Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2336
Hundred flowers building!! Direction unexpectedly that Xia Tian refers to is the hundred flowers building!! You were insane, but there hundred flowers building!!” Little Wen looks surprisedly to Xia Tian. I know that relax, I invited.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You just came to day Liucheng, that much money of which coming?” On Little Wen face has written all over inconceivable. Did not have a moment ago, now had.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles, the thief who that stole his thing a moment ago emptied the ring to steal away him, but he gave thief Chu equipment secretly, these Chu Wu equipped inside spirit stone to add also much, enough their going. As for that owner on, he has not taken. Because fights now, so long as Little Wen they the domain that returns to the cotton garment to help, this matter naturally has let it go, if he took the Chu ring of that owner, this really gave a pretext to the opposite party, when the time comes they even on the grounds of stealing this excuse will look for the cotton garment gang to do accounts directly. A side influence goes to another side influence there to steal, this has violated the big death anniversary. When the time comes is owner who the cotton garment helps cannot preserve Little Wen they. Brother, no matter you have how much money, we cannot such damage, these many people how much money, these much money enough we do not eat and drink to gain for several years.” Kun elder brother said hurriedly that this is Xia Tian economizes. Ha, I do not care about money, money should be used to spend.” Xia Tian said with a smile loudly. „It is not good, Brother, is not absolutely good.” Although Kun elder brother does not know that which the Xia Tian money is comes, but no matter comes, he cannot make Xia Tian such go to the expense. Kun elder brother, did you also recognize my this brothers.” Appearance that Xia Tian pretends to be angry.

That is not good, I rather do not recognize your this brothers, I did not agree.” Kun elder brother mixed for more than 100 years in day Liucheng, if no a loyalty, he is impossible to have the present status. Since this, our three go, then the thing in this Chu ring graded to the brothers, was I gives brothers' gift on first meeting.” Xia Tian said that threw a Chu ring to that group of little brothers directly. Cannot make them want your thing.” Kun elder brother also wants to say anything, the result was hugged one by Xia Tian one directly, drew the entrance of hundred flowers building. Brothers, sit transmission to go back, pulls a cart the person who helps not to dare to move you.” Xia Tian understands that the opposite party definitely has been scared by oneself now, what their present needs is above leader's instruction, words that the above leader has not told, they do not dare to act rashly. Therefore this group of people are temporarily safe. Xia Tian threw for conveniently guarded in 300 spirit stone, afterward entered the hundred flowers building, he entered the hundred flowers building naturally to not to drink the drinking party, but was here person are many, he wanted to learn of more news here, moreover what was main, Hong Jianmen that two disciples have also come , the first disciple who he wants to be familiar with Hong Jianmen, was mentally prepared. In any case seven days later, Hong Jianmen must recruit the disciple. Brother, actually have you given their how much money?” Kun elder brother has not forgotten this matter. Not many.” Xia Tian pushed them to go. After entering the hundred flowers building, Xia Tian discovered that here will do business, regardless of the how honest man were here impossible maintains sane, here all had to absorb the function of person soul from the light to the flowers and plants of surroundings, but this flowers and plants did not have the harm regarding the human body, therefore naturally also nobody paid attention to these. All kinds of beauty dance there, serves tea beauty that supplies water is also the stature as good as the explosion. Here clothes all are specially-made. Puts on to serve as contrast the beauty of these women.

The women are not the light time is most beautiful, but faintly. Now here each women can shoulder the interest of man. Has not thought, my unexpectedly can also enter here.” Little Wen excited saying, his dream is to enter a hundred flowers building, today this dream has eventually been realized, he does not have to think one accidentally have helped Xia Tian, finally Xia Tian unexpectedly has given him such big repayment, this absolutely is the happiness of accident, present he completely immerses in the happy sea. Little Wen now already thorough being dazzled. He thinks that own present died also the value. During the hundred flowers building fantasizes being better compared with him, but must make him excited. I am not am having a dream, my unexpectedly entered the hundred flowers building.” Kun elder brother is also inconceivable of whole face, he does not have to think own unexpectedly has the opportunity to enter the hundred flowers building. They completely happily have become confused now. Xia Tian is this kind of person, you have helped me, I absolutely must report back you. When the Xia Tian anything money does not have, Little Wen has helped him, but also asked him to drink, and to him narrated that three matters, these sufficiently made him feel grateful. Two elder brothers, these two Chu rings give you, here spends the light he, these are the ill-gotten wealth, moreover you will remain likely will cause to bring not the good matter, therefore these money you must squander here.” Xia Tian has given them a Chu ring. Xia Tian understands that elder brother the person like Little Wen and Kun, they cannot be suddenly rich, will otherwise cause others' suspicion absolutely, will possibly draw on the fatal disaster. Therefore, Xia Tian makes them squander money, like this they came here by the discovery, they can also be said as Xia Tian invite.

Such money is unauthentic. Um!!” Heard Xia Tian to say is the ill-gotten wealth, they understood any meaning. Xia Tian to Kun elder brother little brother is in everyone 100 spirit stone, although these money regarding them is a sum of not small money, but this does not affect their life, but Xia Tian gives Kun the elder brother and a Little Wen person is in 5000 spirit stone, these many spirit stone absolutely are the background is not positive. At this time Kun elder brother's these little brothers. „!! You looked quickly that these spirit stone we can a person divide 100.” Takes that person of Chu ring to say. The people hear 100, that is excited was dying, money that they usually make except for delivering outside, other day of business were good, can gain in five spirit stone, business not good time even only suffices to pay the member money, in 100 spirit stone enough they accumulated one year. Really was thanks that brothers.” They are grateful, even they are also thinking next time must ask Xia Tian to eat meal well. The Xia Tian vision is searching in the surroundings, in his hand is taking one glass of liquor, has spent in 100 spirit stone. Found.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, when he sees their movements, corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.