Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2344

I can nearby elect the elder of person saying that you are pervert, what regardless of displays to subtract 20 points.” Hong Jianmen female said that walks directly. Senior Sister!! Your this is not right, you are so attractive, is so noble, oh, do not walk, you listened to me to say...” Hong Jianmen female has not listened to him to say the words that walked directly, quick on disappearance without a trace. That, that...” Pulls a cart the young lady who helps to gather together the Xia Tian side directly: We have also been familiar, how can tell me you to see through my?” Good Ah!!” Xia Tian nodded. You said!!” Pulls a cart to help to look to Xia Tian that a young lady face anticipates. Reason that can see through you, that is because of...” Xia Tian spoke of here time stopped intentionally. Because of what?” Pulls a cart the young lady who helps to anticipate. Because I am a fortune-teller.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Snort!!” Pulls a cart the young lady who helps to stare Xia Tian one, afterward turns the head to walk directly. Do not walk, our last life has not calculated!!” Xia Tian shouts. Shouting that pulls a cart to help young lady that does not return to: Bye, does not see!!” what Yuzhuang covertly arrives at the Xia Tian side: Brother, are you tell fortunes really?” Naturally, did this have the vacation?” Xia Tian very proper saying. Real? How you calculate?” what Yuzhuang face curious asking. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is takes a sign, the sign hangs on a stick, sign above writes: Touches, the chest, told fortunes, not spirit did not ask for money.

Volume!!” what Yuzhuang a face admiration looks to Xia Tian, he suddenly discovered that Xia Tian this is a good occupation. Was right, asked your question.” Xia Tian turns head suddenly. What issue?” what Yuzhuang stares. Evaluates, whom has boiled after the expert cannot drink directly, why do you know?” Xia Tian asked. Why?” what Yuzhuang has thought a meeting: Is because inside spiritual energy did lose? What thing needs to be joined to drink?” Wrong , because scalds the mouth!!” Xia Tian said that was also direct. Scalds the mouth, scalds the mouth, the mouth......” what Yuzhuang a person is disorderly in the wind. After Xia Tian leaves, place that looked for living directly, he also pressed money in that six days, six days later was Hong Jianmen recruited the disciple the time, altogether 20 quotas, Xia Tian was quite confident to oneself, although three talents had, but absolutely were not bad. When the time comes what must look at the opposite party to test was anything. This time Hong Jianmen hiring, that comes definitely is the young people with outstanding ability. Even can be said as is super talent!! Solely does not have day of Liucheng own talent, external talent. Four days later!! Chooses person also two days of Hong Jianmen, this Xia Tian heard the elders who Hong Jianmen came, altogether came three elders with several disciples, the City Lord Mansion person to come out to greet these three big elders personally, but these three big elders have not gone to City Lord Mansion, seemed was worried that others gossipped to be the same!! But Xia Tian also discovered that this time day Liucheng can see the so-called young person with outstanding ability everywhere.

Heroic spirit are threatening. Their wear look are also that family juniors. Body did not have money, otherwise can also exit to inquire the inquiry news.” No matter Xia Tian goes to any place, next three three , he so long as wants to inquire the news, that will go to the tavern, what a pity on him all money all used in the hundred flowers building, if he knows that the female of that transvestite was the young lady who pulled a cart to help, he did not spend to be so ruthless. Business that Paternal grandmother, a such big day Liucheng has not made money?” Xia Tian thinks that had has all by the gang monopolizing. You came out.” At this moment, what Yu strongly from Xia Tian walked. shit, you how in this.” Xia Tian stares immediately. I couple days ago with you came, I thought room that you opened here, room that therefore I also here opened.” what Yu strongly very optional saying. „Do you do with me, we are not ripe.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to what Yuzhuang. Since were not ripe, I also planned asked you to drink!!” what Yuzhuang said that planned must walk. Brother, the callow rookie has become an old pro, walks, which you said.” The speed ratio that Xia Tian turns hostile clouds over quickly. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Walks.” what Yu has smiled one strong, afterward brought Xia Tian to go to nearby a hotel directly: Server, gives us to come two dishes, then comes several pot nice wines.” Come!!” Server very warm saying. Three this point next three be better. The next three these shop owners and servers almost look at the face service, uneven Imperial City these shop owners are also, although Xia Tian requested to reorganize, but these people are bad person who and does not have money that looks down upon to put on. However three was different.

Three servers, even if sees you not to have what money, they will not shut out you, will not ask you to trouble. Naturally, if you eat meal to drink do not give money, that definitely is incorrect. How is it? Has had confidence?” what Yuzhuang smiling looks at Xia Tian. Does not know.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You are not told fortunes, calculates that you can enter Hong Jianmen.” what Yuzhuang said. If any matter calculates that did not have the meaning.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Said also right, but this time pressure of competition is very big, I heard that this time the talent that came from the surrounding big or medium place may be many, their talents very high, moreover these talents of day Liucheng are also are ready to make trouble, after all Hong Jianmen is ten years recruits a person.” what Yuzhuang said. What does their hiring have to limit?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally had, the main three points, first, the age can not over 40 years old \; Second, Realm can not be lower than five cauldron Rank 1 \; Third, can not use the sword, but must have the induction to the sword.” what Yuzhuang answered. „? Can that be has the induction to the sword? How does the age measure?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. Measured that the age has the life stone, this is very simple, as to the induction of sword, Hong Jianmen has the special-purpose technique probably.” what Yuzhuang said. „!!” Xia Tian nod of silently. Actually these are not main, what is main is the choice question, this time altogether came three elders, separately is seven elders, eight elders and nine elders.” what Yuzhuang sees few that Xia Tian knows, therefore he knows himself all told to Xia Tian. What meaning these are?” Xia Tian doubts looks to what Yuzhuang.