Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2347

Sword Intent senses 90!! Hears this sound time, all people were all shocked, including three big elders, they all personally ran over. Must know before , the person who presents are most, only then Sword Intent senses 70%, that person has brought to everybody's attention, but unexpectedly presented Sword Intent to sense 90 people at this time, this absolutely could be said as the big matter, big matter that three big elders have to attach great importance. The Sword Intent sensibility wants over 80, is makes an exception receives this person. Because Sword Intent sensed over 80 people are the Swordsmanship talent. At this time all person vision all centralized on the body of this person. This person is not others, is dreadful young what Yuzhuang!! what Yuzhuang looked at Xia Tian, afterward shows a faint smile: I must come up first, you keep here keep it up.” Sword Intent senses 90, this is the super talent, even if entire Hong Jianmen, is considered as absolutely on is the talent. Before recruited students, so long as presented the Sword Intent 80 people, they will be excited, but this unexpectedly presented the Sword Intent 90 people, this could be said as the absolute important matter. Boy, I am seven elders, you with me.” Seven elders said directly. Many thanks elder!!” At this moment, a nearby Hong Jianmen disciple said again: Elder, their three are 85 Sword Intent sensibility!!” Um? Is the Fang three brothers, you also turn over to me.” That seven elder said directly. Many thanks elder!!” Three brothers respectful saying of Fang. Seven, four talents were called you to walk, your this...” Eight elder depressed saying.

I altogether have ten quotas, now my just right ten, other you at will.” Seven elder very optional saying, this recruitment of students altogether 20 quotas, he has accounted for ten quotas, thus it can be seen seven compare eight and nine treatments is better much. He the interior has recruited six people, in the families of these six people have given him a very rich wealth, in addition these four talents, this time it can be said that do unusual is perfect. Not only received much money, but also received four talents. It can be said that then called to return home with a full load. At this time his innermost feelings very joyful!! He thinks that he comes out is really unusual being suitable, he just started to be also worried these six person too crane tails, then the move the good talent, after such goes back, is not good to report on accomplishments, but he received four super talents now, this time he not only can report on accomplishments, but also above definitely also will grant to him. Eight elders have not said anything. At this time he has also recruited four people, in the families of these four people have also given him, as soon as compares not the small wealth, his altogether seven quotas, remaining three, he plans to recruit three people now again, that was enough. However he also wants to incur three talents to go back, this well reports on accomplishments. 80, elder!!” Eight disciples shout hurriedly. Wanted!!” Eight elders shout hurriedly. Although is not 85, is not 90, so long as is 80, that was good, how such talent he possibly lets off. At this time everybody is clear, originally the left is standing these people do not continue to compete, but remains if finally the population is insufficient, is used for the seam protector. Is she!!” Xia Tian discovered that this selected female is not others, young lady who the cotton garment helps!! Many thanks elder.” The young lady who the cotton garment helps said that has given eight elder Chu rings directly quietly, naturally, this petty action others had not seen.

Um, good, good!! I remembered you.” Nod that eight elders keep. He likes this, talent is good, gives back to his money. Many thanks eight elder attendances.” The young lady who the cotton garment helps said. Elder, this presents one 81.” Eight disciple excited shouting. On the eight elder this time faces of is the joyful look, he felt that today this group of people are really the luck full houses, former years hiring can bump into 2-3 more than 80 to snatch insanely, but this unexpectedly presents these many talents, how he was worrying a moment ago still reports on accomplishments. Now came one 80, 81. How is the acquaintances.” Xia Tian stares slightly. What this time is a female, she pulls a cart the young lady who helps. „Are you willing to join eight.” Eight elders looked that to young lady who pulling a cart to help. Disciple wants!!” Pulls a cart the young lady who helps saying that has given eight elder Chu rings directly quietly, eight elders see the Chu ring time, he was happier, this time received four advantage of people, now unexpectedly were also many two . Moreover the talents of these two people many are very high. Like this he not only obtained the advantage, but also has not delayed oneself hiring mission. Kills two birds with one stone!! His even some feelings of being elated with success. Good, I remembered you, after waiting for Hong Jianmen, has can tell me who any matter needs to help.” Eight elders now very happy, he felt that he was really too lucky. Now the positions of seven elders have filled, position also remaining of eight elders, but there of nine elders is one does not have.

Everybody understands that joined nine that to be equal to abandoning half, although was also Hong Jianmen, but everybody was also wants to compete for eight final that quotas. Stares is doing? Realm opens.” Hong Jianmen disciple very discontented saying. bo!! The head of Xia Tian presented five small cauldrons and three small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 3, qualified, the right hand places on this rubble stone.” Xia Tian has placed in own right hand the stone directly, this stone is pure, probably is crystal is the same. Closes the eye, sensibility stone inside Sword Intent!!” Hong Jianmen disciple obvious these words said somewhat has been tired, after all stands repeats these words here is very bored matter. Xia Tian has closed own both eyes directly. Sword Intent directly enters to his within the body, he has not revolted, this Sword Intent involved his Swordsmanship domain instantaneously. Bang!! In the stone presented a figure directly. What??” That Hong Jianmen disciple complexion immediately changes. He rubbed his both eyes, on the face has written all over inconceivable, he is really unable to believe the matter that now his eye, he saw has surpassed his cognition, this digit was too terrifying, he has never heard, his vision looked once more to the stone that the figure has not changed: Elder, you comes to see quickly, what situation is this?”