Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2349

In three years, I will step on you surely in the under foot.” The Xia Tian sound is very loud, although he does not have to shout intentionally, but all people all hear clearly. Whish!! All people were all shocked by Xia Tian these words. In their eyes, the Xia Tian image elevated all of a sudden. Too extraordinary. Just joined Hong Jianmen, with the Hong Jianmen eight elders to. This absolutely can be said as cow B, naturally has also been able to talk into is the brain has the issue. This fellow was insane!!” what Yuzhuang a face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Brain definitely was kicked by the donkey.” The young lady who the cotton garment helps was mumbling. How is he so each time noticeable?” To look at Xia Tian that pulls a cart to help the young lady who has doubts, although she is not familiar with Xia Tian, but she discovered that Xia Tian action continuously that astonishing. Hong Jianmen that girl student also thought that these people are really can show off one by one. I now have killed you.” Eight elder face angry saying. Just basic disciple does not dare such to speak to him, he is Hong Jianmen elder, elder of keeping aloof, although is only three sword elders, but also is the elder, in object who outside eye needs to seek friendships with, but just joined Hong Jianmen person unexpectedly to dare such to speak to him now. Moreover is only a nine disciple. Senior Brother, he now is we nine disciples.” Nine elders go forward to remind. Hears the words of nine elders, eight elders clenched teeth to say three characters afterward: You are waiting.” These three characters probably are the words that the child fight time spoke.

Generally the child fights to say these words, then either is goes home to tell his father, either tells the teacher. But these words of eight elders to not tell his father, to not tell his teacher, but was telling Xia Tian, later got up Hong Jianmen, he will not let off Xia Tian. All people understand. Xia Tian must meet with a disaster. Went to Hong Jianmen, that was the domains of eight elders. When the time comes he wants Xia Tian dead, simply is easy. If trades to be others at this time, perhaps already by these words of eight elders running away in fear. But Xia Tian directly responded to one: I and others you, tiger chisel!!” Snort!!” Although eight elders do not understand that Xia Tian the tiger chisel represents any meaning, but he understands that absolutely is not the word of praise. The recruitment of students has continued one all day, on this day in has not presented Sword Intent to surpass 80 people again, the final eight elders select the person time, Sword Intent 70 people have sent out a Chu necklace directly, finally he was selected, although over 70 also more than ten individuals, but these people had not been selected by eight elders. Nine are the lowest grade gates, all nine elders can only reduce remaining. He has not chosen Sword Intent to sense high, but has chosen two person who seems the comparison peace-loving. This is nine electing person ways. Nine are different from other gates, what other gate regards as important is the talent, what nine regarding as important is the moral behavior, because the talent also possibly will directly run again by several other high finally, only then the moral behavior good person can keep nine finally. After the darkness. The people arrive at the hotel that Hong Jianmen looked.

At this time in the rooms of nine elders. Your three from now on were nine disciples, there are many matters I first to tell you now, remaining later went to the entrance naturally slowly to understand.” Nine elders put out three clothes to give three people: „Everyone one set, has remembered, do not spoil, school inside clothes are very expensive.” Three people received the clothes well. Their clothes are the sky blue, above has a symbol of small sword, the place of chest has the ninth symbol. Their present ranks are nine sword disciples. „After entering nine, must from the custom study, each custom probably record first clearly, because above has the mistake that can want you to assign.” Nine elders reminded. Yes!!” Three people of respectful saying. Our nine, although on same mountain, but separates the management, we nine criteria do not have the conflict with other gates disciples.” Nine elders spoke of here time, oneself somewhat were also helpless, this words said truly a little lose face. This is the issue of energy. At this time if changes into an elder to speak is: No matter any other gates people, if dares to bully you, punches to me, hits comes back to call the person to me , to continue to punch. The strength is the energy!! Three people had already heard nine matters, all also had have prepared at heart. This is also why nine recruit the disciple the time primary cause that must first look at the moral behavior. Our nine are the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, it can be said that is authoritative, which regardless of you arrive, so long as wears our Hong Jianmen clothes, is one has the face matter, but you must remember, even if later descends the mountain to make mission absolutely to wear our clothes to mooch, cannot make the matter that harms Hong Jianmen, will otherwise be sentenced to capital punishment.” Nine elders reminded was some common matters. This point Xia Tian remembers. Initially that two Hong Jianmen disciple went to the hundred flowers building to trade clothes and appearance.

Nine Provinces!! The area is big, compared with next three wants big several times, but Hong Jianmen is the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, thus it can be seen, actually Hong Jianmen strength has multi- formidable. Was good, goes back to rest, early tomorrow morning!!” Nine elders said. He not with Xia Tian independent chatted anything. Next morning, three big elders lead, leads the people to walk toward the north gate directly, transmission in day Liucheng, they do not want flood prevention Jianmen to need to transfer sits several transmission, although day Liucheng really has special arrives at transmission of Dahong Jianmen, but that transmission expense very expensive. The normal people cannot take a seat, say nothing was leading 40 disciples. Therefore what they choose sits transmission, although this is very tired, but this can actually economize. Xia Tian does not have spirit stone, therefore he rides a transmission money is nine elders leaves, saw time eight elders who this point was looking down upon Xia Tian: Originally is a poor wretch, no wonder spoke is so unyielding, this year the mouth of poor person was obstinate argumentative.” Actually I have thought what most likes biting is the dog, after knowing runs into you, my idea changes.” Xia Tian curses at people does not have the dirty words completely. All the way this they taunted has not scolded little. Seven days later!! The people arrived at Hong Jianmen under finally. Ice cloud peak!!! At this time newly arrived 20 disciples there, Xia Tian have all rubbed their eye, inconceivable of face.