Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2323

Ps: The brothers, were embarrassed, sent to worry a moment ago, the duplication has glued half chapter, therefore on you a chapter has not possibly looked to understand that needs you to eliminate the buffer, joins the bookshelf the book again, can see, was embarrassed. Six levels of merit laws, six levels of carriages. These two names make Xia Tian think the terrifying! He finally understands why now one could not find the good movement continuously. First, next three do not have the Advanced movement. Second, he does not have the skill of cultivation movement, otherwise the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step strength is not absolutely bad. But these skills in next three. He understands that own Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance might is not weak, but did not have the cultivation method, has Advanced Martial Skill spatially, but does not have Master to lead cultivation. Although Yin Nie is his Master!! But Yin Nie cannot these two Kungfu. His elder he has seen only great grandfather Xia Yun. Xia Yun is also receiving the Xia Family custom, is not willing to teach him any thing. The Xia Family custom is: The descendants have the descendant luck!! Anybody cannot the person of help next generation. Naturally, the person who if presents destruction custom, draws an analogy, that Expert of demon appears, that Xia Family person hides shortcomings. If continues such to hit, then definitely will lose to the opposite party, because own style cannot display completely, but the style of opposite party is perfect of practice, therefore he definitely is bigger more is not suitable. Favors to unite as for the person!! One have! The opposite party also has!! Moreover eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, did the person favor to unite to be weak? Therefore now his only opportunity has not displayed the true strength this moment to kill the opposite party while the opposite party directly. „Do you have what skill to be inadequate?” Very the opposite party disdains looks to Xia Tian. Ultimate must kill Unique Skill!!! The second type!!”

The Xia Tian sound just fell, the people of other seven Black Gown appeared in the surroundings of opposite party directly. Um? Wants on together? Is the waste!!” Eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert saw time that these Black Gown people also encircle, on the face has filled disdaining. On!! The ultimate must kill the Unique Skill second type!! Egg broken place foot! ! The flash, Xia Tian rushed directly. Seizes dragon!! The opposite party is also double fights with the fists, demolishes the fist!! Bang!! When the demolition of opposite party fights with the fists on Xia Tian seizing dragon, person of the Black Gown has flown upside down directly, but Xia Tian standing firmly there, is entirely still, at this time hand of Xia Tian stubbornly holds the fist of opposite party. Um??” Eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert stares immediately. His might to oneself this fist is self-confident, but his unexpectedly has not hit to fly Xia Tian. At this moment, his both legs stubbornly were also grasped by them, these two did several things at the same time to pierce his both feet with the sharp weapon directly, how regardless of he used spiritual energy to attack these two to do several things at the same time, these two did several things at the same time not to let go. At this time on these two doing several things at the same time both hands and faces already covered with blood, but they do not let go. Bang! Bang! The flesh and blood above Xia Tian both hands had also been exploded flew, but his arm on this grabbing opposite party stubbornly. Eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert both legs and both hands were controlled. After 0.1 seconds, his sudden crotch department pain!! !! His mouth turned into the O shape immediately. But this was only just started!!

Is counted Xia Tian, at this time altogether has five person continuous kicking in the crotch department of opposite party. Quick!! Xia Tian and his several doing several things at the same time Leg Technique very quick, the flash kicked over a hundred feet, a main body added on four to do several things at the same time is 500 feet, 500 feet kicked in a crotch department of person, it can be imagined the result was. The mouth spits the foam! The whole body twitches!!! Even if eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert crotch departments is not the iron does. 0.1 seconds, he was only slow for 0.1 seconds, may because these 0.1 seconds also made him lose their life. This was also too ruthless.” The snow hawk cannot help but has clamped own crotch department. He at this time a face frightened looks at Xia Tian, can say that Xia Tian was he has seen the most terrorist man. Brothers, come together!!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward seven did several things at the same time to arrive at his side. At this moment Xia Tian recalled that «West Boast in Tour» the star master crotch department caught fire, scene that everybody trampled, but their procedure was more pitiful at this time, Xia Tian and their seven did several things at the same time are five cauldron Rank 3 Expert, they trampled a foot to have 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength casually. Such formidable strength has kicked a crotch department of person, it can be imagined. Now that eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert actually miserable. Xia Tian changes tramples, at the same time was shouting: You are not the merit law are fierce.” „Aren't you eight cauldron Rank 1?” „Aren't you strength formidable?” „Can't you be run over and die directly I?” „Don't you have secret weapon?” Finally?” to become Wang defeats the invader, actually nobody will go to manage you how to win, although Xia Tian won very dishonorable . Moreover the method was too a little mean. If the frontage spells hardly, Xia Tian definitely is not the match of opposite party. But Xia Tian actually used own method to defeat the opposite party.

He understands, so long as can win, then uses any method, otherwise he lost, he dies is not he, uneven Imperial City these people perhaps also must die. This eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert has a dream has not thought that Xia Tian has doing several things at the same time of anti- injury, has not thought that Xia Tian so very much comes, the meat on hand was exploded does not have not let go, but that two do several things at the same time is the dauntless men, half face by spiritual energy to not having, both hands are the direct smashing, but they do not let go. Also because of this, gave Xia Tian to strive for 0.1 seconds. The crotch department was kicked!! The opposite party all strengths of will all download. Basic the strength comes on the use. First succeeds, follows is second, third inferior. Xia Tian, calls a halt!! No, stops, he died.” The snow hawk king goes forward to console to say. ! golden light flashes dodges. Xia Tian cuts directly the head of opposite party, he remembers how seven kill the armed forces to run, therefore this time he does not hope to have such situation absolutely again. N , N , D, solved finally.” Xia Tian has picked the necklace on this eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert necks directly. He is interested in the Chu equipment of this fellow, after all this person is eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, moreover is came from three, if Xia Tian can obtain some treasure from him, that then in going three do not need to be penniless. Xia Tian, are these people?” The snow hawk puzzled looked that did several things at the same time to Xia Tian these. You lifted their Chinese-style gowns to know, do not come to disturb me, I must have a look in the Chu equipment of this fellow to have anything.” Xia Tian said that examines Chu necklace inside thing with Spiritual Force directly. Meanwhile, snow hawk also lifts the Chinese-style gown of that several person. Lying trough, I force to scratch!!” They also shout. Ps: Year ago big welfare. In December back coupling book friend activity. The brothers, my micro blog opened, has to inquire, can go to under the micro blog to leave a message, a Tiantong replied one time, every week late eight points about one time had the prize question and answer, first prize 100 QB, micro blog search created the world flower to pay attention. Note: Only the talented person of first responding issue has the reward, but first five will win the comfort prize, the same person cannot duplicate to receive