Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2328

Why? Isn't behind in two cups of three spirit stone?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the server. „The following price to the preferential benefit of gang, only gives the member of gang, average person not that treatment.” The servers said directly. Gang!! Xia Tian has put out two spirit stone silently: First gives me to come one cup.” Good.” The servers have not said anything, gave Xia Tian to take the liquor directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, in our day Liucheng is not listens to the gangs, East city our cotton garment helps in a big way, this is above permits, in the City Lord words is anything counter-violence, something city Wei Jun do not facilitate to act, that lets on the person who our cotton garment helps, therefore City Lord Mansion will give us gang these many advantage.” The member who a cotton garment helps said with a smile loudly. Yes, if not give the advantage, our cotton garment helps to support these many people with anything, if we do not exist, who handles matters for them.” Member who another cotton garment helps said. In they spoke the meaning of slightly not having covered up. Probably joins the gang has the face matter. You look quickly, is Hong Jianmen disciple.” At this moment some people shout suddenly. Hears the Hong Jianmen three characters time. All people all ran to the position of entrance and window, Xia Tian also with look to outside that he discovered that these people wore the unified clothing, body three symbols of small swords, two male female walked on the avenue, on this time avenue everywhere was the person, all was the disciple who came to see these three Hong Jianmen. These people all is a face worship looks to that three people.

I, if can join Hong Jianmen to be good, was really too graceful, can become Hong Jianmen, that represents the future to have boundless prospects.” Do not have a dream, Hong Jianmen is our entire area biggest entrance, wants to join Hong Jianmen, only if your talent is high, or you are very rich, the back influence is very big, otherwise does not have that possibility.” Yes, Hong Jianmen disciple, so long as has finished an apprenticeship, that becomes the object who all influence raids, it can be said that one step ascends Heavens!.” These people in tavern all are an appearance of face worship. Obviously they regarding this Hong Jianmen all are the unusual anticipations. Hong Jianmen.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, he remembers that the Yu blue gentleman has told him, after arriving at three, if wanted the smooth development, that must join an entrance. He comes next three first mission looks for an entrance, obtains the good merit law and movement. Although his Finger of Consonance and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step rank is also very high, but he is unable to comprehend temporarily, therefore can only first other cultivation merit law and movement, if later had the sensibility, then he naturally can carries forward his movement and merit law. Although the Xia Tian talent is very strong. But he was equal to that now a five -year-old child is taking the mechanism (spear|gun), he is unable to play the true might of mechanism (spear|gun). After that three Hong Jianmen disciple walks away, these talented people on the scene return to their home position, that table of people were still chatting a moment ago the matter of faction, but they directly started to chat Hong Jianmen matter at this time. You heard, Hong Jianmen must recruit the new disciple recently, people who so long as had the talent can go.” The disciple who a cotton garment helps said.

Yes, they only regard as important the talent, naturally, in this world, so long as you are rich, that does not have the matter that anything cannot achieve, so long as money enough, same has been able to join Hong Jianmen, so long as has joined Hong Jianmen, even if the fool can also cultivation become Expert.” Disciple who another cotton garment helps said. Yeah, the talent we are not, money we did not have, was really too sorrowful.” In the tavern other people are also helpless shaking the head. Several brothers, you know when Hong Jianmen does recruit the disciple?” It seems very dreadful man asks saying that in this male hand also carries one bottle of liquor, Xia Tian is remembering in the price list this bottle of liquor price, in 20 spirit stone, this is adds to compared with Xia Tian all money. Um??” The person who a cotton garment helps looked at liquor in that person of hand to show a faint smile afterward: Knows, seven days later, these three disciples are the people of leading troops.” He said that the hand grasps directly to that bottle of liquor. „, That many thanks.” That dreadful man said that took the liquor to return to own table directly. Person who that several cotton garments help has all stood: Brat, you dare to play us.” Xia Tian is also smiling looks at this dreadful youth, this dreadful youth took the liquor to make inquiries a moment ago, normal must to the opposite party, but he asked that unexpectedly directly took away the liquor. I how?” Dreadful youth puzzled asking. You take the liquor to make inquiries, our good intention replied you, your unexpectedly also liquor taking away, what is this, played us?” Person angry saying of a cotton garment helps. I take the liquor to ask that you are because I feared that the liquor loses, I had not said that must to you, say again I play you to do, you help the big masters, I am not interested in the man.” A problem that dreadful youth replied did not have, can only say that was the opposite party wants.

Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to offend the person who our cotton garment helps, you are courting death.” I? You have a look at your this small crabbies, is not good, must change.” That dreadful youth smiling saying. Boss also ran from behind at this time. Several, here has paid the protection money, do not fight here.” Boss said hurriedly. Heard to pay the protection money, the person who that several cotton garments helped walked toward outside directly, when they got to the entrance wicked looked to the dreadful youth: We in out of the door you, you came out, we hit to fly your tooth.” „? Such ruthless, but I did not fear that I told you, my Boss in this.” That dreadful youth said. Who are you greatly?” A person asked. He, he is my Boss, you want to hit to fly my tooth, that must ask that my Boss did comply.” That dreadful youth vision looked after surroundings with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian. Good, we are waiting outside.” That several people stared Xia Tian and dreadful youth, afterward walked directly. Volume!!” Xia Tian stares immediately, this is the lying down (spear|gun). That dreadful youth has not waited for Xia Tian to speak, went into two buildings directly, then jumped from the window, that several people noticed that he jumped from the window, just about to pursues, the disciple who a cotton garment helps has held on them: Does not need to pursue, his Boss in this.”