Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2350

He has never thought a mountain peak can be so mammoth, can be so beautiful. Ling Yunfeng is the Nine Provinces first peak!!! This peak from the distant place looked that looks like a giant statue is the same, likely is unnatural, is more like the artificial carving, is main, the entire mountain peak is low grade spirit stone, an entire mountain is a giant low grade spirit stone ore. These many low grade spirit stone, have surpassed the Xia Tian cognition!! Looks at their surprised appearances, on these Hong Jianmen skeletons in the closet faces is the happy expression, because their first time sees the ice cloud peak time, is this appearance. Was good, although under the ice cloud peak has transmission, but your first time climbs mountains to need to walk.” Seven elders look to Xia Tian and the others, afterward beckons, left directly, but Xia Tian discovered quickly the situation is not right, because seven and eight new move of disciples also entered transmission. Only leaves behind nine disciples to take this long mountain road. Volume!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, the other two are also a helplessness of face, although they have heard nine matters more or less, but they have not thought that nine unexpectedly were bullied this, has transmission not to let sit, must be walks, this also bullied the person. If others also walk, they naturally did not have the words to say. But eight nine person unexpectedly directly rode transmission to come up. Was right, before the darkness, did not need to climb mountains.” Eight elders said directly. In his look is the look that teased!! After nine elders looked at several people of one, opens the mouth saying: I above you.” The soldiers instigated that will instigate a nest!! The own head Boss was bullied, which then under the hand person naturally also very to went, they have not climbed mountains to see Hong Jianmen internal darkness. If Xia Tian initially opened the Swordsmanship domain in the test. Then his treatment will be certainly good.

But wooden show in Lin, wind must destroy it!! The strength and chip that Xia Tian has not protected oneself now, do not have what backer, if he shows so the formidable talent, perhaps whose benefit then offended, that by enemy killing quietly, after all here, but three, are Hong Jianmen, he to others' the strength and influence fully did not understand. Here, he must develop fast, will otherwise die sooner or later cloudy. Before the darkness!! Xia Tian looked up a that to enter the clouds the peak. On!!” Xia Tian said that flushes away to above directly. Another two disciples are also directly flush away to the mountain, although nine are the Hong Jianmen worst entrances, but worst also same keeps aloof outside, moreover Hong Jianmen is the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, wants to study authentic most formidable Martial Arts, must come to this most authentic place. Therefore they must join Hong Jianmen. As for later, they can also cultivation well, then strive to join several other. The ice cloud peak is very high, but well in several people are five cauldron above cultivation, therefore runs such peak is not the too difficult matter, the noon time three people arrived in the summit, this is because Xia Tian is waiting for them intentionally, must otherwise, Xia Tian already arrive. Whish!! Three people just arrived at the summit by at present the attractive scenery deep has shocked, especially their front about ten kilometers that grand main halls, it can be said that true mammoth. Here!!” Nine elders waved with their three. Afterward they walk toward side with nine elders directly, they take a section of road to see there to write the mark of figure, the place that this digit marks is several is. Walked for probably about one hour. They saw nine characters finally!!

Comes, this is we nine positions!!” Nine elders said. At this time three talented person discoveries, so-called nine with other eight compared with incoming messenger is not the tiny bit, even if eight also has certain scale, but nine place that looks like does odd jobs is the same, even here builds with everywhere thing. After entering nine!! Nine elders lead them to go to nine registration places. Their three are newly arrived?” The elder in registration place asked. Um!!” That nine elders nodded. Sword Intent how many?” The elder in registration place asked. Two more than 70, presents the error.” Nine that sword elders said. „, These three Chu bags you are taking, inside thing goes back to reorganize well, early tomorrow morning goes to criminal law hall to study.” The elder in registration place said. Yes!!!” Three people nodded. Afterward nine that sword elders led them to arrive at residence, residence was not too crude, but did not have what extraordinary place, each person room, the room had about 20 square meters, this was not small, but the courtyard was more than ten individuals uses one together. Xia Tian their three have chosen their room. Was good, today you reorganize the thing first, early tomorrow morning went to criminal law hall to study, has remembered, do not stir up trouble in Hong Jianmen, works as far as possible low-key.” Nine that sword elders as if are make mission to be the same, placed here not to plan to manage several people, after several people how should do, that must look at several people own. After Xia Tian returned to own room, has cleaned the room simply, then has arranged one small dust removal, has exchanged here thing newly, he does not like with others remaining, including bedding, although the people of their this rank have not needed any bedding, but Xia Tian likes using the bedding. Afterward he opened that Chu bag. Chu Wudai inside thing is very simple, a sword of handle Top Grade Spirit Tool rank, a rare book and a criminal law comprehensive work.

Besides these types, anything did not have. Xia Tian opened this rare book. Lingyun sword Secret Art!! Rank 3 sword Secret Art!! Sees Rank 3 sword Secret Art these characters time, Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, he has not thought that just came Hong Jianmen to learn the Rank 3 sword Secret Art, he happen to can have a look at the Rank 3 above sword Secret Art to have anything at this time to distinguish with Rank 3 following Kungfu. In front of the sword Secret Art has the introduction. Lingyun sword Secret Art!! Hong Jianmen basic sword Secret Art!! One arrives at the change between Third Layer, the Fourth Layer later sword Secret Art needs to go to the entrance exchange, the exchange needs own rank and spirit stone. The rank is among a sword to nine swords difference. To exchange four to six heavy sword knacks to need in two sword disciples and 1000 spirit stone. bullshit.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion infinitely. Thump!! At this moment, the Xia Tian gate was sounded.