Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2314

Issues an order with Xia Tian, the form falls at the scene together, this form is throwing over the long gown. „Do you do? unexpectedly dares to call the helper.” The snow territory confuses three big enlightened emperor angry shouting of city, afterward they also flushed. They cannot tolerate Xia Tian to look for the helper. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three people directly flushed. Go away!!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward fights with the fists, the formidable air wave received an examination form to fly three people. Strong!! All people can only say that Xia Tian was too strong, these three big enlightened emperors may be six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, now unexpectedly by him, as soon as fights with the fists to fly, this can be said as unusual formidable. Mean! Everybody on together, is the helper who he looks for first.” The snow territory confuses these Expert of city to shout directly. At this moment, snow territory confused the old heavy snow hawk of city to raise the left hand directly: Stops to me, this is between I and him the fight.” But the king, is he does not speak the custom first.” These person of anxious saying. Who said that I did not speak custom!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward that form has untied own long gown directly, the person sees this person appearance in the presence of everyone time, thorough was shocked, because this person and Xia Tian appearance is exactly the same, a wee bit is not bad, this people on ignorant. How to present two Xia Tian. No matter the snow territory confuses the Qi Wang army here person of person or city, all was shocked. Snort, you certainly are twins, do not think that looked like can get by under false pretences.” The snow territory confuses person angry shouting of city. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, had not explained. „It is not two people, is a person, the imposing manner is exactly the same, moreover Spiritual Force is also exchanges, one is an honorable person, does several things at the same time.” Saying of snow hawk coldly , he although also thinks very surprised, but he can determine now that this absolutely is doing several things at the same time of Xia Tian. Does several things at the same time!!

This glossary presented time those present to be shocked, this was also too terrifying, when did several things at the same time this thing also to appear. Xia Tian so was strong, then two Xia Tian? Whistling! During Xia Tian numerous expiration, he reversed under the condition to draw back from the nine orifices afterward directly, although the time also had, but he understands, the time that oneself used was longer, the load that received was also bigger, moreover now the eighth nine orifices reverse does not have the remaining how much time. Only if he is willing to give up the reason, making this strength control itself, then this condition can amount to for a half hour to be so long, but he will also turn into one to slaughter the machine at that time. The eighth nine orifices reverse has been the abnormal degree. Many thanks you have helped my these many times.” In Xia Tian heart silently said to own not dead Divine Art. From now henceforth he cannot use not dead Divine Art, because he has used eight times, when the old lunatic has told him, used ninth time directly dead. For these years, eight not dead Divine Art followed him to pass through next three, now has taken the true next three strongest titles. Although fought had not finished. However the remaining fights are not serious. bo!! On emergying Xia Tian also presented five small cauldrons and three small cauldrons, he similarly is five cauldron Rank 3 strengths. „The second child, gave you, I rested a meeting!!” Xia Tian said that lies down on chair directly starts to rest. serene. All people were all deceived to the lane by the Xia Tian calm appearance, his match is known as for hundred years ago the first snow territory confuses the city king snow hawk, the strength of snow hawk already obtained the approvals of all people, is present Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to be so wild, he as if never pays attention to be the same the snow hawk. Now he can with doing several things at the same time to fight obviously, but his unexpectedly, so long as does several things at the same time on a person, this was also looking down upon the snow hawk.

You court death!!” The snow hawk was angry more and more, he discovered that now Xia Tian has not paid attention to him. The snow country god in hand hammers one revolution!! Heavy snow flying apsaras!! Meanwhile the snow country god in his hand hammers high directly throws, afterward the innumerable heavy snows lower from the sky, everybody understands that this is not the ordinary snowflake, but also wants the sharp thing compared with Top Grade treasure. Beforehand snowflake appears above god hammers, but this snowflake blots out the sky. The day attacks coldly!! Releases 100,000 cold glow, launches the non- difference attack, crushes front all. The flash, the cold glow directly has fired into these snowflakes. Bang! The ice crystal fragment scatters in all directions, these snowflakes were blocked directly, at the same time, doing several things at the same time of Xia Tian fired into the snow hawk directly, the snow hawk right hand has wielded the snow country gods to hammer also directly pounds to doing several things at the same time of Xia Tian. Day cold domain!! Releases frozen knot, ties is centered on the body of master, radius all within 50 meters completely frozen , to continue for ten seconds, the cooling time ten minutes. Flash, surrounding all frozen. Including snow hawk body, but he is alleviating the frozen spread at this time. What's all this about?” On the face of snow hawk has written all over inconceivable. Xia Tian lazily sitting there: Snow hawk, no matter compares anything, you are not my match.” Hateful, I will certainly kill you.” The snow hawk said that a hammer pounded directly to the ground.

The day executes the immortal coldly!! Day cold sword big move. The innumerable day of cold swords of dropping from the clouds, destroy all, one year can use one time. Xia Tian this time must the doing several things at the same time vertical prestige, he must all to know fierce that one do several things at the same time, does several things at the same time to be able like this to control next three these illegal people, after he leaves next three, does several things at the same time is he. Bang!! At this time the vision of all people all looked to the sky, nobody knew the dark cloud from where, but everybody felt the terrifying power that on the dark cloud has transmitted. What strength is this?” Snow hawk surprised looks to the dark cloud in sky, afterward he has gotten hold of the snow country god hammer in oneself hand. Came!!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, he is also first time sees this move. !! The flash, does not have the indication, a surrounding area over a hundred meters place dropped the innumerable day cold swords directly, for serveral days the cold sword seemed locked the snow hawk, was centered on the snow hawk, started to descend directly, seemed the raindrop is the same, falling that for serveral days the cold sword kept, forever did not have the limit. What??” All people were all shocked. They do not understand that actually this is any Kungfu, so will be why abnormal. Hateful, I will not lose.” Snow hawk angry shouting, he snow country gods hammer high directly throws afterward, at the same time the snow country god hammer turned into a wing. The people favor to unite!! The body of snow hawk had the huge change, a headage ten zhang (3.33 m) snow hawk appears before the people, at the same time that changed into the snow country god of wing to hammer falls on the body of snow hawk directly, its body presented two wings directly. Strongest condition!!”