Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2332

Xia Tian discovered that three with next three are the same. heavenly has two moon. The double-hour is also same as Earth, even the month and number of days are also same as Earth. Is the dark night. But at this time, entire day Liucheng very attractive, is various types turns on a light everywhere, naturally, these have turned on a light part are the legendary luminous pearls, part with spirit stone is the power colored lantern, here does not have the electricity, forbids to develop the electricity and these advanced civilizations. This custom solely next three do not have. Three have similarly. Because the civilization is more advanced, the environment will be worse, the eventual failure the environment, that nobody has been able on cultivation a higher rank, everybody's life also large scale to drop. Therefore, anyone, so long as develops the high tech, that will suffer chasing down of entire spirit world. Lively district!! Day Liucheng is a genuine lively district. Here is everywhere brilliantly illuminated!! Was attractive. Quite attractive, this night is probably brighter than the daytime.” The Xia Tian vision looks around in the surroundings. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Sees the Xia Tian appearance, the people all smiles.

They just arrived at day Liucheng time also with a Xia Tian appearance, is sighs with emotion here to be attractive, night so luminous, even they noticed that any thing thinks very surprised. You have a look at the surrounding these stores, they may be the rich man open.” Little Wen answered. Um!!” Xia Tian understands that can open the person in shop in this place, definitely is the rich man. The night of day Liucheng, the person are more than daytime. „The snack of our day Liucheng is also very famous.” Little Wen has referred to these small alley, he discovered that here unexpectedly also has the snack street, what he is more curious, since here has the snack street, that does have the strongest army, the management: „Do here these peddlers set up a stall nobody to manage? After all their existences impact nearby these hotels.” Naturally some people have managed, is our these gang tubes, but they could not attack nearby hotel anything business, here thing price was inexpensive, suits the poor, but the thing in hotel was not, said again, here that the poor ate was the chain-reaction, person were many, surrounding shop nature also on fire, so long as they did not cause trouble, on time made a payment, our gang was must protect safely their.” Kun elder brother answered. Xia Tian then understands that here the management promoted, turned into the gang. Good, that here these green light areas?” Xia Tian has referred to nearby alley. These green light areas spring that but good place, poor to spend, building.” Saying that a Little Wen face badly smiles. „Does this thing also divide the scale?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally must divide, what here is worst, is the blue lamp area, there entire street is the place that plays, all kinds of women stand outside gather the guest, as for the red-light district, that was the upscaleest place, but red-light district biggest was the hundred flowers building, today we must go was the hundred flowers building.” Little Wen patient answered. According to the words that such divides, then hundred flowers building certainly very expensive.” Xia Tian awkward saying, he now is very poor. That is definitely expensive, we cannot go.” Little Wen said. Why do we go?” Xia Tian this time was thorough hoodwinking, Little Wen they must bring itself to go to the hundred flowers building, finally also told itself unable to go, was watches the fun?

Naturally has a look to have any business, if whose need ran about, helped to buy any thing, or brought a letter, told anything, we can help to do, there person was rich, they got rid generally are also very extravagant, if bumped into a rich man, we sent.” Little Wen spoke of here time very excited. Volume!!” Xia Tian really cannot bear want to smile, he has not thought that Little Wen and the others brought itself to come unexpectedly does business, unexpectedly leads him to look outside. This was also too pitiful. Arrives at the day Liucheng maximum spring, after the building, looked in out of the door that only looks to do nothing. Whom this did not have. If this matter lets his brothers or the next three people listens to the speech, perhaps that will directly smile. Happen to you just came next three to be also short of money, met you in the past to try one's luck, if the luck were good, that has sent, the luck was not good not to relate, considered to see the world.” Little Wen patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to encourage to say. Um!” Xia Tian nodded. Was right, your meeting may probably be careful, do not capture the business with the person who pulling a cart to help, otherwise troubled.” Kun elder brother said. Many thanks Kun elder brother!!” Xia Tian has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest. Um, pulls a cart to help that group of person influences not be small, moreover there is their domains, therefore we try not to provoke them.” Little Wen reminded. Xia Tian listened to Little Wen and Kun elder brother says. This day Liucheng four big city gates positions separately by four gangs, north gate here is the cotton garment gang decides, several other people have the Boss who oneself decide with the gang, as for city, then also has many every large or small gangs, these gangs monopolize part of markets, looks like the person of pulling a cart gang is the same, they have monopolized the profession of pulling a cart, you like sitting, the price is these. You do not sit, others will also do.

People who generally the rich man or has the status does not miss that money, if especially belt woman, then these men also attached importance to face. Um!!” Xia Tian does not want to provoke troublesome. Time that this walks, Xia Tian they also experienced many transmission. These transmission are free. Sits a free transmission fault to need to take many Fei Lu, moreover needs to sit many transmission, there sat one big transmission from them on the past, what a pity they cannot take up these money, therefore they rode more than 30 small transmission talents soon to arrive in the position of hundred flowers building. However is good because of Xia Tian does not worry that hundred flowers building, he also planned well looks at day Liucheng. Otherwise he must not be possible anxious. Here he realized finally the poor person was actually painful. Xia Tian is a poor person. Although is very rich in next three him, but after arriving three, he changed poor. Moreover he disdains in handles the matters of these pilferages, otherwise he will increase the family fortunes quickly. „A front that crossroad revolution and that's the end, you first walk, we in your back.” Little Wen smiling saying, he seems was anticipating anything is the same. Xia Tian has not thought that walked directly, when he turns, his whole person directly there, thorough could not speak.