Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2315

!! The body of snow hawk revolved fast, he has two pairs of wings, at this time these two pairs of wing as if sharp knives are common, periphery all will cut directly crush, for serveral days the cold sword also directly was cut open by his wing, but cold attribute on obvious day cold sword in attachment gradually above body. Ka ka ka!! Snow hawk that giant body is revolving. This time scene already thorough all shocked all people. The snow hawk also fiercely competes and successfully competes, his strength is also very formidable, especially his person favors the two-in-one, can say that he is having very formidable pet. His pet snow hawk is the snow country most sacred pet, existence of Saint beast rank. Periphery its giant body revolves as if to crush all. Has not thought really that his unexpectedly became such strong.” The Yu blue gentleman says with emotion, his previous time with the snow hawk king fights, the snow hawk king did not have now so formidable, the present snow hawk king person favors to unite also becomes such abnormal, can say that he obtained the next three strongest battle efficiencies. What a pity his match is Xia Tian. The Xia Tian strength has surmounted next three should have exists. Bang!! For serveral days the cold sword received an examination form to fly by his dozens zhang (3.33 m) body. If the snow hawk such big body runs into other match, that only needs a turn over to pat all people with ease. But now he is also the day cold sword that resister heavenly furiously falls. Hateful, actually this must when stop!!” Snow hawk angry shouting, although he now changes in the situation of body strength very formidable, but he cannot shoulder this continuous attack.

!!! These also falls the day cold sword that smashes in the ground to start the frozen ground and his foot after side. Now his body very cold. But he now under the condition of snow hawk, but his unexpectedly can feel coldly. „The third child must win!!” On the face of Qi Wang had the smiling face finally, at this moment he understood, Xia Tian has won, otherwise he so relaxed sitting will not rest there absolutely, although snow hawk changes the body is terrorist, but the attribute on day cold sword at this time also little in frozen his body. Attract! Other people all have also held breath cold air. They have not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly strongly to this situation, the condition that even Xia Tian Lian Renchong unites has not used. The heavenly sword as if forever does not have limit to be the same, nobody knows when under the sword rain meets arrives, but they saw, the present snow hawk body is lacks the ability to do what one would like obviously, the body that he revolves stopped, stands, in the ground wing cuts the day cold sword that periphery these are dropping from the clouds. Snow hawk, you are impossible to defeat my, admits defeat.” Xia Tian lazily saying. No, my snow hawk was died in battle will not surrender absolutely.” Snow hawk angry shouting. Right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward does not have to pay attention to the snow hawk again, his vision looked that has confused the Qi Wang army here person of city and to the snow territory: My Xia Tian will leave next three after transmission opening of Nine cauldrons gate, but after this does not represent I leave, on nobody protection next three, protected uneven Imperial City, after I left, will do several things at the same time not to leave, I can control these two bodies freely, if who dares to continue dissolutely, then I will be certainly impolite.” Deterrent!! Hears the Xia Tian words, everybody understood, the strength that reason that Xia Tian this time the use does several things at the same time to let everybody understands, after he leaves, cannot have anybody to plan uneven Imperial City. Moreover best not to resort to any method with me, my doing several things at the same time will grow with the strength of my main body together, in other words my main body after the three strengthens, my doing several things at the same time will be also getting stronger and stronger, I can guarantee that whoever asks me to trouble, I must way completely his family all people.” The Xia Tian sound reaches in the ears of all people.

Powerful!! Overbearing!! But people silently has raised up the thumb to him, thinks that he truly is one generation of kings. Even if left, he must frighten entire next three. Naturally, must be the friend with me, I welcome at all times, moreover everybody , to move in uneven Imperial City, we welcome, although everybody waited for after big transmission opening, will leave, but fellow family members and disciples in uneven Imperial City are also a safeguard, so long as is the uneven Imperial City person, I will protect, naturally, if they exit to bully others, I will not manage.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Now his imposing manner is strongest, he said these words directly, this is in gathering these people on the scene, must know that these people may be next three strongest one group of people, their strength very formidable, moreover their disciple family member strength will not miss, they were also worried after one went to three, disciples and family members has not safeguarded. Had Xia Tian these words many person nods of silently. Bang! At this moment enlarged hundred times of day cold swords to drop from the clouds, pounded directly to the snow hawk. My Fuck!!” Western Paradise could not bear scolded one directly. This day cold sword was also too big, enough 70-80 meters high, such big day cold sword can destroy fully all, no wonder this move of brief such anomaly. „Was this belongs to the next three strengths?” The people have opened the mouth. Snow hawk also gave up the resistance, he understands that he this time must die really here, the day cold sword of such big head he absolutely irresistibly. !! The silver light dodges, his neck was held.

!! The silver light dodges once more. The day cold sword, receives to me!! Did several things at the same time to receive the day cold sword directly, the giant sword shade in sky also directly vanished. This time Xia Tian right hand is pinching the neck of snow hawk, so long as he makes an effort slightly, the snow hawk must die without doubt, was he had rescued a snow hawk life a moment ago. to become Wang defeats the invader, I lost, must kill to hack to be casual you!!” The snow hawk lost, he must retain his dignity, even if lost, he will not lower the head to Xia Tian. Kings!! At this time the snow territory confused these people in city to be as if insane was the same, they directly flushed to Xia Tian here, they cannot look own king died, the snow hawk was in their mind most sacred existence, they must rescue the snowing hawk. Enormous and powerful over a thousand Expert directly flushed, these person of uniform five cauldron Rank 5 above Expert, they have the snow territory to confuse the senior official in city, there are old monsters of some snow country hidden worlds. At this time these people all rushed to Xia Tian here. Stops to me!!” Snow hawk angry shouting, he lost, but he does not hope absolutely one lose such does not have the dignity. But these people got angry, nobody stops radically. The people favor to unite the Second Layer condition!!!