Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2312

Bang!! Xia Tian both hands congealing claw grasped directly on the fist of opposite party, the formidable strength made his ground start to crush immediately. Ha! Drinks with snow hawk one greatly, the ground thorough smashing of Xia Tian under foot. Bang!! Entire ground directly by snow hawk smashing that the strokes. The style of snow hawk is also so simple, without any fancy, but he to see strength broken ten meetings truly. Was defeated. All people understand, after Xia Tian meets this move, hardly definitely could not stand, Qi Wang and the others on the faces all presented the anxious look, he did not care about the victory and loss, he only cared about the Xia Tian life and death, but he also knows one cannot rush now, otherwise opposite party Expert will also flush, then finally only meeting casualty more people. ! At this moment, all people all noticed that the silver light dodges, afterward inconceivable appeared, everybody saw the Xia Tian form, at this time Xia Tian grabbed pounding that the shoulder of snow hawk made an effort single-handed above the ground. Bang!! The ground was smashed a big hole by the body of snow hawk directly. Humph!! All people have all opened the mouth, inconceivable of face, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so formidable, even can say that formidable some fearful, a moment ago snow hawk that strikes that terroristly, his unexpectedly wound did not have, to withstand the so big attack not only has not injured, but can also achieve the instantaneous counter-attack, this was also too abnormal. What?” The snow hawk has stood slowly, even if he has not thought Xia Tian is not only all right, but can also counter-attack instantaneously, at this time on him is very painful, a moment ago that pounding of Xia Tian unusual is ruthless. Although your strength formidable, strength also very big, but your body has not borrowed the point of force in airborne you, I throw only to need to spend less than 1000 jin (0.5 kg) strength you.” Xia Tian saying slowly, although the snow hawk stands in the ground he is unable to catch the snow hawk, but the foot of snow hawk leaves the ground, then he did not have the point of application, although they will fly, but this flying does not fly, but borrows staying in the air of strength in the ground.

Only if the user favors to unite, moreover is the flight pet can obtain the ability of flight. But a moment ago no one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can counter-attack for instance. This time Xia Tian thanked the corrupt wolf, if were not he, oneself are unable to obtain such ability, but painstakingly oneself that resiliency strongest did several things at the same time, although his resilience was quickest, there is meteor tears to be auxiliary, various types of compounded drugs, but the aching feeling may probably have. This how possible Ah!!” On the face of snow hawk has written all over inconceivable, he to oneself that is self-confident, but Xia Tian unexpectedly caught stiffly this, and can counter-attack immediately, this has surpassed the common sense absolutely. „The two people of good terrifying, the strength of snow hawk without doubt is the present next three first person, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can in this case not be defeated, was really too fierce.” The Yu blue gentleman says with emotion, he can determine, if were hit with the snow hawk by oneself, then soon will lose, moreover can lose is very miserable. But Xia Tian unexpectedly can be evenly matched with snow hawk, no, has the superiority. Anything is impossible, because your match is called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You are first dare with me such to the person who I spoke, why today I must make you have a look at everybody saying that I was the next three most Expert reason.” The body of snow hawk king moves, afterward his within the body burst out a terrifying strength, with the emergence of this strength, the imposing manner of his whole person also had the huge change. Treads!! Afterward he moved toward Xia Tian step by step. Very strong imposing manner!!” Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward he flushes away to the snow hawk king directly. Bang! A fist and snow hawk king to the same place, Xia Tian retreat two steps, has fought afterward with the fists, hitting that his retreat, their fists keep once more in the same place, Xia Tian also retreats in defeat again and again, he does not dare to move now, can only meet hardly, he understands that own present is to escape is impossible. Because snow hawk king suppressed him directly. Even if he uses the silver corona, the snow hawk king can also a fist him knock down, therefore he can only meet hardly, even if were being suppressed hitting. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hitting that their fists keep in the same place, the body of Xia Tian is gradual retreat. Was bad, now Xia Tian thorough was passive, such gets down he to be killed while still alive.” The Yu blue gentleman deeps frown, he understands that the present fight belongs to the most pitiful fight, what both sides use of fight is the collision between strength and endurance, they no one dare retreat, does not dare to use the movement. Because the use movement needs to gather the strength, requires the time, but so long as now one of them gathers the strength, that immediately is overthrown by the enemy, by the collision of this strength, after having overthrown, perhaps again could not stand. He so will be how strong.” Qi Wang clenches teeth to say. Present Xia Tian already thorough was passive, any fancy style used, even if 0.1 seconds he does not dare to stop, once stopped an opposite party fist to overthrow him. Bang! Bang! Bang! They more hit are more intense, Xia Tian the meat on fist had been hit to fly, this Xia Tian will not have injured the shift, because he knows that he will shift the injury, the hand definitely also again is opened the flower. Collision Xia Tian on human body cannot compare the snow hawk king. However Xia Tian bone actually not any issue. The normal such intense collision, the bone of Xia Tian definitely already had been broken by the opposite party, is the present Xia Tian bone not slight issue. Because his present bone is the ape king grace. Bang! Xia Tian cannot follow the speed of snow hawk, therefore he fought with the fists by the snow hawk on the shoulder, but he immediately has carried on counterattack. Bang! Bang! Bang! The snow hawk attacks ten times to have one time to be able every time to hit the body of Xia Tian. Bang!!

The snow hawk direct fist the body of Xia Tian knocks down, afterward hitting of his fist then fist on the body of Xia Tian. Flesh and blood flying in all directions!! Scene very pitiful. Xia Tian!!” Qi Wang anxious shouting. The Yu blue gentleman has held on Qi Wang, he worried that Qi Wang rushes. Bang! Bang! Bang! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! In the mouth of snow hawk has exuded the excited big laughter, all people understand that Xia Tian ended, was such hit, he early changed beyond all recognition. Yeah!! All people all are disappointed shaking the head, they just started also really to think that Xia Tian can win, but now looks like, Xia Tian lost, on the face of Qi Wang presented the crazy expression, but he by Yu blue stubbornly is drawing, clenches teeth not to speak free of evil intention, but he has decided that if Xia Tian died, he will be Xia Tian will revenge sooner or later. Bang!! Um?” At this moment a snow hawk brow wrinkle. „Did you hit enough??” At this moment, the fist of snow hawk was held suddenly, all people all heard this as if devil same voice. The eighth nine orifices reverse!!