Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2338

Volume!!” Xia Tian stares immediately!! That woman turns head suddenly, the direct palm of the hand hit to Xia Tian. However she has not succeeded, because her hand by Xia Tian holding. At this time Xia Tian discovered that oneself front woman is very pretty, what is main is he knew that this woman, this woman is not others, Hong Jianmen arrived here woman today. Daytime time Hong Jianmen passed by north gate altogether three people, two male female, that two male at this time is handling the matter that is enjoying in inside corner, but this woman unexpectedly also arrived here. „Is this woman also looks for the stimulation?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings have doubts. But he noticed that the complexion of female knows is not right, this female does not come to here to seek for the stimulation probably, but is finds the person. „Is she looking for that two male disciple?” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. You are not concerned about face, others clarified are come to here to work, your unexpectedly dares to sexually harass others.” The female of that transvestite said again. Heard his such saying, Hong Jianmen that female was angry, the right hand turned, must stagger Xia Tian to grab her hand directly, but she suddenly discovered that the hand of Xia Tian seemed pliers is the same, grabbed her stubbornly, could not work loose, she has not spoken, but was the direct foot kicks to the Xia Tian crotch department. Shout! Xia Tian dodges hurriedly. Cracks a joke, if these falls into enemy hands, he must turn into the court eunuch. You hear me, is not I does.” Xia Tian hurried explanation. Who isn't you can also be? I am see with one's own eyes, said again I am dressed as a man, inadequate that I touch?” The female of that transvestite said directly. Her such saying, Hong Jianmen that girl student confirmation was Xia Tian, afterward she directly attacked to Xia Tian.

Saw that here some people must fight, nearby female guard ran hurriedly. This was the characteristics of hundred flowers building, including guards female. Moreover their clothing explode, only covered the important several spots, this compared with all revealed the appealing eyeball simply. Here cannot cause trouble, if must fight please exit to hit, here only allows to spend money to pound mutually.” The female guard goes forward to say. The custom of hundred flowers building is, begins slightly, but cannot kill people, cannot fighting wantonly. If wants to vent anger, whom that has a look at to be rich, here spends, who spends most, that natural face was biggest. This is also the one method of commercial. That Hong Jianmen girl student looked at Xia Tian, looked at a female guard, any words had not said that directly walked. Xia Tian understands that this type is the person who anything did not say, that more was really angry, is that clamoring fierce, that definitely more does not have any issue. Then has gone bad, my this has not joined Hong Jianmen, person offending.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. When Hong Jianmen girl student just must walk, her at present immediately one bright, afterward she has fired into a nearby man directly, this male Xia Tian has been familiar, he is that with the person who the liquor teases Kun elder brother, he was standing to appreciate Xia Tian a moment ago by the scene that Hong Jianmen girl student hits. At this time Xia Tian was clear, Hong Jianmen girl student is not looks for that two male disciple, but is catches this dreadful man. How you caught me, my anything has not seen.” The dreadful man said that runs directly to outside, Hong Jianmen girl student also pursued. The Xia Tian vision looked to the female of that transvestite. That female not only does not have the meaning that must apologize slightly, but also exhibits the appearance that you refused to accept.

Asked again your, how you know that I am a woman, if you did not say, ahem snort...” On the face of female has shown the deceitful smiling face, saw her smiling face, Xia Tian understood, if oneself did not talk clearly, perhaps then the opposite party cannot let off itself. You determined that wants to know?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the female. Determined that Ah! you said!!” The females nodded. I look or consider as finished.” Xia Tian said that took one glass of liquor to drink directly. I said that you so are how strange, you did not fear next time I the one who will trace is which daughter, or others' woman?” The females asked. Good, I told you, I will tell fortunes!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Told fortunes this is the Xia Tian unique skill, unique skill that specifically was used to deceive the younger sister. „?” The females hear the Xia Tian words, immediately came the interest: „Are you calculate?” A female face anticipates looks at Xia Tian. That was natural, I saw you from your appearance am a woman, so long as I think that I can figure out more matters to come.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „? What can you also figure out to come?” The females were more curious. He first time noticed that some people said one are tells fortunes, this profession three is uncommon, because here everywhere is Expert, you have deceived others, others will be will definitely not let off your. What is main, Xia Tian sees her is really female. Why surroundings these women were a moment ago curious Xia Tian only to give them money, does not occupy them to be cheap, now sees Xia Tian unexpectedly with male chatting fiery of such, immediately on faces presented the strange expression, they do not certainly know at this time in front of Xia Tian the person are not the men, but is a woman. I can figure out many matters to come, but must...” Xia Tian spoke of here time, somewhat covered up.

What can? This person speech is how afraid to say a word.” Female very discontented saying. I touch your hand to know your above in a big way . Moreover the stomacher is any color, I touch your above, what I can guess correctly under you to put on is any color.” Xia Tian kept a serious look saying, he thinks that his occupation was a very sacred occupation, not being able to allow the least bit to crack a joke. No matter how others see him. He thinks that he is sacred. rascal!! Big swindler.” The females stared Xia Tian one directly. „Haven't you believed are?” Xia Tian serious saying: I told you, I had the title, you can not believe me, but you must respect my professional personal integrity.” What is your title?” The females asked. Touches, the chest told fortunes, not spirit did not ask for money!!” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, you are big rascal, this, I make you guess, if you cannot guess, I well repair your, don't you reach an agreement?” The females asked. Good.” Xia Tian excited saying. This female upper body is grand, moreover she is different from here woman, therefore Xia Tian naturally very wanted, following made him raise up the middle finger to the female directly. Touches!!” A hand has placed the Xia Tian front.