Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2310

Bang!! The body of snow hawk fell above the ground directly!! Smooth landing. Xia Tian sized up snow hawk. The snow hawk height two meters about eight, such in Earth absolutely is the monster, is higher than mirror, Xia Tian is one meter eight, they stand in a there head have very big disparity, moreover snow hawk has been full of the explosive force from top to bottom, his muscle edges and corners are distinct, each muscle obvious, bronze skin seemed looks like puts on a gold to fight armor to be the same. On the country character face has written all over self-confidently, he seems the king generally stands there. They are existences of king rank. This is the fight of sword of King. If discussed and body tissue qualitative words, that Xia Tian should lose now, Xia Tian seemed is more like makings such as the rainbow King, but the snow hawk likely was an ancient times war-god. They stand there, the imposing manner has carried on the first round collision, both sides all are irresistible. Bang!! The formidable imposing manner raises the surrounding mist and dust!! Very strong imposing manner, I heard that before the King has the air/Qi of so-called King, are these two people are using the air/Qi of King to collide now?” Free of evil intention surprised visits them, although two people have not gotten rid temporarily, however their imposing manners already thorough has raised the giant wave. Snow hawk is more than 900 years of King, at this time his air/Qi of King should get the advantage.” Yu blue gentleman saying of slowly, everybody understands that the air/Qi of so-called King cannot obtain by cultivation, generally only then on the genuine King will appear, even if appeared, is not strong. The air/Qi of they such strong King is really rare like this time. No, Xia Tian has the superiority now!!” Qi Wang shook the head to say. Um?” All person all doubts looked to Qi Wang. Although snow hawk, when the time of King is very long, he has the natural superiority, but he lacks the test between life and death, Xia Tian has experienced King all matters of experience, therefore the air/Qi of Xia Tian present King is not weaker than the snow hawk, in addition Xia Tian can control the air/Qi of King, therefore.” Bang!! At this moment, everybody all saw, snow hawk retreat two steps, although is only two steps, but everybody understood, right that Qi Wang said that when this collision Xia Tian won. Xia Tian has surpassed the snow hawk in the imposing manner!!

This lets Xia Tian behind that group of people very excited. Good!!” The snow hawk nodded, afterward walks toward Xia Tian directly, he walks. Xia Tian also moved toward the snow hawk!! They like this are thinking the opposite party walks. Bang!! When arrives at the Xia Tian front, the snow hawk fights with the fists. ! The silver light dodges, the body of Xia Tian vanishes in same place, afterward he appears in front of the chest of snow hawk, fights with the fists. Meanwhile, snow hawk other one fought with the fists to Xia Tian. ! The silver light dodges once more, Xia Tian kicked to the neck of snow hawk. Whiz! Meanwhile the snow hawk also disappeared. ! The body of Xia Tian vanishes once more, the snow hawk appeared in same place. One second. In short one second, they have carried on preying, this preying can be said as very intense, they made all people see anything was called the fight between Expert, simply was too quick, the reversals of stress of two people to were quickly inconceivable, that flash observer had not seen two movements of people a moment ago. Let alone is the two of racer, although four cauldrons above can use the soul to search, but the soul search has the range and reaction rate, before if the army makes war, lights that the soul search unable to investigate this position the phosphorescent glow pink / white. At this time their soul search is unable to lock the opposite party, because the speed of opposite party was too fast. Changes!!

The snow hawk right hand wields, he used six cauldron Expert most adept abilities, changed the environment, naturally, he like assisting the doctor kept Xia Tian from arriving at his front intentionally, but was he must reduce distance between him and Xia Tian using the terrain, kept Xia Tian from escaping using the false appearance. The X-Ray Vision eye, opens!! At the same time, the body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place. Bang! The ground fought with the fists by the snow hawk. Bang! Xia Tian was also a fist directly hits in the back of snow hawk. Has incurred, after this is they fight, in some first people the move, is Xia Tian successful hitting on the body of snow hawk. However the snow hawk as if has not been injured, but turned head to fight with the fists to Xia Tian. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian shunted once more. All people saw, this time fought can be said as Xia Tian has gotten the advantage, was the snow hawk wanted to sneak attack Xia Tian, was he was extremely self-confident to own ability, therefore he by the Xia Tian counter- sneak attack, if he already knows that Xia Tian had to look through this move of ability, he a moment ago absolutely not move. However among them the fight is this, impossible to tell the opposite party me to look through your style. Xia Tian looked at own right hand!! Good abnormal defensive power.” After Xia Tian that fought with the fists a moment ago, strength very big, but a snow hawk unexpectedly matter did not have, even has not moved, the fist of Xia Tian probably was the child hits on the shoes of Sir, an function did not have. This was also too abnormal, Xia Tian that big strength unexpectedly has not made him receive any faint trace the wound.” Free of evil intention surprised saying, the Xia Tian strength he is clear, even if and his totem youth of fight seven kills the armed forces unable to block the attack of Xia Tian absolutely, is the present Xia Tian success hit opposite party, opposite party unexpectedly does not have the matter. Now you should understand before me, why said that he was a monster.” Yu blue gentleman helpless shaking the head of. !! Xia Tian attacked the front of snow hawk once more, fought with the fists on the body of snow hawk.

Bang! The snow hawk smiling looks at Xia Tian, at the same time the right fist has hit. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian vanishes once more. This is Xia Tian second time hits the moderate snowfall hawk, the body of snow hawk has still not received any injury, changes red does not have: „Are you giving me flexure to be itchy?” Really is the monster.” Xia Tian has drawn back, his left hand congealing claw, has fired into the snow hawk afterward directly. Seizes dragon!! !!! Consecutively for three tuck dive, Xia Tian held above the shoulder of snow hawk finally, at this time on face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, afterward he makes an effort to fling: Went well.” At this moment, he suddenly discovered own unexpectedly has not drawn the snow hawk. Bang! The body of Xia Tian fought with the fists to fly by snow hawk directly. Whiz! Meanwhile, snow hawk pursued directly, saw that Xia Tian must come a second company to strike by the snow hawk. Shouted, was good does several things at the same time because of the father, injury alleviation.” Xia Tian will injure instantaneously all shifts went to the body of doing several things at the same time, at the same time his both hands make an effort to grasp in the air. Seizes the dragon second type. Melts the dragon!!