Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2311

Xia Tian strength all did several things at the same time to download. Therefore he has carried instantaneously on counter-attack. This move of nobody can respond that initially coveted the wolf also to use this move to sneak attack his, now he uses this move to sneak attack the snow hawk!! Bang!! Shuanglong pounded directly on the body of snow hawk. At this time on the snow hawk is throwing over that waistcoat same clothes completely crush, on his skin presented the slight dust. Your unexpectedly is all right!!” Snow hawk puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian smiling looks at the snow hawk, he studies the appearance of snow hawk saying: „Are you are giving me flexure to be itchy?” These words were the snow hawk said a moment ago, has been given back to the snow hawk by Xia Tian now. Abnormal!! When everybody saw snow hawk that abnormal human body a moment ago, feeling that all people all kept, but everybody sees a Xia Tian unexpectedly also matter no time now, everybody was more surprised, they look to understand now that originally Xia Tian was hit a moment ago intentionally, then carried on the counter-attack. Actually in the present Xia Tian innermost feelings is also the infinite feeling, he can only say that the human body of snow hawk was really too abnormal. unexpectedly Lian Hualong is unable to become any injury to other party. Interesting!!” The snow hawk smiling looks at Xia Tian. Whiz! The body of snow hawk vanished in instantaneously same place, speed very quick, Xia Tian had not seen how he moved, thus it can be seen the movement of snow hawk was fierce, although he has not seen, but he understands that the snow hawk was attacks certainly his. ! The silver light dodges, the body of Xia Tian vanished in same place. !!! Xia Tian keeps dodging, but the snow hawk is the pursuit that keeps.

! At this moment, Xia Tian vanished after a place fast his another fights with the fists that place, he understands that the present snow hawk is pursuing him, the place that therefore the snow hawk a moment ago will certainly stop over in him appeared. Bang!! This time fist was Xia Tian transferred all strengths fists, before he absolutely did not have that time to mobilize all strengths, but currently has. One second, he united the strength. This fist hit directly in snow hawk the place of chest. All looks clearly, the body of snow hawk advance by stopping that Xia Tian hit there, although he did not have retreat, but during the advance was hit, the body definitely did not feel better. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection!! The Tathagata god holds the first type. The blue fire, Fokuang peeps. The domain, Wan sword returns to the birth family. Xia Tian used two strengths at the same time. Bang!! Position centered on snow hawk had the huge explosion, the mist and dust rose from all directions. !! The body of Xia Tian has fallen back on behind. Solved?” All person all doubts looks to the mist and dust. Shouted!!

The cool breeze has blown!! The body of snow hawk reveals that all people saw, unexpectedly of snow hawk had the scratch, although has not been injured, but truly had the scratch, moreover snow hawk the place of chest had the burnt symptom, obviously by Xia Tian a moment ago blue fire that struck to pat. His strength really became formidable, the human body was also anomaly.” Yu blue gentleman helpless shaking the head of, he acknowledges own present , if once more blue to Yu, should on thorough was not the match, was too quick because of the speed of Yu blue growth. That many frontages in attack hit, his unexpectedly is also all right, this is truly abnormal.” The Yin-Yang old ghost nodded. Free of evil intention, you have remembered to me, later saw that such match you run, does not fight him, a custom of our Tu Dragon clan is to hit has hit, hits runs, this fellow obviously is a bastard, what plays a drawn game to bring death with him also has to distinguish?” Free of evil intention Master open the mouth to say. „The third child, actually you must how hit this fight.” Qi Wang deeps frown. This time Xia Tian slight surprised, he has not known the snow hawk absolutely killing by his style obviously: Was good, warmed up to finish, can start.” Um!!” The snow hawk nodded. Hears their words, the people on the scene were more surprised. This unexpectedly warms up, this was also too abnormal. Such intense fight is only warming up of two people. People all by two person that terrors strength shocking, before also some people suspected that Xia Tian has unearned reputation, but they understood now, Xia Tian really had that qualifications to say one were next three first Expert, because his strength to was formidable terrorist. Your strength, matched to be my match.” Snow hawk appreciation looks to Xia Tian. Your strength is also good, I can accompany you to play reluctantly.” Xia Tian most does not fear is others with his act high and mighty, at this time the snow hawk has faced him with a Expert manner, resembles Xia Tian is only his toys is the same, how this makes Xia Tian be able to bear, in the Xia Tian eye, no matter fights to win, the imposing manner cannot lose absolutely. If the imposing manner lost, then fights certainly will also lose, because you were weak. Is a life, a head, fell unable to live, who feared. You are first dare such to the person who I spoke.” Snow hawk facial color solemn saying. You are not first with my act high and mighty, other people almost died.” Xia Tian is also very optional saying. The surrounding these people hear their dialogs, that is thorough was speechless, these two next three most Expert unexpectedly are one by one wild, but everybody also understands that they have the wild capital.

You court death!!” The snow hawk was more than 900 years of King, was just born from him is the King, present he keeps aloof, no person dares such to speak to him, now Xia Tian words already thorough enraged him, he must cope with Xia Tian with the true skill. From just started now. Snow hawk on any style useless, he has only used the most common attack. But now at this moment, he finally must use his attack. Come!!” Xia Tian drinks greatly, afterward his both hands grasp in the air. Seizes the dragon second type. Melts the dragon!! Two dragons pounded directly to the snow hawk, at the same time Xia Tian presented in the snow hawk. The Tathagata god holds the second type!! Blue fire. Jinding buddha lamp. Bang!! Two attacks pounded directly to the snow hawk, the snow hawk double fought with the fists above two attacks, his left hand was twined by the blue fire immediately, afterward the blue fire started to fire, the snow hawk was also the fast fire fighting, although the blue fire had been destroyed completely by him finally, however his left hand was also burnt has stuck a big piece. At this moment, the body of snow hawk leaps to, afterward under fights with the fists. The hawk strikes the expansive sky!! This is the snow hawk first use style to fighting Xia Tian, his entire body as if changed into a snow hawk, but Xia Tian is his game.