Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2317
A genuine catastrophe will soon approach. Eight cauldron Expert powerful enemies three are catching up, when the day of transmission opening, was the next three disasters approaches. Next three!! All wars had ended. War-torn people already thorough was steady, they were thanking name Xia Tian. Will not stop without the Xia Tian flames of war, when the time comes entire next three will experience hardship to the full. However the snow territory confuses the army of city all not to return to the snow country, after the communications of Xia Tian and eight big influences, permits the snow country in these climate steady place construction cities!! This makes the people in snow country's also thank Xia Tian. Xia Tian not only became next three first Expert, became the next three first hero. His strength has shocked all people. These plans waited for that big transmission opening the old monsters all have joined also uneven Imperial City, after they join arrives in full Imperial City know that anything is called the genuine big city, here has almost satisfied their all fantasies to city, moreover here Expert are getting more and more, they usually can also carry on the martial arts contest to exchange.

Moreover their families, after their descendants and disciple join uneven Imperial City, obtained the protection of uneven Imperial City, this has solved their extra worries. They also hope that uneven Imperial City is getting better and better, does not receive devastation of flames of war. Like this their descendants also had the safeguard. It can be said that recently uneven Imperial City was getting more and more lively, because they usually can see many five cauldron Expert here, even five cauldron Rank 5 and five cauldron Rank 9 Expert everywhere runs, they occasionally also at the meeting the arena competition, each time under the stage is fully occupied, this time uneven Imperial City became terrifying. In outside could not see that can see in uneven Imperial City anything. „The third child, uneven Imperial City was also has stabilized now, next three have also stabilized, haven't you planned to relax?” Qi Wang puzzled asking, looks at Xia Tian every day also in cultivation, he also can only helpless shaking the head, as if since he knows Xia Tian to the present, Xia Tian every day in cultivation. Every day in busy, he forever has the matter of not being able to finish probably. However this is also right, how otherwise he has probably the so terrifying strength, if the Xia Tian present strength, that nobody can be said as obtains absolutely by luck, because of him constantly not in cultivation, moreover his match forever is these incomparably formidable person. Can say him in jumping the ranks challenge, moreover his match is in the same rank strongest existence, even has surmounted same level. This is Xia Tian the road of cultivation!!

Big brother, the person of Emperor Shintou Izanagi approaches fast, you think that he will let off me? Is impossible, a strength of snow hawk on so formidable, a subordinate of that huge Emperor Shintou Izanagi? I am clear remembers that demon Expert some strength actually multi- formidable, that person was only seven cauldron Rank 9 already so formidable, then the person of Emperor Shintou Izanagi will be weaker than demon Expert?” Xia Tian these issues said that listens to oneself, he must be understood by himself, match formidable, if idle, then very is not only one that may perish. You fear anything, we have entire uneven Imperial City to be the backing, at the worst spelled with him.” Qi Wang does not want to make Xia Tian experience that life and death crisis again. Big brother, empire that at this time our brothers several same places built, its appearance to protect, but was not my private army, moreover coped with that Expert, the population was unimportant, looked like I and snow hawk such strength, regardless of the match had many people useless regarding our two, we only regarded as important the opposite party strength, but was not the population.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Also right, the third child, might as well use the monkey match thunder and gunpowder crag and so on thing sneak attack, moreover some of our also that many mysterious weapons, what no matter is Expert of any rank, he eventually can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths here, here is our domains, here we had completely all superiority.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. Present uneven Imperial City is the next three first big cities, moreover everybody also listens to uneven Imperial City, so long as uneven Imperial City issues an order, then all people can breakneck clashes forward. Big brother, monkey match thunder type of thing does not have any use regarding the snow hawk, gunpowder crag did not have the use, although can wound the opposite party, but wanted to kill the opposite party is impossible, this type of thing regarding protecting the body spiritual energy weak person had the ruinous attack, but regarding Expert, without any function.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he understands that Qi Wang cares about him, is worried about him to have an accident, but these things truly to Expert not any use. That what to do, hateful, my strength so is why weak.” Qi Wang presented dilutedness again, in the past his younger brother died he had this dilutedness, now this feeling appears again. Qi Wang is repugnant this feeling, he felt that own present is unable to help own brothers. Big brother, do not think that I do not know, you to help me fought to lose the most life, if we do not try to find the solution, how long you can also live? You do not want to look that Jiu Jiang does live again? When I went three, I will find the way to treat Jiu Jiang, she will wake sooner or later, are when you cruel enough sees Jiu Jiang to wake to your corpse sob?” Xia Tian already looked at Qi Wang combustion life the indication, under Mt. Qilin, Qi Wang has burnt two lives, the losses of this two lives may be very big. „The third child, you manages me.” Qi Wang said hurriedly.

How can, no matter!!” At this moment, Bishop Cao and free of evil intention also walked from outside: You are our brothers, three of us once swore brotherhood to make the pledge, can you make our two visit you to predecease? Big brother, I collected many growth vitality thing recently, although is also not enough to bring back to your life, but can also increase 100 years of life.” What??” The mouth of Qi Wang opens big, Bishop Cao unexpectedly has gotten so far as the so precious thing: This must spend how much money.” 500 trillion, our uneven Imperial City majority of savings, but I think the value, did the third child, you say?” Bishop Cao looks to Xia Tian. Let alone is 500 trillion, even if squanders uneven Imperial City all money also values.” Xia Tian nodded. Yeah, you.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. Big brother, the Second Brother, uneven Imperial City gave you, my this time closed up for one year, when came out was I and opposite party fights to the death.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist.