Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2334
Is Kun elder brother's voice!!! Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, he saw Kun elder brother and the others to quarrel with the person who pulling a cart to help at this time. Two groups of people were evenly matched, Kun elder brother they have 15-16, the opposite party has twenty individuals. Here is the domain that we pull a cart to help, is not your cotton garment gang, therefore here we decide.” Pulls a cart person very strong saying that helps, at this time their more than 20 individuals as if must start to fight to be the same . Moreover the surroundings also some pull a cart the person who helps to look, although they have not begun, so long as here dozen, at their absolute meeting. Here is the lively region, still has the person who many pulls a cart to help there back and forth, they are entertaining their guest. But if pulls a cart the person who helps to fight others, they immediately stop work on oneself hand, the direct past helped. This is custom that pulls a cart to help. If there is an accident, the nearby all pulls a cart the member who helps to all pass to help, if the solution, naturally had the upper-level person to help to be solved. Here, although is the domain that you pull a cart to help, but we have not captured the business that you pull a cart to help, why you manage us.” Saying that Kun elder brother is not feeling well. I said that is not good is not good!!” Pulls a cart the person who helps to say. Xia Tian has arrived at Kun elder brother and the others directly the sides: Little Wen elder brother, how?” Kun elder brother had met a big list a moment ago, has gained in 20 spirit stone, this group of people were jealous, they did not make us continue in this.” Little Wen said in a low voice. „!” Xia Tian nodded. He understood, nothing but is Kun elder brother made money, they look at the envy, therefore wants they to rob Kun elder brother. We do not walk, can you be what kind of?” Saying that Kun elder brother is not feeling well, although he does not want to offend the opposite party, but this time is the opposite party finds fault, he naturally will not fear. Kun elder brother's behind people are also the imposing manners that refuses to accept to hit. Snort, do the brothers, we pull a cart the person who helps to be afraid of getting into trouble?” Pulls a cart that person who helps to shout loudly.

Did not fear! Did not fear!!” In our domains, we can be bullied?” That person continues to shout. Did not fear that did not fear!!” The words of this person probably were their are bullied were the same, but the fact was they are actually bullying others. We did not fear.” Kun elder brother obviously was the method of goading somebody into action of opposite party. At this moment, that the person who pulls a cart to help waved to behind person directly, on his face presented villainous smile of faint trace. Before long, wore the person of neat uniform to walk from behind. Sees this person time, Kun elder brother's complexion immediately changes. Who is this person?” Xia Tian asked in a low voice. Can see from his clothes, he is figure of owner rank.” Little Wen responded low voice, the sound was very small, obviously he also dreaded this person, was worried that own words were heard by the opposite party. „Is position very high?” Xia Tian asked. Is very high, according to custom that our cotton garment helps, he is the higher authority that rank of Kun elder brother higher authority, compared with existence of Kun elder brother high two rank.” Little Wen saying slowly. Xia Tian hears words nod of Little Wen silently, he also understood the status of opposite party at this time. Owner is good!!” These pull a cart person respectful saying of helps. Um, what's the matter??” The brow wrinkle of owner.

„The person who owner, their cotton garment helps went too far, bullies here to come.” That the person who pulls a cart to help said. The owners have not spoken, had not asked again, but moved toward Kun elder brother and the others directly, on his face does not have any expression, when he arrives in front of Kun Elder Brother the direct palm of the hand hit on Kun elder brother's face. !! A clear palm of the hand sound. Kun elder brother has not spoken, has not been angry, Little Fei is afraid Xia Tian to be impulsive, stubbornly is entraining Xia Tian. Knows where here is?” The owners asked that his expression was serious, specially cold, let the person back is the cold sweat. Knows!!” Kun elder brother responded hurriedly. Knows that also dares to bully our people in our domains, I thought that you are live are impatient.” In the look of owner braves murderous aura. I... I made a mistake.” Kun elder brother just wanted to say me not to have, but sees the opposite party expression, he understood, this group of people are one group, therefore, regardless of said that anything is useless, might as well admits mistakes directly. This matter was impossible to alarm owner like this big figure, but this owner happen to passed by from here obviously today. Therefore he so is bad luck. Good, knows wrong good, that leaves behind a thing to leave.” The owners said directly. Good, this is in that 20 that I gained a moment ago spirit stone, I put down to you.” Kun elder brother said hurriedly that he knows he cannot offend this person, therefore he can only work as this time does without charge one to be only good. !! Also is a clear palm of the hand sound. Kun elder brother by seeing stars that the enemy hits, the body is hit to shake same place, has not nearly thrown down.

„Were you insulting me? What I want is your hand.” Owner angry shouting, obviously he by Kun elder brother's action enraging. He said a moment ago leaves behind a thing refers to a hand, but is not spirit stone, he pulls a cart the owner who solemnly helps, will lack in these dozens spirit stone? Naturally does not lack, what he lacks is the face, a oneself such big owner has acted, that needs some nice things, this can make others fear itself. Kun elder brother shook his head, afterward he said hurriedly: Sir, I knew mistakenly, you let off me.” He mixed here for more than 100 years, he fully realized that this big figure some strong energies, the opposite party even wants dead, so long as finds the person to begin in secret, that nobody can be what kind of him, even if were City Lord Mansion looks up, so long as he found a person to take punishment for somebody else is good. Lets off you? Is impossible, you cause trouble in my domain, then also insulted me, if I have let off you, after me, how to go facing my brothers?” In the owner look is murderous aura, his eye on this stubbornly is staring at Kun elder brother, he seemed was saying, if Kun elder brother did not reduce a hand, he has killed Kun elder brother as well as Kun elder brother's behind group of people. Kun elder brother lowered the head, he understands that he this time has been doomed, who lets here is the opposite party domain . Moreover the status of opposite party is so high, oneself nobody supports. Therefore he can only discard his hand. His vision looks to own left hand, afterward deeply inspired. The right hand put out a dagger, dagger cuts directly to own left hand, this was must trade itself with own left hand and brothers' life. Um?” At this moment, his right hand was held. Then the big anger does do, drinks the bottle farmer mountain spring to fall the fire.”