Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2318

Qi Wang!! Xia Tian?” Yu blue gentleman anxious saying. How? Yu blue gentleman!!” Qi Wang puzzled asking, he understands that the Yu blue gentleman such worried definitely to have any important matter to occur. Important matter affirmation in Yu blue gentleman eyes small not. I just received the above news, the influence of Emperor Shintou Izanagi send eight cauldron Expert, his goal is Xia Tian and uneven Imperial City, he must destroy completely entire uneven Imperial City, it is said in his hand grasps the formidable weapon, can destroy all fully.” The Yu blue gentleman said that he comes to here to tell Xia Tian this matter. My this looks for Xia Tian.” Qi Wang said that must walk directly. ! The silver light dodges. Xia Tian fell on the front of people. I knew.” Xia Tian saying slowly. You went out.” Qi Wang stares slightly.

Um, I just obtained news, mentioned eight cauldron Expert, but many thanks Yu blue gentleman.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he received the notice of deep inscription a moment ago, therefore went out, the deep inscription informs his news is the top-secret news, this time deep inscription is also trying to find the solution, after that Expert came, he will try to find this Expert true situation immediately, then information tramsmit to Xia Tian. This long-distance range fast pass on message symbol value 2,000,000,000-3,000,000,000 low grade spirit stone, the normal person cannot use absolutely, but Xia Tian actually does not care about this. Xia Tian, you may want the limelight, this time match not compared with snow hawk, snow hawk, although formidable, but in the final analysis he is also the next three people, but the opposite party is different, the opposite party is Expert that three come, moreover is eight cauldron Expert, although in next three can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, but in the final analysis is also eight cauldron Expert, senses is different from the physical quality, moreover you must understand, this point I planned before you three, told you, but looked like must tell you now ahead of time.” Yu blue gentleman very serious saying. What is?” Qi Wang asked hurriedly. Our next three are not only next three, in the entire spirit world next three like us are innumerable, but three gathered in the places of these elites, regardless of you in next three are strong, went three only to say is general, moreover three ranks were bright, you thought your weapon, the merit law and equipment in the below three most cows, but after you three, you on will discover, your merit law even compared with not on the families Sect entering family merit method.” Yu blue gentleman saying of slowly. Is so terrorist? Links the Xia Tian merit methods and weapons as well as these cards in a hand is also not what?” Qi Wang puzzled asking, although he also knows that three are not definitely ordinary, but he has not thought that three unexpectedly are so terrorist. Um, our next three person these many, some endless next third actually how many people that number? How many talents? How many fortuitous encounters? Can say innumerably, however the true talent only then few people, this probability was too low, truly person who three can call the giant star only then list.” The Yu blue gentleman mentioned that on the time face of list has also filled with the anticipation. „The list, what meaning is that?” Qi Wang asked again. Is the Jianghu first prophet hundred dawn fresh composed lists, it is said the list is the most authoritative testimony, the list first ten are three talent highest ten people, only then they can call the talent.” Yu very serious saying, obviously in his eyes the list is blue sacred.

Xia Tian is not strange to place list glossary, because he on initially excellent list, but the broken day is the list second. He does not think to the present clearly, actually the broken day becomes by what skill the person list second, Rank 5 Formation? But now Xia Tian also meets Rank 5 Formation, he does not believe that can three walk by own Formation horizontally, even if in his present plate has stored up Rank 5 Formation. Finally is also same. The Rank 5 Formation might is not invincible. However cannot think through him not to think. Quite fierce.” Qi Wang says with emotion. Moreover three are nobody uses low grade spirit stone, spirit stone there is the lowest currency, stone that low grade spirit stone is used to pave the way, what true circulation is high-grade goods spirit stone, in previous three does not have high-grade goods spirit stone to be difficult, the exchange of spirit stone and high-grade goods spirit stone is also very terrifying, 1 million : 1, regardless of you in next three are many, three you is a poor person.” The Yu blue gentleman said. Our uneven Imperial City has many spirit stone.” Qi Wang self-confident saying. „Is that also what kind of? Three of spirit stone in next is very rare, but brings three not to be valuable, you made Xia Tian carry off next three spirit stone, that next three have been short of very in the Freshman pen spirit stone, probably was exhausted a meat to be the same, but the next three exchange rates definitely can also rise suddenly instantaneously, but he has attained three, these spirit stone was actually a drop in the bucket, moreover wants to adopt transmission, was needs after the inspection, if you carried large quantities of spirit stone, transmission will be will not allow you to pass., Because your this is called the destruction to be balanced.” Yu blue very serious saying.

I will not carry off the next three any things, besides personal several types of weapons and things, other keeps next three, these things are next three also to belong to uneven Imperial City.” Xia Tian nodded, he understands that he has carried off these things, although in next three is possibly very precious, but after going to three, one jiao to be unworthy, did the person who why he did not give the need stay behind? Next three here is his family member, the friend and lover. Um, Xia Tian, you are really a extraordinary person, these words were I said to others, these people similarly were also selfish, the time that although I and you knew was not long, but I saw the hope on you, you represented was not only you but also or our 1st next three, our 1st next three have gone out of many extraordinary figure, but same we were also called most difference below three, because we led to three bridges to break, therefore our here backwardness, especially these since 1000, has almost not walked to exit. Any nice figure.” Yu blue helpless saying. 1st next three, this is also this next three serial number!! „The Yu blue gentleman, how many days transmission does have to open? How long do I go to three also to need?” Xia Tian asked. One month, one month of transmission must open, after opening, one month later opens once more, leaves the next three times.” Yu azure said. Good, many thanks, I had planned that accompanies my spouses well.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.