Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2322

The true colors play good that these characters use. Snort, wastes my time, will meet me also together to kill you.” That eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert cold snort, although a moment ago the snow hawk admitted defeat, but the snow hawk has been attacking, but this eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert actually hit can only hit back, seems unusual does not have the face. He thinks the snow hawk is only ordinary six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, the strength that but the snow hawk shows now is not ordinary six cauldron Rank 1 Expert. The first round collision he ate slightly to owe, afterward he everywhere was suppressed by the snow hawk, if were not his defensive power enough formidable, he wanted to cope with the snow hawk really is very troublesome. Kills me? You well deal with your front man, but he next three first Expert.” The snow hawk shows a faint smile, although opposite party is truly formidable, but has not given him the death the crisis. If his opposite party move cannot catch, his innermost feelings definitely will present the fear. But this eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert actually has not given him the feeling, besides just started first neutralize his attack, he has not felt any difference from this eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, naturally the king, eight shells were very hard. Snort, one flock of next three ants, I must make you experience today anything to be called three strengths.” That eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert disdains looked to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, but moved toward him directly! Tortoiseshell?” „Is defense very strong?” I do not believe!” ! The silver light dodges. „Haven't I to you in front, hidden?” The body of Xia Tian appears in the front of opposite party instantaneously. That eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert stares immediately, but has made the counter-attack fast!! This is Expert should have the quality that. However he too relied on the abilities of six cauldrons, this fist used to change the environment directly the ability, his original manuscript thinks own this fist can make Xia Tian have no place to go. What a pity he made a mistake. X-Ray Vision eye!!

The Xia Tian flash opened the X-Ray Vision eye. !! The silver light dodges once more!! Afterward in silver light with together golden light. What??” That eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert stares immediately. !! The body of Xia Tian returned same place. Why your five cauldron Rank 3 boy can shunt my fist, this unreasonable, my sensibility to six cauldrons is strong, you are impossible to shunt right of my this fist.” On the Expert face of that eight cauldron Rank 1 presented the inconceivable facial expression, a moment ago he when seeing Xia Tian was five cauldron Rank 3 Realm, on the face has written all over disdaining, may when a moment ago Xia Tian shunted he attacked, his thorough hoodwinking. This fist he thinks that ninety percent sure. Yeah, was really disappoints me.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, similarly is eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, the strength and his great grandfather Xia of this person clouds that radically is not a rank, among them the disparity can be said as the day leaves badly. Even seven cauldron Rank 9 Expert of his demon cannot compare. Boy, even if you did evade my this fist to be what kind of? In my eyes, you are the ants, depends on your five cauldron Rank 3 strengths also to protect you and your uneven Imperial City?” Saying that eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert disdains. Uneven Imperial City these three character exits time, Xia Tian understood, today he must cut to kill this person. I also think your tortoiseshell hardly!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Has the skill you to break.” Ka! His words have not waited saying that he lowered the head, his vision looks to own coverall. Ka ka ka!! The entire coverall crushes directly!!

Bang!! What??” That eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert was shocked. His hand touched above fragment, this was a coverall, his first time heard that the coverall might can be cut open, this was also too inconceivable. Yeah!! The green hat I have not destroyed to you, is remaining to you spare.” Xia Tian said that moved toward that eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert directly once more. Shouted!! Expert long expiration of that eight cauldron Rank 1, he has opened his both eyes afterward, on his face has shown the smiling face: It seems like I also really underestimate your this next three first Expert.” Six levels of carriages!! Illusory image!! Meanwhile his body changed into the illusory image directly, afterward flushes away to Xia Tian. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian has also fired into the opposite party. Six levels of fist technique. Tiger's roar demolition fist!! Seizes dragon!! Xia Tian grasped directly above the wrist|skill of opposite party. Succeeded!!” When he wants the opposite party flings, in his hand suddenly transmits a severe pain, afterward a formidable impulse curled to fly him directly. Anything!! On the face of Xia Tian appeared surprisedly!! Opposite party fist unexpectedly will demolish, the strength of this demolition uploads from the arm, moreover attack range very broad. You lost!” The opposite party directly flushed to Xia Tian, he planned before the body of Xia Tian falls to the ground, extinguishes Xia Tian directly kills.

Does several things at the same time to transform the injury! Xia Tian shifted the body of doing several things at the same time the strength in the flash, at the same time a body of person of Black Gown has flown upside down directly, but Xia Tian was the instantaneous counter-attack. Seizes dragon!! The right hand of Xia Tian grasped directly above the shoulder of opposite party. This is he counter-attacks most quickly. Six levels of fist technique. The tiger's roar raises the arm!! Although why the enemy surprised Xia Tian such will quickly counter-attack, but he has made the response similarly, immediately the hand of Xia Tian shaking. ! The silver light dodges!! The body of Xia Tian starts fast retreat!! Very strong movement and merit law.” Xia Tian surprised looks to the opposite party. He must go well a moment ago twice, however opposite party fist technique actually directly shook him. Boy, you knows that between now I and you disparity, the next three merit laws and carriages in our eyes are most trash, we call Rank 1 cultivation technique and Rank 1 movement, even if absolutely can only be the Rank 2 movement and merit law that the most abnormal person grasps, but what I use is six levels of carriages and six levels of merit laws, among the merit laws differs a rank, that strength phase difference is very big, say nothing was differs Rank 5, as for your movement, although I have not understood, but I believe that your absolutely was not the movement, but was the treasure., Because next three are impossible to present so the Advanced movement, even if appeared, your cultivation does not arrive at Realm of elite.” Saying that eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert disdains. Attracts!! Xia Tian deep inspiration , these words of opposite party made him understand a truth, if continued such to hit, oneself must lose without doubt, therefore he must come most directly happiest means that otherwise and other opposite party displayed the true strength time, oneself defeated. Was the time should draw on to finish all with that.”