Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2331

Hears Little Wen elder brother's these words, Xia Tian stares immediately. Formation!! Rank 4 was Formation broken this by five cauldron Expert is not very normal matter? Why turned into very big matter in Little Wen elder brother's mouth? Right, in three, Rank 3 kills good that if arranges, can extinguish with ease kills the people of five cauldrons.” Little Wen elder brother fervent saying. What??” The Xia Tian whole person stares. He has thought of anything probably suddenly. The broken day is the Rank 5 Formation master, he three is famous, even is the list second, he was suspecting before why he can take the so good noun by Rank 5 Formation, now the Brother Xiaoma words, must give him to inspire. Looked that you did not know about Formation, we said other.” Little Wen elder brother said that must say other. No, Little Wen elder brother, I am interested in this very much.” Xia Tian said hurriedly that he wants to know now why Rank 3 Formation can extinguish kills five cauldron Expert. To understand, he can by his did several things at the same time in next three arrangement this Formation, then, again has Expert to go to next three him not to fear. Good, I first said Formation, I remember after that so-called Advanced Formation master came, causes not the small stir, others heard that was the Rank 4 Formation master came, that naturally was very excited, wants to come to see, after the result he arranged Formation, he was expelled a day of Liucheng.” Little Wen elder brother said. Why?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Because of him with the low grade spirit stone lineup.” Little Wen elder brother replied. That how?” Xia Tian was more puzzled.

Formation that the low grade spirit stone lineup, that comes out was naturally weak, if arranges Rank 4 Formation with high-grade goods spirit stone, that will be City Lord personally will come out to greet, what a pity, he will be only a very disappointing Formation master.” Little Wen elder brother said. „Can't he arrange Rank 4 Formation? Did that make him change into high-grade goods spirit stone low grade spirit stone not to be good?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally is different, is high with the difficulty of high-grade goods spirit stone lineup, the controlling force also needs very formidable, he uses low grade spirit stone to arrange Rank 4 Formation, then he uses high-grade goods spirit stone to be most also only to arrange Rank 2 Formation, if even his strength has the moisture content, he can only arrange Rank 1 Formation, the function of Rank 1 Formation was uncertain.” Little Wen patient answered. Understood!! At this moment, Xia Tian understands finally why the broken day can obtain the list second strength by the status of Rank 5 Formation master. He also understands a moment ago one thought was impossible to complete, because next three absolutely did not have high-grade goods spirit stone, therefore his doing several things at the same time is unable to arrange strongest Formation. „, Is this.” Xia Tian nodded, he does not know one used high-grade goods spirit stone to arrange any rank Formation to come. You told that these were pull far, said the custom in our day Liucheng.” Little Wen elder brother also thought one said was too far, but he simultaneously on the face also has the proud facial expression, because he said these many, represents many that he understands, sees several people are to all listen with great interest, he is the pride of the heart. Little Wen, do we also put together the table to be what kind of?” That side Kun elder brother listened to these that Little Wen said a moment ago, he also thought Little Wen said unusual is interesting, moreover he also knows, wants to find the person to say very much. In their eyes, oneself said that that represents many that oneself know. Good, Kun elder brother, comes to chat together, happen to Brother Xia Tian from the small place, we told him some, so as to avoid also he suffered a loss.” Little Wen nodded, Kun elder brother several people have put afterward together the table. Um, knows that a point has the advantage, not like we just came to day Liucheng the time has not been short is bullied, has not suffered little a loss.” Kun elder brother also has as if remembered the past day. Each arrives at the people who here develops from outside area is a lot of sufferings.

Although they now is also not wealthy, but most at least like just did not come time was bullied the appearance that and not can eat meal. Yeah, in the past was not because knew few, was good had joined the cotton garment gang because of afterward me, this had the safeguard, otherwise I am also bullied now.” Little Wen elder brother spoke of here time seemed is thanking the cotton garment to help to be the same, this was thanks of the heart, but was not orally. Is, I can have today, has owed the cotton garment gang.” Kun elder brother's status obviously compared with on Little Wen elder brother high some. Kun elder brother, how long did you come day Liucheng?” Little Wen asked. Probably more than 100 years.” Kun elder brother nodded. Kun elder brother is fierce, more than 100 years have become the group leader, I do not know how long one also need.” Little Wen is also an appearance of face anticipation. Little Wen, your present reputation was actually enough, misses an opportunity, either you above group leader young rowdy suddenly died now, either you have contributed to the great merit for the cotton garment gang suddenly, otherwise you absolutely did not have the opportunity in the promotion position.” Kun elder brother said in a low voice that what obviously he said was the secret. Kun Elder Brother there words, flying Elder Brother is good to me.” Little Wen said hurriedly. You have a look at you, I had not said that the young rowdy is not good, I draw an analogy, our cotton garment helps the present influence division be stable, only if there is any a big change, will otherwise not come out suddenly a position of group leader to you.” Kun elder brother answered. I understand Kun elder brother, along with reason.” Little Wen said. Afterward people thorough chatted, Xia Tian static such sitting is listening to their words there, often asked several. Kun elder brother and Little Wen also like Xia Tian the listener obviously. They also more said that more has the fervor.

Xia Tian from their words finds that in day Liucheng, the richness has all, but you cannot kill people under the broad daylight, otherwise City Lord Mansion will catch absolutely you, how as to process finally, how that must think you to be rich with the background, the background is big, rich, naturally many have been all right with the money, part compensates to the opposite party family member, the major part must give City Lord Mansion. But if you is a poor person, that embarrassed. You feared this whole life unable to come out. Even, circumstance serious possibly is the death penalty. Dark night gradually arrived. Such quickly on black day.” Kun elder brother looked at outside one. Yes, is really quick, happen to I must bring Xia Tian to go to hundred flowers building there to have a look, or Kun elder brother we go together, on the road can also chat.” Little Fei proposed. Good Ah!!” Kun elder brother said. Therefore the people to the day Liucheng biggest prostitute, the institute hundred flowers building set out directly.