Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2343

Xia Tian gets rid very simply. First, show the enemy to weakly, making the opposite party see own time presents the general idea the mood \; Second, gets sick while you, wants you to assign. While enemy general idea time, sneak attacks directly, strikes to go well, does not give opposite party any counter-attack the opportunity, either kills, either projects on him to fear you. Treads!! Xia Tian walks toward the opposite party directly!! Courts death!!” The marquises fought with the fists to the kernel to the face of Xia Tian, he thinks that his fist can hit Xia Tian absolutely. Strength how formidable that no matter Xia Tian displays in the same rank, he possibly is not his match. One are six cauldron Rank 1 Expert. Between disparities six cauldrons and six cauldron following are not the tiny bit. Present he already quietly the surrounding environment changing, this change is the subtle change, the normal six cauldron following people are impossible to discover, after changing the environment, this fist can positive hit Xia Tian, but a fist of Xia Tian will actually hit in the vacancy. Bang!! At this moment, the marquis felt suddenly to the kernel a lower jaw pain, his body was hit to fly afterward directly. Seizes dragon!! ! Xia Tian jumped directly, seizes dragon to hold has buckled above the shoulder of opposite party, afterward a big windmill, pounded the body of opposite party directly above the ground. Because the opposite party is the face is well-grounded first, how therefore these directly all did not have the nose and tooth of opposite party. Xia Tian has not stopped the movement in oneself hand, his two silver needles have inserted on the hind leg joint of opposite party, at this time the opposite party is unable to bend the leg, afterward he is two silver needles directly pricks that position of opposite party ear second half finger, after this position inserts, the ache of opposite party will put Freshman time!! Ah!! The pitiful yell sound pulls a cart to help of marquises 12 big management shouts to the kind mouth from that. Xia Tian standing up slowly: I said that you have the disaster of blood light.”

At this time that monkey throws to Xia Tian, it saw that her master had been hit, therefore wants to kill Xia Tian, this monkey is a valuable beast, strength very formidable, moreover speed incredibly fast, saw that it must kill the Xia Tian front. Go away!!” Xia Tian rolled the character exit / to speak, the ape king grace in within the body has played the role directly. An imposing manner of gang of ape king erupts from his within the body. The body of that monkey directly in same place, afterward started to leave. Sees this time, surroundings all people were all shocked. Then fierce valuable beast unexpectedly really rolled on the ground. This is playing anything.” That female of transvestite thorough does not know that should say anything, he understands the marquis to the strength of kernel and his pet, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has such skill. Not only easily has defeated six cauldron Rank 1 Expert marquises to the kernel, was direct one leave the character to make that formidable valuable beast leave on the ground. what Yuzhuang is also puzzled looks at Xia Tian, afterward on his face had the smiling face of pondering: interesting.” Hong Jianmen female looked at Xia Tian, looked at what Yuzhuang not to speak. Saw that monkey must more leave is farther: „Did I make you leave? I make you turn circle to leave!!” The monkey of that valuable beast rank heard the Xia Tian words to start to turn circle to leave same place. Afterward Xia Tian looked at a that marquis of ground to the kernel, has drawn him. Wrong right?” Xia Tian asked. The marquises to the kernel just about to said that any ruthless words, had been slapped by Xia Tian directly. Pain!! The unusual pain, he has not thought of unexpectedly pain such!! He does not know that at this time his ache is usual two times. Wrong right?” Xia Tian asked again. !! Reply was too slow, comes one time again.” Xia Tian was a palm of the hand has hit: Wrong right?”

After one second!! !! A palm of the hand!! This time marquis to kernel already thorough by Xia Tian being perplexed. Pain!! This pain kept him even from saying the words to come. Had not said that is?” Xia Tian said that has lifted hand once more!! The marquises to the kernel noticed that the Xia Tian movement endures severe pain on the face to shout hurriedly: Has made a mistake, I made a mistake.” Um!! That squats!!” Xia Tian said. The marquises just about to squat to the kernel, his joint place has transmitted a severe pain. Ah!! A pitiful yell shouted from his mouth. Has not squatted!!” Xia Tian said that was a palm of the hand has hit. ! Kills the pig sound to shout to the kernel mouth from marquis. Hey, was OK, your this was also too cruel.” That female of transvestite said that she was a little unable to continue watching. Cruel? You know, if loses will be I, I miserable?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the female. He before benevolent, but benevolent the price was he is almost killed. You let off him, I guaranteed after him, does not dare to retaliate you.” The female of transvestite said. „Did you guarantee? What is main is I was worried after him, feels embarrassed my several friends.” What Xia Tian said is Little Wen and Kun elder brother, although he does not fear these people, but Little Wen and Kun elder brother is different, they must in the day Liucheng life, if stared by this group of people, will then have an accident!

You could rest assured that I guaranteed, you and your friend will not have any trouble.” The female of transvestite said that has put out a token directly. Sees this token time, these pull a cart the person who helps to knee down: See young lady!!!” Young lady!!” Hears this glossary time, what Yu stares strongly slightly: „Did you make a mistake? He obviously is a man.” Will not make a mistake, pulls a cart to help the Longfeng two tokens, Long is helps, the phoenix sign is a young lady.” These owners respectful saying. Was good, your this satisfied, has not helped him do well.” Pulls a cart young lady depressed saying of helps, she is wanted to look at Xia Tian by the person oppressive pitiful condition, now sees is not Xia Tian is been oppressive, but is own person is been oppressive by Xia Tian. Good, some of your this young ladies guaranteed, that.” Xia Tian has extracted silver needle on marquis's and pin bone after kind neck silver needle directly: Carries off him, training two days were all right.” At this time that monkey still back and forth tumbles on ground. You also stop!!” Xia Tian looked that said to that monkey. The monkey stopped directly. Carries off him, has remembered, no matter before what happened, all wrote off, if some people also dare to continue to look for trouble, then on guild regulations processing.” Pulls a cart the young lady who helps to say. Yes, Young lady!!” Pulls a cart the person who helps to lift the marquis to leave to the kernel. Your three do name?” Hong Jianmen female opens the mouth to ask. what Yu is strong!!” Xia Tian!!” Zhuang Ruyu!!” „Can this hiring altogether 20 quotas, go in look your.” Hong Jianmen female said. Senior Sister, we are so ripe, can have the special accommodation?” what Yuzhuang asked hurriedly. Meeting!!” That is what looks after?” The people all anticipate looked to Hong Jianmen female.