Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2330
Store?” Xia Tian exploratory asking. He thought that such big construction generally speaking should be the store. Wrong, that is a prostitute, the institute, the name is the hundred flowers building.” Little Wen shows a faint smile to continue saying: In this world, regardless of a person formidable, he is unable to control his desire, especially three in us, here best, prettiest woman, there is being all right of most top, most attractive clothes, most entire entertainment facility, but these things need money, so long as were rich, that quite therefore had all, naturally, here also had the weaponry, the merit law and compounded drug, I remember in us three have some people are from below three rich man, before them, thinks are very rich, but when they arrive the day. After Liucheng, was only one laughs.” „? Some do the next three also people come to here?” Xia Tian asked directly. That was natural, but our here three, all compared next three to be better, that person thinks one were having the best weaponry, the compounded drug and merit law arrived at the day of Yong city, wanted to receive in exchange for some spirit stone, finally his thing all was claimed as the trash goods, others store did not receive.” Little Wen spoke on here time face is the smiling face. Obviously he thought that this is a very funny matter. „Isn't the thing that next three bring really valuable?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally, the next three all things all are worst, including the merit law and Martial Skill, three excel Martial Skill and carriages has not passed to next three there, because here is forbids to bring anything to go to next three, especially merit law and spirit stone and so on thing, once were discovered that even if will be Nine cauldrons Expert is also executed.” Little Wen answered.

That weaponry? The rich man weaponry that from next three come should unable to miss.” Xia Tian puzzled asking, next three Expert there have Advanced treasure, even some super has in the hand also to have Yun Qi, the price should not lower. Only if they can put out Yun Qi, otherwise is Top Grade treasure is also useless, three and techniques of next three refinement things are different, the scale of thing also has very big difference, from next three brings these treasure that is refines the technique to be worst, treasure of most trash, therefore nobody wants, even if he is the rank of Top Grade treasure, not on normal Pin Baoqi.” Little Wen liked saying that his saying got up to have very big glorious feeling, especially he saw a Xia Tian hear of earnestness of such, he is willing to explain, moreover other Little Wen several personal servants also liked listening to him to talk about these matters. „!!” Xia Tian nodded, he understands finally his day cold sword in next three so was why formidable, initially day cold sword rank not high time is fiercer than other rank high treasure. The reason lies, technique of refinement is different!! What Xia Tian refines is the Advanced goods, but the opposite party refines is the ordinary goods!! Thing that therefore Xia Tian refines compared with others' fierce. Brother, I to the present have not known that you name.” Little Wen suddenly thought.

„, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Um, Brother Xia Tian, I lead you to go to the hundred flowers building to look tonight.” Little Wen elder brother smiling saying. Volume!!” Xia Tian stares immediately, he is not interested in the hundred flowers building, but he also wants in the evening strolling well, happen to Little Wen is a good tour guide, therefore he nodded: Was right, the place that Little Wen elder brother, I come to is quite remote, does not know that our merit laws, movement anything is any ranks, compounded drug and so on.” Good, I give your introduction well today.” Little Wen elder brother also shows the stance that must begin to speak: First, I told first you conventional merit law, the merit law can be divided into Rank 1 cultivation technique, the Rank 2 merit law, the Rank 3 merit law, the Rank 4 merit law, the Rank 5 merit law, six levels of merit laws, seven levels of merit laws, eight levels of merit laws and nine levels of merit law nine ranks.” After Little Wen elder brother has drunk liquor , to continue saying: „The merit law of each rank differs very in a big way . Moreover the cultivation explaining in detail of way as well as each Realm is also different, likely is our normal people the cultivation merit method, because has not explained in detail, without analysis, without graphic solution, therefore we cultivation merit method is Rank 1 cultivation technique, is the most common merit law, naturally also some people own merit law cultivation understands, this person cultivation is called the Rank 2 merit law, but also merely is only the Rank 2 merit law, because he has not explained in detail, analysis graphic solution, this on being doomed limit of his cultivation, Only if this person spends for several thousand years, touched own each Realm thoroughly, then own merit law division, explained in detail, the analysis as well as the graphic solution wait / etc., such merit law rank will enhance, was over a thousand years, enough you sought for better merit law direct cultivation.” Hears here time, Xia Tian understood finally, initially to war had said the matters of several levels of merit laws in next three his eight cauldron Rank 1 Expert, but he at that time not detailed explanation, therefore Xia Tian does not understand the outcome what's the matter. However after now one hear of Little Wen elder brothers such explain, he understood, the techniques of own eight Qi, Finger of Consonance and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, although is the high-grade movement and Movement Technique, but because cannot achieve the division, explains in detail and analyzes, therefore these merit laws can only be the Rank 2 merit laws temporarily.

„Like the arrangement of merit law as for the movement, I was not many explained that but the compounded drug may probably explain clearly, compounded drug in the three very precious things, three, although also had the low grade compounded drug, but truly used pill.” Little Wen elder brother said. pill? What thing is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. To put it bluntly, after was Bao pill added on three techniques, is pill, pill's effect was very good, draws an analogy, these low grade miracle cures, Bao pill and so on restoration medicine, how regardless of you took, restored was limited, most restored 1/10 strengths, but pill can actually restore 20% to 30% strengths, you think to look, you hit do not have the strength of others the time, you took next pill, the effect has is remarkable.” Little Wen elder brother is also to pill's incomparable worship. Hears Little Wen elder brother's words, Xia Tian felt that own world suddenly opened a window, he affected the treasure house before, but his unexpectedly not true finds out these treasure houses. Actually these are not main, main is Formation, I looked at Formation Master that next three have come before, his Formation in the three weak pity, Rank 4 Formation was broken by people of the five cauldron simply with ease, was really too disappointing.” Little Wen elder brother disappointed shaking the head of. Formation??”