Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2346
Swordsmanship domain?” what Yu stares strongly slightly, afterward shook the head: How possible, but Swordsmanship domain Swordsmanship most invincible Realm, if discovered that has the Swordsmanship domain person, then a gate lord will come to snatch the person personally.” Domain!! Is known as in the same rank strongest existence. Swordsmanship domain formidable. Before Xia Tian left the Swordsmanship domain on cultivation, but until now, he also only met Wan sword to return to the birth family this move. Sees what Yuzhuang the expression, he understood, oneself surely do not have the true excavation the Swordsmanship domain genuine fierce place, otherwise by Swordsmanship domain move can able to move unhindered the world. „!!” Xia Tian nodded silently. You are not will know person who meets the Swordsmanship domain?” what Yuzhuang looks suddenly to Xia Tian. How possible? You want.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Afterward they continued to drink. Along with Xia Tian and what Yuzhuang the contact, he discovered that in what Yu the strong surface displays very dreadfully, in fact this is only his one conceals the method, bright light that he occasionally in the eye reveals can make Xia Tian guess correctly that his origin is not absolutely simple. After two day!!! Today is Hong Jianmen recruits disciple the time, this time has recruited the place of disciple near the north gate in day Liucheng, now nearby here all streets were guarded completely by the City Lord Mansion person, person who the cotton garment helps, now every large or small street all will protect, so long as some people dare to cause trouble, that will directly be executed. Cotton garment square!! Here is the north gate biggest square.

At this time here gathered several thousand people, these people all are participate in the inspection. Normal, Hong Jianmen person recruitment of students, that definitely has countless people to register, but Hong Jianmen person said that if some people do not consider resources bite off more than can chew, any skill has not stirred up trouble, that directly gives City Lord Mansion processing, not considering resources bite off more than can chew that here said is that type obviously does not conform to the stipulation, person but who must come. Moreover thinks that is not the person of talent cannot participate absolutely. Otherwise when the time comes discovered you miss are too many, directly by Hong Jianmen person lesson. Therefore here to the present also about 30,000 people. Such already came these many people.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the front. This is the natural disposition of person, many people think one came first, then on opportunity Freshman some, even some people think one are first several comes up the test, then on opportunity Freshman some, actually these is the fallacy.” what Yuzhuang stands side Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian hears his words, is helpless smiling. These people have been standing here, the quick population increased again. They have been waiting for here, waited for three hours, Hong Jianmen disciple appears, these disciple clothes that one line of 20 people, present at this time are the sky blue, then the body is bringing three small swords, that girl student who Xia Tian they know also. Saw their swords?” what Yuzhuang said. Saw.” Xia Tian nodded. Their swords are representing them in Hong Jianmen status, a sword represents the lowest disciple, disciple who nine swords represent the highest rank, but the flowers of their clothes chest place represent them are being several disciples.” what Yuzhuang answered. Elder?” Xia Tian asked that Xia Tian had looked a moment ago, these disciples were almost seven eight disciples, not nine disciples.

What on elder puts on is the white clothes, their strengths and may not be much strong, but they have made the person of great contribution to the school, therefore has become the elder, even some people have paid the life of whole family for the entrance, therefore elder position is also Hong Jianmen to repay them establishes, but among them the day does not feel better very much, after these, you on will know.” what Yuzhuang has not said too, but in the Xia Tian innermost feelings has been psychologically prepared. Elder came!!” These Hong Jianmen disciples all slightly bow, the meaning of respects. At this time Xia Tian looks that three wear the elder of white clothing, on an elder only then a symbol of small sword, on the remaining two elders is three small swords, obviously the elders have the rank discrimination. If Xia Tian has not guessed wrong, then this person should be nine elders. Saw the elder to come, following these people very excited. All people form 20 line, now on the platoon, who dares to cause trouble directly to hit, examines in turn, stands through the person of examination in the left temporarily, not through standing or leaves here in right, if some people dare to pretend to be, directly under the day Liucheng law to punish.” A Hong Jianmen disciple shouts loudly. Hears his words, all people line up directly. Xia Tian also directly stood in what Yuzhuang. Afterward the front started to test. What although front cannot see is, but Xia Tian can listen from their dialogs, the project and what who Yuzhuang they test told own exactly the same. First is the age, is Realm, finally is to the sensibility of Sword Intent. Snort, your unexpectedly dares to pretend the age, comes the person, gives City Lord Mansion him, handles according to the highest penalty!!” The front person was inspected to conceal the age, the result was punished directly. No, your things do not permit, I do not have over 40 obviously.” That person was still quibbling. The person who at this time the cotton garment helps flushed.

That person strength is good, five cauldron Rank 5, overthrew three to fire into their cotton garment to help the disciple directly. Snort!! Courts death!!” A Hong Jianmen disciple attacks instantaneously, the long sword in his hand as if lived was the same, pierced that person two cauldron bodies directly. Humph!! All people have all opened the mouth. Insta-kill!! This is Hong Jianmen disciple, a sword directly five cauldron Rank 5 Expert Insta-kill. Comes the person, processes him, additionally appoints here manpower.” The management that a cotton garment helps shouts loudly. Afterward here continues to examine. Xia Tian discovered that they do not know with anything tests Sword Intent, that person only needs to place on a stone the hand, in the stone will present the figure, then this digit is representing the Sword Intent value, at this time every Sword Intent achieved over 50 to stand in the left, the situation has not appeared again, perhaps also some people must conceal the age, possibly was left quietly. Time past bit by bit. Is very tranquil, at this moment the sound broke the peaceful atmosphere together. Elder, here presents Sword Intent to sense 90 people!!!”