Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2341

Here!!” Xia Tian ran one to see that the dreadful youth was being pursued hitting by that Hong Jianmen female at this time. This time was one's turn Xia Tian to see a play. This dreadful man just started pit he, afterward saw that he was hit by Hong Jianmen female still sees a play there, now Xia Tian can also vent anger, he stands looks at the dreadful youth who ponders in a there face, at this time he was pursued by Hong Jianmen female runs everywhere, scurries about, very distressed. Xia Tian also discovered that this Hong Jianmen female swordsmanship is truly good, although that dreadful man the movement is also good, but each time poor. This almost made his clothes be cut open half. Well, is they.” The female of transvestite saw their times immediately stares. Hey, do not pursue me to hit, occupied your cheap that person to come a moment ago, you hit him, my anything has not seen.” Dreadful man depressed saying, he ran afterward directly to Xia Tian here. Hong Jianmen female also directly flushed. Shunts quickly!!” Xia Tian has pushed a female, afterward they shunted. That dreadful man sees one had no place to go, can only turn head, both hands made an effort to gather!! Iron palm!! dāng!! The long sword in female hand directly by dreadful man patting in control. Can not hit, my anything had not seen really that I just want to take a look, finally who knows that you are taking a bath.” Dreadful male face depressed saying. Hears here Xia Tian to understand why finally he will be pursued is hitting. Dies!!” Hong Jianmen female heard here anger.

Hey, you give to figure out!!” The dreadful man looked that shouts to Xia Tian. „Do I figure out? That is very simple, I am the richest sense of justice, I dislike the person who uses strength to bully the weak.” Xia Tian very honest saying. Good, you figure out quickly.” The dreadful man hears the Xia Tian words to shout hurriedly. Good, you have made a mistake, your grown man unexpectedly is the peeping woman takes a bath, this is in itself the immoral behavior, moreover you depend yourself are man unexpectedly bully the woman here, this uses strength to bully the weak, I must eliminate you on behalf of moon.” Xia Tian said loudly. My Fuck!!” The dreadful man thinks Xia Tian must speak toward him. You hit slowly, I i.e. said that I do not want to mix.” Xia Tian smiling looks at their fighting!! beauty, our two discussed that does not hit good.” Saying that the dreadful man begged. Hong Jianmen female does not like speaking obviously, she used actually to prove words that oneself want to speak. !! The long sword in her hand turns, directly once more thorn to dreadful man. I said that you have not to end, is really not good, I responsiblily also not?” The dreadful man said hurriedly. Smelly rascal!!” This time Hong Jianmen female started talking finally. „Do you know that who I am?” A dreadful male once more racket, patted the sword in Hong Jianmen female hand in one, afterward he said directly: I was dashing, Yushu face the wind, the unmatched in the world, to be liked by everybody, flower to see to spend, to irritate Pan An, to shame dead Song Yu, to be known as that a pear flower pressed the hypericum and universe first Expert, the person delivers the nickname jade surface Little Fei dragon and landslide cracks in the earth water flowing backwards ghost to see to worry, beautiful appearance and wisdom unifies, heroic and chivalry incarnation, my name was called what Yu to be strong.” Whish!! Xia Tian has opened the mouth, surprised looks at the dreadful man. How is it? By my reputation shaking.” what Yuzhuang proud saying.

No, is the ghost story that you spoke is too scary.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, the female of side that transvestite has smiled directly. „, I said that you envy me, you envy my charm, envies my valiance.” what Yuzhuang self-confident saying. Attract! Xia Tian has held breath cold air: This ghost story is scarier.” Or I said me to your appraisal.” Xia Tian looked that said to what Yuzhuang. What's wrong? You are my fans is right?” what Yuzhuang gains ground to throw out the chest, the self-confident color of whole face. I am your noodles.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Volume!!” what Yuzhuang also saying was shocked by the Xia Tian words. Looked that your Yushu faces the wind, is dashing, loose clean, is liked by everybody, the flower sees the flower to bloom, thinks that certainly is Top Grade in scum, the animal in animal, moreover according to my observations, you definitely since childhood lack the calcium, grows up to lack the love, the grandmother is not sore, the uncle does not love. The left face owes to pull out, the right face owes to trample. The donkey sees the donkey to kick, the pig sees the pig to step on. Inborn is the cucumber, owes the racket! The day after tomorrow is the walnut, owes thump! Life-long is the broken motor, owes to trample! Looks for a wife is the screw bolt, owes to twist! Has a look, your this small face is thin, does not have the pig type! Now throws you to the restroom , the restroom can spit, throws into you black hole, the black hole can also explode! You said you, I teach you to practice the blade, you practice the sword, you return the sword not to practice, practice inexpensively |! [gold/metal] sword does not practice, practices obscenely | inexpensive! Gives you sword immortal you to be improper, bestows your sword god you not to do, non- weeps and wails brazen-faced and shameless must be the sword person! Really, why?!” Xia Tian incessant saying. Hears Xia Tian this series of words, three people were all shocked. what Yu was strong I am has also raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. You were invincible.” The female of transvestite is also a face admiration looks at Xia Tian. Hong Jianmen female hears Xia Tian these words also make wants to smile, but was borne by her. beauty, do not hit, several days later perhaps we were the Senior Sister younger brothers, my this time came to day Liucheng to participate in Hong Jianmen recruits students.” what Yuzhuang said. Heard his these words, Xia Tian and female of female companion men's clothing is also shocked.

I am also!!” The female of transvestite said. Volume!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, saw his appearance, everybody understood, Xia Tian definitely was also participates in this time Hong Jianmen to recruit students. Their three unexpectedly are participates in Hong Jianmen to recruit students. What is main, their three gave Hong Jianmen girl student to leave a poor impression. Incessantly is not good, moreover it can be said that unusual difference. Hong Jianmen girl student hears three people of words, received own weapon, afterward must leave. Senior Sister, do not walk, or you hit me one!!” what Yu may be worried the girl student who strongly Hong Jianmen wears the small shoes to him, he is unable to join Hong Jianmen. !! A Hong Jianmen girl student sword thorn to what Yuzhuang. Iron palm!! what Yu patted the sword in Hong Jianmen girl student hand strongly once more. In there!!” At this moment, the place of alley mouth flushed an important goods person, the person of uniform pulling a cart gang, this time population were more, moreover was the person rank of head is higher.