Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2342
Pulls a cart the person who helps to murder those who have cheated them. Xia Tian had hit the opposite party three owners and more than 200 little brothers a moment ago, that in addition a moment ago hit, now altogether has hit four owners. These many owners were hit, this regarding the person who pulling a cart to help, but important matter!! Pulled a cart to help to have many years not to encounter such situation. Very long nobody has dared to bully the person who they pull a cart to help, moreover in their domains. Therefore they look for the high level that has pulled a cart to help!! The owners one is the underlying bed manages, but this time comes, but senior management, strength of management, but each management Expert of side six cauldron Rank 1 accompany. Dares to bully the person who we pull a cart to help, kills to me!!” That high-level supervisor has not arrived at the sound to arrive. Hears high-level ordering, these people all kill to this alley. Xia Tian sees these many people, must begin directly!! Meaning that Hong Jianmen female and dreadful man must begin, they do not help Xia Tian, but was worried that the opposite party injures accidentally itself. The enormous and powerful crowd flushed shortly. A Xia Tian person keeps off there. This alley horizontal type-setting are most can only five people pass together, although the person of opposite party has, the person but who Xia Tian simultaneously faces has five. ! Xia Tian rushed directly, afterward he and enemy battled in one. Bang! Bang! Bang!!

Three fists overthrow the person who three have pulled a cart to help directly, at this time he is having the natural geographical advantage, starts directly. This fellow, the strength is good.” Dreadful male what Yuzhuang relaxed the spirit directly, he also thinks will affect itself, on his dreadful face presented the dignity of flash a moment ago, after being strong the dreadful male whole person imposing manner had the change, but that is only flash's matter, on the scene and nobody discovered. One crowd of waste, fight street fighting such to hit, simply is the idiot.” That female of transvestite scolded one in a low voice. She very much wants to see the appearance that Xia Tian makes a boner now, but she cannot see. Xia Tian strength originally is not weak, in addition his operational experience is rich, therefore he crashes here person to knock down directly. The following person cannot see any situation, they only know to proceed to clash, when they rush to the front time, fought with the fists by Xia Tian directly but actually. Starts once again!! Stop!!” In the following high level discovered finally the front situation is not right. Pulls a cart the person who helps to call a halt. Bang! Bang! Bang! They call a halt, Xia Tian will not call a halt, Xia Tian has overthrown more than 20 individuals while Kungfu of opposite party god directly. Draws back to me.” The following that high level shouts. These people have drawn back. At this time the people see the appearance of person, this person looks like the monkey, the body is also standing a little ape, if not on him wears the clothes, everybody definitely thinks that this little ape is he one's own. Is he!!” On female face of transvestite has shown the smiling face, this time can see the appearance that Xia Tian suffers a loss finally. Came a monkey!!” Xia Tian stares slightly!!

At this time this high-level side not with any subordinate, standing of this kind of person of monkey there. „Does boy, who is send you to come? Dares unexpectedly, in we pull a cart in the domain that helps to act unruly, I thought that you were tired of living.” That looks like the man monkey to open the mouth to say. Monkey, are you are speaking to me?” A Xia Tian face strange looks at that man: „The present taming skill is really also good, the monkey wore the clothes a little to look like the person.” Dissolute, do you know that you were speaking to whom, this was we pulls a cart to help one of the 12 management, marquis to kind gentleman.” An owner gets angry shouts to clear the way. Monkey likely person?” Xia Tian stares slightly: A little looks like.” Hears the Xia Tian words, everybody understands that Xia Tian misunderstood the name. Pulls a cart helps of marquises 12 management to the kernel is anger of face, he most repugnant was others said that he looked like the monkey, more repugnant others took his name to crack a joke, now the Xia Tian difference has all occupied, how this made him be able not to be angry, how can not be angry, he wishes one could to pinch now directly Xia Tian. How it seems like I need to teach you to cultivate the behavior.” Marquises to kernel coldly looks to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian has laughed suddenly, hears his laughing, all people hoodwinked, everybody has not heard any funny matter probably. Obviously is very terrifying matter. The marquises look to the kernel are Expert, he such remarks, that must kill people same simply. Pulls a cart that group of people who helps to be even afraid to retreat two steps, coming out that but Xia Tian unexpectedly also smiles. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian smiles unusual is happy. What do you smile?” Marquises to kernel doubts looks to Xia Tian. „A monkey must hand over me to cultivate the behavior, can this not be funny?” Xia Tian said that continues to laugh there, this people understand finally the meaning of Xia Tian, Xia Tian behind that several people have smiled, but does not have that Xia Tian smiles to open. Cannot smile!!” Marquises to kernel angry shouting: „ I pull a cart to help one of the 12 management, under my hand Expert like clouds, moreover I am also six cauldron Expert, wants to extinguish kills your this five cauldron Rank 3 boy simply is easy, my strength also absolutely is considered as during 12 management on is top, you offended me, was equal to offending the entire pulling a cart gang.

Monkey can also , when managed? Pulled a cart to help also to really be too bad.” Xia Tian disappointed shaking the head. Hateful, I am a person, is not the monkey.” Marquises to kernel angry shouting. Attracts!! A Xia Tian face looks at marquis panic-stricken to the kernel!! „Are you a person??” Asking of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration, his eye stares in a big way, probably heard any inconceivable matter to be the same. Right, I am a person.” The marquises said to the kernel. This ghost story is really scary.” Xia Tian patted own chest to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Heard these words, Xia Tian behind that several people could not bear again, they the second understood Xia Tian these words, because before Xia Tian these words, was used to say what Yuzhuang. That the management that pulls a cart to help slightly has gawked staring, he also has understood afterward what is heard the Xia Tian words. You court death!!” Said that he must overrun to Xia Tian. Wait / Etc.!!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Now knows that feared? What a pity already late!!” The marquises to saying that the kernel disdains. No, I am a fortune-teller, I calculate that you one will have the disaster of blood light, moreover your a while will be more miserable than your monkey.” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks at the opposite party. Snort! You have miscalculated, is you have the disaster of blood light!!” Hou Xiangren said that has fired into Xia Tian directly.