Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2337

Really is seeks pleasure.” Xia Tian discovered that two disciples who Hong Jianmen side sat several women at this time, these women are the hundred flowers buildings, so long as they accompanies to money. Their both hands are dishonest!! Eye is dishonest, big profiting at the expense of the state on these women. Xia Tian looks that the surrounding environment innermost feelings sigh with emotion infinitely: If the bar on Earth has such advanced thing, then the sound definitely meets the fire to the explosion.” Xia Tian discovered that here sofa, in good wine has various types to cause the person spirit stimulated thing. These things do not have the harm to the human body, but has the advantage, can moisten the body organ. However here Boss to not help these person of keeping in good health, but after to moisten these person of body organs, making their hormone secrete fast, thus has the fantasy, especially to opposite sex fantasy. These two people do not wear the clothes of oneself entrance to come out, obviously covertly comes out.” Xia Tian secret saying, he can look from this point, Hong Jianmen should be a custom very strict entrance. Whistling!! Xia Tian shook own head, at this time he also thought body surrounding is stimulating. Yeah!! Will be affected including me, here business so will be no wonder hot.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. The matter of promotion strength however now he most is interested. Through with Little Wen their exchanges, Xia Tian discovered that after oneself arrived at three, visions to be opened. Before he thinks that own Pill Refining technique and Formation are unusual have resulted, but he discovered now that he has made a mistake, was wants to be many, he has not displayed Formation and true might of Pill Refining technique, only then the refiner technique was to display own real skill. It seems like I must first train hard my Pill Refining technique and Formation, this different thing three is very probably suitable, next first seeks for Martial Arts and movement of heart, although my Finger of Consonance and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step rank is very high, but I truly am unable temporarily these two merit law perfect analyses, therefore I can only slowly, making my one do several things at the same time to analyze my Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance, I seek for Martial Arts and movement of heart.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings are planning.

He does several things at the same time. This is his card in a hand, he does not have the time to go to the ginseng research, analyzes, however his doing several things at the same time has the time, he only needs to give one to do several things at the same time to analyze Finger of Consonance, looked for one to do several things at the same time to analyze Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step again to be good. However what now is main is, how to analyze fast, fast ginseng research and graphic solution. This is most important. Although he present can also think the means of how to analyzing and so on, but defers to his also means to take 200-300 years most quickly. 200-300 years was too long. Moreover my homemade seizing dragon might also very big, what a pity has not passed through the analysis and ginseng research, now also can only be the Rank 2 merit law, if can seizing the dragon fast analysis, that seizes the rank of dragon certainly is very high.” In the Xia Tian innermost feelings is very self-confident. Because seizes dragon is he creates personally. Moreover in the life and death, to fighting the water monster creates. Actually all Martial Arts in the world all are the person creates, but is the sensibility is different, Realm is different, the merit law of therefore creating is also different. Xia Tian has not lost the time, he has given doing several things at the same time these three merit laws directly, making them in next three help itself carry on dismantling. Xia Tian keeps first strolling in hundred flowers building, everywhere is beauty, he spends everywhere. However does not make these women approach him. Although these woman statures very good, appearance also very attractive, but he does not like.

Whenever there are these beauty approach his time, he throws in ten spirit stone, then leaves, present Little Wen and Kun elder brother they already thorough integrated here, they were enjoying, Xia Tian has given them in any case 5000 low grade spirit stone, these many spirit stone enough they spent temporarily. They even directly drew several beauty to enter the theater boxes of five buildings finally, came up from the elevator. Because walks Lou body to need to spend. Two buildings, three buildings, four buildings have a more luxurious and luxurious project, there expense is also very high, Xia Tian asked a moment ago, enters second unexpectedly to need in 1000 spirit stone, this they came were more than ten times, therefore he naturally will not come up. Moreover he comes to here to not to play. The matter that at this time here person talked quietly was listening to by him. Although many people were boasting. But also has few people to chat proper business. Even if person mouth also two points of real that these boasted, although also eight points of vacations, false partially by Xia Tian automatic neglecting, therefore he has not cared. You are very strange.” The sudden delicate man arrives at side Xia Tian to say. Um?” Xia Tian has sized up opposite party one, afterward shows a faint smile: You are stranger than me.” „? How did I blame?” That delicate man asked. You obviously is a woman, appearance why must dress up the man.” Xia Tian smiling saying, he saw with X-Ray Vision a moment ago, directly has seen through the clothes of female, has to say this female to fit out the man really has also spelled, unexpectedly that big mountain peak stiffly with thing to pushing could not look. What??” That delicate man stares immediately, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has seen through her.

Xia Tian has not paid attention to her again, but continued to take a stroll here, which he arrived drinks to, his spirit stone has not squandered in any case, his mission also squandered spirit stone in hand, he just came three, the matter that although knew were not many, but he also understands, three regarding the unauthentic money were the monitoring unusual was strict. If the thief or the highway robber and so on existence, then three gang or the city health/guard armed forces will get rid. Moreover the owner of lost articles absolutely will also notify a government office. Therefore now Xia Tian must do squanders these money. In any case these money are not his, although he can place in the small cauldron, this people will not discover, money that but he does not like this stealing regards own qualification. No matter, he is the next three that King. He has his arrogance. First, is not the charity food \; Second, the ill-gotten wealth disperses fast. If money he steals his enemy, he spends to be comfortable. Hey, does the odd person, how you see my status?” The females arrive at the Xia Tian side to ask. Xia Tian has not paid attention to her. Saw that Xia Tian has not paid attention to itself, female touches beauty fart that by passed by directly, the stock, this beauty is not the person in hundred flowers building, afterward on the face of female presented very surprised expression, she uses the hand to point at Xia Tian saying: Your unexpectedly touches her fart, the stock, smelly rascal.”