Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2329

Volume!!” Xia Tian stares immediately. His lying down (spear|gun) lies down whom really did not have, oneself drank their liquor here, after the opposite party drew the hatred, unexpectedly comes up to say one were his Boss, moreover he also ran. Brat, has the skill you to come out.” The person who the cotton garment helps shouts. I did not know with him that you do not pursue him, I did in this.” Xia Tian is very speechless. You did not need to install, that boy said a moment ago, you were his Boss, since he ran, we naturally must look for you.” That several people had recognized now Xia Tian is the Boss of that dreadful man, therefore their several defend the entrance to be motionless, Xia Tian understands that he wants to jump from the window not to be impossible, the opposite party has enclosed there. He said is, you believe that your this is any IQ, I and he do not come in together, our two have not sat together, how possibly to know.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he felt suddenly three people resemble the brain to have the issue. If this is next three, perhaps he already got rid. Snort, the boy, feared, had feared handed over that boy, otherwise... Groans...” Opposite party cold snort several. At this moment, the person who also several cotton garments help happen to passes through from here. Kun elder brother, how?” Person who that several cotton garments help goes forward to ask. These person Xia Tian knew that does not make Xia Tian move the person who the thing that several cotton garments help in the entrance. Inside boy and his little brother dare to offend us, when he comes out, we must repair well.” Kun elder brother said.

„? Any person dares to offend Kun elder brother Ah!!” Person who that several cotton garments help said looked to inside, when he sees Xia Tian immediately stares: Volume, is he!!!” Little does Wen, you know him?” Kun elder brother puzzled asking. Kun elder brother, what possibly a little misunderstands, he just entered a city, when city gate also compares to be obedient, does he dare to offend you?” Little Wen looks puzzled to Kun elder brother. „It is not he, is his little brother.” Kun elder brother said. Little brother? Kun elder brother, this has definitely misunderstood, he just entered a city to have is less than one hour, how possibly to have the little brother?” Little Wen helpless shaking the head. Um?” Kun elder brother listens to Little Wen words to stare slightly, although they are the people of faction, but cannot coming up with no reason at all bully the person, after he hears Little Wen words deeps frown, has not spoken. Kun elder brother, he helped the young lady move the thing a moment ago, the young lady very has appreciated probably also his strength, ok.” Little Wen said. Good, since you said that that this matter.” As soon as Kun elder brother listened to Little Wen to say the young lady appreciated this person time, he has not planned to feel embarrassed Xia Tian again, moreover he thinks at this time carefully, a moment ago possibly really in fit of temper, therefore has made a mistake, before Xia Tian and that person truly did not have what occurring together. Xia Tian looked at the misunderstanding to relieve, relaxed, he even had planned a moment ago to begin. Now can insufficiently begin, he has naturally saved many troubles, therefore he has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Little Wen. Brother, we also a little misunderstood in the entrance a moment ago, this, I asked you to drink, accept this invite.” Little Wen walked directly, sits in Xia Tian that table.

Many thanks!!” Xia Tian nodded. Brother, you helped young lady deliver goods a moment ago, he should be invites you to join the cotton garment to help, but looks at your present appearance, you have not joined probably, will otherwise not appear misunderstands like this.” Little Wen has sized up Xia Tian one, puts from the body of Xia Tian with the appearance, he looked to understand, Xia Tian has not agreed with young lady's invitation. I have been used to at ease, making others manage is being uncomfortable, therefore chose itself to treat.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Ha Ha Ha Ha, brothers' strength is good, does not know is any Realm.” Little Wen exploratory asking. Five cauldron Rank 3.” Xia Tian has not concealed. Five cauldron Rank 3 can have such big strength, is not truly easy.” Little Wen beckons to the server, afterward has selected several not too expensive liquor. Xia Tian understands that Little Wen is not the rich person, otherwise his entrance will not help the person lift the thing again. In this work is the cotton garment helps the most low-grade work obviously. Ha Ha Ha Ha, my this does stamina to live since childhood, therefore strength Freshman some.” Xia Tian has arranged a lie casually. Brothers arrive at our day Liucheng not to know that has what plan.” Little Wen likes chatting, moreover has probably to gather the meaning of Xia Tian, after all the performance of Xia Tian in city gate was really too outstanding. „To rush.” Xia Tian naturally cannot say one planned to join Hong Jianmen, even if said the opposite party may not believe.

Um, the good son to remember in the four directions, we from the small place, day Liucheng are also very big, is very rich, here is the world of rich man, here you can enjoy the thing that others are unable to enjoy, you have a look outside, the prices of these houses are expensive, to evening, here debauchery, various beauty, endless of wine and women number.” Little Wen starts to give Xia Tian to instill into dream. The person who if he is coming from the countryside to one at this time truly inculcates the thought that then can be successful absolutely. The object who what a pity he inculcates the thought is Xia Tian. Although this city truly very lively, but Xia Tian comes to here not to appreciate the scenery, but is the study itself, and searches, father, mother and Yun Miao news. Um!!” Xia Tian nod of silently, he discovered that Little Wen liked saying, therefore he planned that searched three situations from Little Wen here: Little Wen elder brother, I just came to such big city, all did not understand that you can introduce to me?” Xia Tian said that beckoned with the hand to the server directly, afterward all spends spirit stone that just gained, took one bottle of good liquor, he has placed Little Wen front the liquor directly. Um!!” Nod of Little Wen appreciates , to continue to say afterward: Good, I well you tells that outside world, first I first said our day Liucheng, our day Liucheng is seven levels of cities, although the rank of city is not high, but this regarding surroundings these small places, was considered as on is the big city, here only then you are rich, you can obtain all, enjoys all, you looked outward that can see that highest construction.” Um.” Xia Tian nodded, that building is truly high, moreover outside interior decoration specially luxurious. You guess where that is.” On Little Wen face has shown the mysterious smiling face, obviously that place should be out of the ordinary.