Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2333

Lying trough!!!” Xia Tian understands these things that finally own daytime shoulders why are. This hundred flowers building must luxuriously have many to be luxurious. All over the body seems crystal, inside moreover the construction sets up the surface to have the legendary luminous pearl, therefore here brightly is very very bright, light everywhere photo is the unusual beauty. Entire Lou body all builds with spirit stone, in these in spirit stone is wrapping various legendary luminous pearls and types of lamps, very attractive, but in the spiritual energy revelation of spirit stone for preventing, outside also wrapped this exotic material, this material was transparent, therefore did not prevent inside attractiveness. On spirit stone was carved all kinds of beautiful scenes!! Moreover entrance two ten meters high soars to the heavens the great phoenix, these two great phoenixes were more attractive, have blocked from the lines of sight of all people. Attractive!! Luxurious!! This is the hundred flowers building in present Xia Tian eye, he really present luxurious charming, in his eyes, the hundred flowers building was beautiful. What kind, was shocked.” Little Wen smiling looks at Xia Tian. He knows that Xia Tian will be shocked absolutely, each of them first time arrived here time, will be shaken by here scene, because here was really too attractive, was too luxurious, they have not seen such beautiful place for a lifetime, moreover can see inside that brilliantly illuminated appearance from outside. Happy talks and laughters!! Various men from inside on back and forth process. Although here is spring, building, but, here is also the entertainment facility are similarly most, the liveliest place, all people can carry on occurring together of erosion here, here is the world of rich man. The men come to here to seek for the stimulation, if can bump into several pleasing to the eyes, can carry off directly, that directly carries off, cannot carry off directly here looks for beauty to relax.

After all the road of cultivation is tired, moreover frequently here comes is the merchants. They usually also very tired, in the evening needs to relax. Therefore here became the best place that they relax. Um!!” Xia Tian nodded. Here is our dream lands, we every day tired time looked in the entrance that has a look on face that these pass and out excited expression, we again had the power.” Little Wen has gotten hold of own fist. Good that the old saying said: The people should have the dream, otherwise drank boasted with anything B. How much money comes to here to spend one time most little to need?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask. „Did you see money of passing through the gate payment?” Little Wen said. Um, saw.” Xia Tian said. Woman goes in does not spend, the basic fee that man goes is in 100 spirit stone!!” Little Wen helpless shaking the head , the basic fee is not a small expenditure. These many.” Xia Tian stares slightly. This is also only crosses the threshold, after going, why , regardless of being to ask for money, in inside natural one, needs over ten thousand spirit stone, this is also only the general point rich man, these genuine rich men I play one to need in hundreds of thousands in inside spirit stone, this inside gathered day of Liucheng richest one group of people.” Kun elder brother answered. These many.” Xia Tian now is a poor person, spending spirit stone to spend according to the number in the units place, therefore in hundreds of thousands of spirit stone regarding him simply is the astronomical figures. That was natural, I mixed for more than 100 years in day Liucheng, one time has not gone.” Kun master is also yearning.

Regarding their this types diligently and person of striving for success, can go in inside one time, that simply was too luxurious, even if some day their Qian Gou, they really will not go, because went in one time few also to spend in several thousand spirit stone, will also be looked down upon, moreover these many spirit stone enough have bought the compounded drug that some cultivation used, or contributed money to buy the merit law and weapon again. Therefore although they are vainly hoping for going, but never true wants. Um!!” Xia Tian nodded. Was good, starts to work.” Little Wen said that leads people to start on this street back and forth to walk, moreover acts servilely, if like some people had a liking for them, will need them to help. At this time Xia Tian also saw these pull a cart the person who helps, their Soila's car(riage)s also compare Advanced, but the human-drawn cart, with China in the 20 th century, these human-drawn carts of 20-30 ages was to put it bluntly same, at this time these people squatted by the path, was waiting for others hired a vehicle. Generally speaking, the person of hiring a vehicle is many. After all the rich man in day Liucheng is many. Takes a human-drawn cart to need to spend in five spirit stone starting price, moreover is the starting price, the distance is farther, the expenditure is bigger. Truly speaking, takes the human-drawn cart is act high and mighty, because here walks five points eight points had transmission, matter that took the human-drawn cart completely is not needing. However the rich man likes this feeling. Even some rich men also intentionally make the human car(riage) run back the home directly, does not ride transmission. Especially they are leading a woman time, that liked taking the human-drawn cart. Little Wen they back and forth shake there, but also made some money, but was the change, in 1-2 spirit stone. Well, aren't that two men Hong Jianmen disciples?” Xia Tian suddenly discovered that the man Hong Jianmen disciple who front that two just must enter the hundred flowers building, these two Hong Jianmen disciples at this time all have changed clothes . Moreover the unusual low key, they are also seek for the stimulation.

It seems like here is really becomes famous.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Is the man cannot escape the desire. The majority of men yearn for three types of things, the beauty, the wealth and right. The wealth needs to try hard to obtain with the right, but the beauty is different existence. In the dark night, under the light of this erosion, these urges the sentiment the sound, almost few normal men can control, therefore these two Hong Jianmen disciples also come in natural. Xia Tian in the pocket does not have money now, he also plans to try one's luck, but he will not act servilely, he is a King, how possibly is in several spirit stone to act servilely. At this moment he felt suddenly some people have rubbed from his side, because here person were too many, therefore is he has not seen clearly the appearance of opposite party, on the face of Xia Tian had a smiling face of faint trace, he knew the status of opposite party: Thieves. But the thief has stolen away a spatial Chu ring from his here, but he equipped to steal on thief these Chu Wu. When he saw when these Chu Wu equip inside thing, on his face had the smiling face: This time was rich.” Bang!! Your pulling a cart gang has any cow B.” The familiar sound appears in the ear of Xia Tian together.