have any person to dare to despise him, what Qi Wang and the others had doubts, before Xia Tian, obviously is five cauldron Rank 5, how now to close up about one year strength to back up two steps, actually they do not know that Xia Tian now are many seven to do several things at the same time. His beforehand strength reduced to five cauldron Rank 1. But he has used one year of once more cultivation to five cauldron Rank 3!!!

Confuses city the strengths of king snow hawk six cauldron Rank 1 by five cauldron Rank 3 strength opposite party snow territories, has saying that this is an unprecedented challenge, because the snow hawk is different from assisting the doctor, assists the strength of doctor to promote by the external force, but the strength of snow hawk is cultivation comes out. He blue had hit an evenness by five cauldron Rank 5 strengths with Yu of Nine cauldrons gate in the past. In the past Yu azure was six cauldron Rank 1, moreover first Expert that Yu recognized blue at that time. Five cauldron Rank 5 can jump the ranks to challenge six cauldron Rank 1 Yu to be blue, then he did arrive at six cauldron Rank 1 now? Strength only terrifying, but Xia Tian unexpectedly must by five cauldron Rank 3 strengths directly to fighting six cauldron Rank 1 the snow hawks now, before was the snow hawk jumps the ranks to challenge others, now turned into others to jump the ranks to challenge him. Third child!! keep it up!!” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Here besides him, nobody dares to shout propaganda at this time loudly, his keep it up has represented the friendship between brothers, he is unable to come up for the Xia Tian fight, knows Xia Tian from him, Xia Tian has taken to him too many shock, he looks that with own eyes Xia Tian grows step by step. Initially his strength formidable, he saw Xia Tian loyalty, therefore he and Xia Tian swore brotherhood, helped Xia Tian, but he that ability has not helped Xia Tian fight now, therefore he can only shout this keep it up. Clenched teeth free of evil intention, he understands that this fight definitely was very intense, but he believes unconditionally Xia Tian will win. Even if others think that Xia Tian has 10% opportunities. The watching personnel of both sides arrived, Xia Tian also arrived, now only misses the snow territory to confuse the king snow hawk of city not to arrive. All people all in static waiting. Scene exceptionally peaceful!! The eyes of all people all stubbornly is staring here, they do not want to miss, even if 0.1 seconds of matter, this war may be for a lifetime regarding them cannot see the second time for a lifetime, moreover next three, only then the fights of these two people can these so to anticipate. This war can make them widen one's horizon, even if the future wants to go to three people, they also anticipated that this fight, they could save the experience from this fight. Looks how true Expert fights.

Actually looks at Xia Tian this present next three first Expert and hundred years ago next three first Expert. Xia Tian VS snow hawk king Xia Tian is also concludes to maintain mental tranquility. The cool breeze has blown!! The Xia Tian opening eye slowly, his vision looked to 80 meters high that high tower, at this time there had form together, this form very strong. Since came, that gets down.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the vision of people all looked to like that tall Ta, form that at this time everybody discovered the snow hawk king, but the sunlight shone at this time from there, therefore everybody looked at the appearance of not too clear snow hawk king. I am the snow territory confuse the city king, the snow hawk, this fights, if I defeat, then the snow territory confuses the city armies to withdraw the native place automatically, in the thousand years cannot come out once more.” The snow hawk king also studies the Xia Tian appearance directly to shout loudly, he does not need to make any commitment, because his words are the imperial decree. As his words said that his body jumped down from that high tower directly, 80 meters high tall Ta. The normal 60 meters took a higher position let the doing several things at the same time broken bone that five cauldron Expert fell sufficiently, but his unexpectedly jumped down from 80 meters high high tower at this time directly, and has not used any spiritual energy to protect the body.