Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2316

The people favor to unite!! The Xia Tian user favored to unite finally. What this time he uses is the person favors to unite Second Layer that this is also the strength that he in perceives through meditation in this year. ! A Xia Tian body revolution, his body as if has not had any morphological change afterward. Hasn't changed? All people heard Xia Tian to shout that a moment ago the person favored to unite, however his body unexpectedly has not changed, was this is defeated? But they had not heard that the person favors to unite can also be defeated, especially formidable Expert like Xia Tian. Kill! That over a thousand five cauldron Rank 5 Expert rushed to the Xia Tian front directly, Xia Tian the neck of right hand still grabbing snow hawk stubbornly. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration. Small snake, was laborious you.” Xia Tian saying slowly. The strength of Heavenly Connection!! Kneels!! The Xia Tian kneeling character is to shout, at the same time, that over a thousand five cauldron Rank 5 Expert knelt on the ground directly, they before flushed, but the body directly was actually depressed by an invisible strength, at this time besides several six cauldron Rank 1 Expert that is struggling in front desperately, other people have all knelt. Kneels!! Gives a loud shout once more, that several six cauldron Rank 1 Expert also directly knelt on the ground. On the present Xia Tian forehead is the sweat. Whish!!

Xia Tian behind all people have all been shocked, Xia Tian has also let loose the snow hawk king, at this time the snow hawk king is the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. „The third child this opens the abnormal pattern.” The back of Qi Wang is the cold sweat. Yu azure and the others also mouths open big, they as if saw oneself this whole life thought most terrorist matter, the present all were too terrifying, they a little cannot believe that their eye, thinks one are having a dream, all these have even surpassed their cognition. A character lets these six cauldron Rank 1 and these many five cauldron Rank 5 kneels down to five cauldron Rank 9 Expert. This strength in the mysticalness, extremely was extremely strong. If before , they also think that the Xia Tian strength has the moisture content, then at this moment, they thorough nobody dares to suspect, because the Xia Tian terrifying did not describe with the language. „Is this person?” The mouth of Yin-Yang double ghost somewhat shivered. Other these Expert are also swallows their saliva that keeps, the present all were too fearful. I know that he does not certainly have the issue.” On the free of evil intention face had smiling face, person who he is also coming out that here can only smile. Coming out that brat, you also smile, you know that he is terrorist?” Free of evil intention Master complained. I manage his terrifying not to be terrorist, in any case he is my brother, I do not fight him.” Free of evil intention very optional saying, he worship to Xia Tian is inexplicable, if free of evil intention, his strength is also very formidable, but he worships Xia Tian. At this time seemed less than ten -year-old child has drawn Master lower hem corner. Master, who is he?” He called Xia Tian, he was the next three strongest men.” „After I grow up, must be equally fierce to him.” At this time all people understood on the spot, Xia Tian is next three most Expert. The small snake entered the recreation time, these is Xia Tian uses intentionally, uses this move seems truly formidable, but the small snake also needs the deep sleep to wake some time, this time he thorough frightening has presented all people, he can confirm that people some on the scene do not dare to go to the uneven Imperial City slightest. Shouted!!

Xia Tian long expiration. Snow hawk dull in same place, this has stood for a half hour, scene very peaceful, nobody spoke, everybody was waiting. I lost!!” After a half hour, in the mouth of snow hawk said these three characters. He conceded!! Nobody knows that actually his innermost feelings have struggled how long, nobody knows how he is below the cruel-hearted, nobody knows that actually he is how says these words. He is snow territory confuses the king in city!! More than 900 years of King. Snow hawk king!! His arrogant heart was finally low in this moment. Such man lowered the head finally. So long as you are also living, you also in next three, even if does several things at the same time, my insurance next three forever will not have the flames of war.” The snow hawk king shouts loudly, clarity that all people all listen. Xia Tian at this moment not only became next three first Expert, he also became the next three heroes, his existence makes next three not have the flames of war again, he deservingly became the next three patron gods, if this commitment is others does, perhaps that does not have anything, but this commitment is the snow territory confuses the commitment of city king snow hawk, that has also represented the entire next three 50% strengths. This commitment permanent becomes effective. But now Xia Tian represents is other next three half strengths, is the strengths of eight big allied armies. !! Xia Tian and hand of snow hawk patted in one. This agreement not written on signature, but has actually represented the next three strongest authorities, because this is the agreement that among the next three strongest two people sets, is the next three strongest agreements, is the next three most persuasive agreements. From now henceforth, next three are only a legend.

That is Xia Tian. Regardless in any population, most Expert forever is the Xia Tian name. Originally the war of life and death, makes them the friend. Because Xia Tian has not killed, all he also obtained the respect of all people, the snow territory has confused these Expert of city also to stand at this time, they did not have to complain Xia Tian, even in looks all was the meaning of admiration, they admired the Xia Tian manner, admired the Xia Tian bearing, admired the Xia Tian strength. They understand that Xia Tian is existence that they are unable to surmount for a lifetime, is existence that they are unable to overtake. They have looked at each other one. Has the opportunity to come uneven Imperial City, I asked you to drink.” Xia Tian saying slowly. I have never defeated, has not defeated so miserable, regardless of competes anything, I am not your match, loses to your me to be sincerely convinced.” The snow hawk king also really took Xia Tian. Won!! This time to fighting Xia Tian won. Just started all people to think Xia Tian, only then 10% opportunities, but everybody has thought through now, so long as to the Xia Tian 1% opportunities, then Xia Tian had the opportunity to dump tray successfully. Three in!! We are the influences of Emperor Shintou Izanagi , a big influence five emperors, our person unexpectedly had been killed, although is only numerous next three in one, but this is also unforgivable, this is to the provocation of our influence.” Old man dignified saying. Subordinate pleads, will certainly kill off with his all concerned people.” Eight cauldron Expert respectful saying. Good, has remembered, this time must to him a lesson, any with the person who he stains a wee bit relations, that kills to me!!”