Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2324
They simultaneously shouted. This is sigh with emotion!! Does not curse at people. Is the noun, is not the verb. What the snow hawk is sigh with emotion, he saw seven are long with Xia Tian touches the same person, although three are injured very seriously, but careful looked, is long with Xia Tian touches is the same, saw this time he understood, these are doing several things at the same time of Xia Tian, because before him, has experienced over doing several things at the same time of Xia Tian. At that time Xia Tian also used to do several things at the same time to be defeated him, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also six did several things at the same time. If initially Xia Tian used these to do several things at the same time on together, ratio this that then he can lose absolutely is miserable. He understands, since Xia Tian made him look, that trusts him, moreover must this secret as rotten as the belly, anybody, he will not tell. Reason that Xia Tian the feeling is because: This eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert is a poor wretch. In his Chu necklace anything does not have. Deep inscription, in his Chu necklace what? His secret weapon? His spirit stone? His treasure?” Xia Tian depressed saying. The snow hawk also knows the deep inscription, previous time he and Xia Tian to war, the deep inscription sees a play in this side . Moreover the deep inscription also helped his army resist Xia Tian. Opens reports the master, this time he comes not to carry anything, as for his treasure on his pet, you directly the homicide, has not given him to summon the opportunity of pet, therefore the treasure naturally did not have, this is on three one technique, was worried after one died, was seized the treasure.” Deep inscription respectful saying. Masters?? The time snow hawk that hears this name stares immediately, he has not thought that Xia Tian penetrability unexpectedly is so strong. Originally this deep inscription is the Xia Tian servant.

How didn't you early say?” Xia Tian depressed saying. Master, I also just knows that moreover normally, he should be brings to come to two high-grade goods spirit stone together, is used to grant to the next three performance good leaders, but now the leader is I, under my hand nobody, say nothing has displayed radically, therefore he has not brought spirit stone, as for his other merit laws and materials and so on thing, that is forbids to bring to next three.” The deep inscription answered. „, Has been busy at work in vain, obtains an air-to-air Chu necklace.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he also very much anticipated what treasure after one cut has killed this eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, will obtain. You are content, this time your continually eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert killed.” Snow hawk helpless shaking the head. He knows that opposite party formidable, oneself come up one to enlarge incurs, finally the opposite party anything matter does not have. How long time Xia Tian comes up altogether not to have, relaxed the opposite party solving. Walks, Nine cauldrons gate there.” Xia Tian said. Afterward his several did several things at the same time to cover under Black Gown, they did not go to the Nine cauldrons gate with Xia Tian, but returned to uneven Imperial City, the goal of this time their seven coming out has been achieved, now they went back to inform the uneven Imperial City person, these people now certainly are very tense. They were waiting for news that Xia Tian wins. Nine cauldrons gate entrance place, the supervisors of several big influences here. Won?” Yu blue gentleman exploratory asking. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not spoken. This anomaly, I have not seen have been more abnormal than him.” Snow hawk helpless shaking the head. Attracts!! Hears the words of snow hawk, people have all held breath cold air, they understood, Xia Tian definitely there eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert cutting to have killed that Emperor Shintou Izanagi, this was also too terrifying, this how long, a half hour?

Quickly, he eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert killing. This can only describe with the terrifying two characters absolutely. Xia Tian this next three first Expert, name will follow reality. Today's war, it can be said that Xia Tian in next three extremely fights finally. Xia Tian, you did not use, although one month will leave, but this situation was special, the person decision that therefore above came will walk tomorrow.” The Yu blue gentleman said. Several other people also nodded: There is also same, this time tomorrow will be walks.” So to be how anxious?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle!! Does not know that has one month of detention period each time, but this time resembles these Sirs very much to worry, will therefore decide to leave tomorrow.” Yu azure said. Good!!” Xia Tian can only with doing several things at the same time in humanity with family leaves. Walks, goes to chat, I happen to also some matters must exhort you.” The Yu blue gentleman said. Since several have matter, I do not disturb, I happen to must return to homeland to reorganize the matter, recently our snow territory confused the city to construct the new city, my this king is also very busy.” The snow hawk cups one hand in the other across the chest directly. The people also cup one hand in the other across the chest to hint with him. Many thanks.” Xia Tian expressed gratitude again. Although the snow hawk this time has not added on too big busy, but his regard arrived, in clearly knows that in match very formidable situation, he still catches up to come to here, this is the loyalty. Was good, I walked.” The snow hawk shows a faint smile, afterward waved, left directly.

„The Yu blue gentleman, we must return to our place.” Several people 11 said goodbye with Xia Tian, actually their goals here must have a look at Xia Tian to win finally, he and eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert will be what kind to the war. Now they saw the result. Xia Tian has won, moreover probably ends the victory. Walks!!” Yu brought Xia Tian to go to the living room blue. Yu blue gentleman, what need but also there is to exhort my?” Xia Tian inquired. Naturally had, the first point, went three to speak three customs, cannot slaughter greatly, especially in these big cities, cannot casual be able to kill people \; Second, I know that you do not want to join the Nine cauldrons gate, moreover you have joined, after your present Realm goes in definitely will not entrust with heavy responsibility, therefore I suggested that you join other schools, you can learn the Advanced merit method there, with the three more customs, can adapt entire three \; The third point, is surely careful, three must restrain your temperament, in the next three awe-inspiring people went three are because too wild, therefore was killed.” Yu blue very serious saying. I knew.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, you know well, follows me, that Sir wants to see you!!” Yu azure said. Sir?? Do three come?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Um!! The speech, can three people respect carefully, remember??” The Yu blue reminder again said. Whistling!! Xia Tian long expiration of: Um, hits does not hit back, scolds does not talk back.”