Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2345

Visits you are countryside, you want to join Hong Jianmen unexpectedly not to inquire Hong Jianmen news.” what Yuzhuang as if looked alien same looks at Xia Tian, others want to join Hong Jianmen that are investigate thoroughly Hong Jianmen matter absolutely first, clarity that must look up, even wishes one could to analyze directly the ancestor 18 generations of Hong Jianmen everyone. The place that exceed is unattainable is enviable, even also many people specially here collect the information, then sells the information. Project that they will take a test every year and through the person all records, then the strength rank analyses of these people, these prepares the person who joins Hong Jianmen to buy these materials, then carefully analyzes. Actually this thing deceived people. Although inside material is real, but looked at these to join Hong Jianmen? Naturally is impossible. I just came to here, is not quite familiar, was hears you saying that in tavern Hong Jianmen received the person I to plan tried.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. Volume!!” what Yuzhuang hears the Xia Tian words to stare immediately: This...” He was really speechless. How long others to join Hong Jianmen that have prepared, Xia Tian unexpectedly had the idea temporarily. Ok, I well tells you.” what Yuzhuang sees a Xia Tian face ignorant appearance, he understood, Xia Tian anything does not know. At this time the food and wine also came up. They have drunk directly.

That several meaning is representing the Hong Jianmen nine entrances, is named Hong sword nine, has very big disparity from one to nine, a strength is strongest, inside also uniform is elite, nine worst, only if generally speaking some people did not have the means that otherwise nobody will choose nine, naturally, regarding majority of people, so long as can join Hong Jianmen, that was joins nine gates they to be also willing.” what Yuzhuang patient answered. „!!” Xia Tian nod of silently. Actually joins nine not to have anything, so long as after you, strength promotion was quick, or the performance was outstanding, you can also choose to apply to join a rank higher gate, so long as the elder of opposite party agreed that you naturally on joining first several.” what Yuzhuang said. This is not quite good!!” Xia Tian awkward saying. Nine doorknobs you trained, then you joined other gates, this little ungrateful suspicion. Anything is not good, for these years, nine also created many nice talented people, but also keeps nine to the present on the remaining three people, these three people was only called nine three, if were not their three existences, nine already thorough did not have.” what Yuzhuang answered. „!!” Xia Tian nod of silently: It seems like also has not the ungrateful person.” Yes, what a pity they chose mistakenly the time, if they initially chose to hire oneself several other, their present strengths will be only stronger, now is they thinks hiring oneself others, others were not seeing necessarily them.” what Yuzhuang spoke of the look that on here time face was regrets. Why?” Xia Tian asked. „Aren't this you clear? Before others the elder gathered their times personally, they did not show due respect for the feelings, now wants to go, can the elder also give them the good complexion?” what Yuzhuang answered. „!! Originally is this.” Xia Tian nodded. Actually these are unimportant regarding the person who has not joined Hong Jianmen, what Hong Jianmen disciple, so long as is already the person who joins Hong Jianmen, then they are the objects who others envy, you also saw on that day, the casual Hong Jianmen disciple wants after these cities, that will cause surrounding of one group of people.” what Yuzhuang patient is exchanging with Xia Tian.

Their alcohol capacities are much good, drinking that at this time their kept. Do not think that altogether 20 quotas you can think had 20 quotas.” what Yuzhuang drank big liquor to say. „? How your words sound strangely.” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to what Yuzhuang, he did does not understand that what Yu strong these words the meaning was anything. In surface, Hong Jianmen truly must recruit 20 disciples, but in fact ten quotas already quietly decided but not yet announced exited.” what Yuzhuang said in a low voice that his sound is small, probably was worried that was heard to be the same by others, moreover said the vision still took a fast look around in periphery. Um?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle!! „Before these ten people have us , that meets the young lady who pulls a cart to help, these people have given the Hong Jianmen long Boss compared with money, therefore they received these ten people quietly, as for other people, they , if unsatisfied, will continue to receive money, but generally speaking, they must receive several nice people, this is also good to report on accomplishments with above.” what Yuzhuang the voice is smaller than mosquito, if not the Xia Tian hearing is good, perhaps he really could not hear clearly what Yuzhuang to say anything. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. Therefore can enter Hong Jianmen you to strive for fortunately.” what Yuzhuang said. You think that you can join Hong Jianmen?” Xia Tian asked. Can!” what Yuzhuang only said one to be able the character, but on his face presented the incomparably self-confident facial expression, obviously he to himself was confident. Why?” Xia Tian asked. Secret!!” what Yuzhuang shows a faint smile, changed the topic directly.

Good, I thought that you were practice inexpensively, inexpensive, inexpensive of person!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian spoke of here time has smiled directly. what Yuzhuang is a heavy line of face, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly still remembers these words. These words initially Xia Tian saw his time scolded his. Reason that Xia Tian scolded him, that was because he initially gave the pit Xia Tian in the tavern. Was right, in day Liucheng has three big talents, these three big talents also are almost decided but not yet announced.” what Yuzhuang suddenly thinks this matter. „? Which three big talent? What extraordinary place do they have?” Xia Tian asked. Fang Sheng, the formula and Fang Lian, their three are the triplets, existence that the talents of three people are to go against heaven's will, their three this year 19 years old, three people are five cauldron Rank 9 strengths, moreover three people practice the sword since childhood, it can be said that has many sensibility to the Swordsmanship, what is main is these three people of regards is interlinked, most suits cultivation Hong Jianmen sword existence, therefore their three are the decided but not yet announced candidates.” Saying that what Yuzhuang envies. Some people are inborn on the good luck. Was right, if there is Swordsmanship domain?” Xia Tian asked suddenly.