Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2326
Bang!! Transmission rocking unusual is fierce. Afterward tears the transmission together, Xia Tian can only shut tightly Spiritual Force. After crossing for about five minutes, rocked to stop, the Xia Tian present all also had the change. Whistling, this broken transmits, many years have not repaired.” The old men complained, the place that at this time they present is a Nine cauldrons gate small branch, here has the disciple guard of Nine cauldrons gate, is actually nobody guards is also same, because this transmission must have the Nine cauldrons gate token to pass. Moreover in 100 years can only open. Volume!!” A heavy line of Xia Tian face, he understands finally the weak country does not have the diplomacy, threw street nobody to manage is any meaning. Examines service including transmission nobody, did not fear that has an accident? At this time the complexions of several other people are ugly, obviously is because transmits rocking was too fierce, therefore their several do not adapt, physical condition unusual difference. Xia Tian seemed must be much better, although he also had the pain of tearing, but was only that flash. Was good, your several take the token to go to nine Ying Men in Nine cauldrons gate subordinate school to study, after you, put greatly honored, naturally can have the Nine cauldrons gate person to meet you, diligently, do not stir up trouble well, as for you, I promised you to lead you three to complete to pledge, that met again.” The old man of Nine cauldrons gate looked at Xia Tian to say. Um!!” Xia Tian nod slightly, oneself this was also arrived three. Three seem truly compares next three to be better, although here is not a city, but also construction unusual is attractive, the surrounding environment is also very good. spiritual energy also completely was not a scale. Arrives here Xia Tian to understand why low grade spirit stone is used to pave the way here, because here stands in place spiritual energy casually compared with the rapidness that absorption low grade spirit stone comes, therefore low grade spirit stone naturally lost the value. Loners.

Now Xia Tian realized that anything is the feeling of loner, regardless of he in next three strong, at this moment he is one, these people of Nine cauldrons gate now already in abundance walked to nine British gate there, they had the direction symbol, but Xia Tian now remaining. Ok, these many years have also been used to it, since arrived three, I must slowly is familiar with here, finds a stopping over place first.” Xia Tian understands, since oneself present arrived three, that must adapt to this three, now he is not familiar with here, therefore he must look for a city to be familiar with here first. Then he naturally had the means of promotion strength. Takes here on the spacious path, Xia Tian discovered that three are really very luxurious. On tree has the fruit.” Xia Tian took two fruits directly, then opens eats!! The fruit is very sweet, is very tasty. Good, here fruit has such strong spiritual energy, if brings back to Earth to sell these fruits, definitely is out of stock, this thing can prolong the life simply.” Xia Tian says with emotion, in the next three food had spiritual energy, but wants to compare with three spiritual energy, that was the difference are too simply many. Xia Tian walked for one hour, has not seen the trail in city. This must arrive lord knows when goes.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he does not know at this time one walked was far, in any case was very far: Ok, starts, so long as paid attention to the surrounding environment not to be sneak attacked suddenly is good.” !! Xia Tian opens directly runs away, although he has not brought too many things, but the silver corona is needs spirit stone to start, therefore he has carried some spirit stone. Quick!! The Xia Tian speed was fast, ran first day, he stopped to rest, because he was not familiar with here, therefore did not dare night to hurry along. Next day!! Third day.

Xia Tian ran for 20 days, he saw the person finally. Sees that moment of person, his tears must fall. Looks quickly, that person is a fool, unexpectedly visits us to cry.” Um, possibly is, do not respond him, we continue to hurry along.” That several people said that continues to hurry along forward. Xia Tian saw the person, mood naturally also good, direct stride stand forth, he understands, since now saw the person, then can find the city, found the city, then had the goal, but he ran for 20 days, this made him speechless. Three simply were too big. Also walked for quite a while, he had finally found the city gate. Halts, in spirit stone with three comes.” Guards said directly. Xia Tian was shocked, oneself unexpectedly this matter forgetting, only to have been thinking initially had the low grade spirit stone enough silver corona to use, he forgot to enter a city also to need to spend, this point with next three was the same, entering a city needs to make a payment. The one cent baffles the heroic Chinese. Xia Tian has a dream does not have to think one spirit stone will be baffled because of three here. Big brother, can brush the face.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Far, leave far, the poor person do not enter a city, hick.” That guard very impatient saying. Your unexpectedly dares saying that I am poor.” Xia Tian facial color one cold.

What's wrong? Refuses to accept.” Guards is also very impolite saying. „It is not, actually I am only in want to be who divulged a secret.” Xia Tian smiling saying, he does not dare just to enter three to stir up trouble, he saw a moment ago, these gate guards the strengths of strength uniform five cauldron Rank 1, guarding a gate is five cauldron Expert, then here actually how many Expert? In next three, five cauldron Expert that are the people in Pyramid most peak, keeps aloof, however in three, five cauldron Rank 1 Expert unexpectedly turned has guarded a gate. Xia Tian understands that oneself this time was to affirm not being able to go in city, therefore he can only try to find the solution. He is Xia Tian, next three first Expert. Can this issue perplex him? Walks from above definitely is impossible, because there has Formation, once Formation were destroyed, the warning will sound, therefore the Xia Tian decision digs the tunnel to go in while the darkness. At this time he felt that is actually away from home grasps a craftsmanship importantly. If makes the next three people know he came three poor cannot go in including the gate, that definitely surprised chin will fall the ground, if makes Qi Wang and free of evil intention and the others knows that Xia Tian so overbearing ability unexpectedly is used covertly to enter a city, to save three spirit stone, that definitely will be smiled. Hey, the boy, you wants to enter a city, happen to my some commodities, you help me shoulder entering a city inside, I give you to make a payment.” A person arrives at the Xia Tian side to say. Shoulders? Doesn't have Chu Wu to equip?”