Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2351

Xia Tian has not gone to ask, but has shoved open the door directly, his X-Ray Vision eye saw came the person. Daytime with that two people who he comes together. !! At this time they are standing in the entrance. Brother, do we chat?” One of them shows a faint smile. Comes in!!” Xia Tian said. Brother, our three come together, calculates on was brothers, later arrived here certainly to look after mutually, otherwise had been bullied by others, you said that was?” On that face has piled up with the smiling face. Um!!” Xia Tian nodded. We introduced mutually, my two dragons!!” That man said. My name was Lu Bing!!” Another man said. Xia Tian!!!” Xia Tian simple saying. Brother, after our three, takes a walk, then has any matter you to greet, our certain gang that can help.” That person of named two dragon said. Good.” Xia Tian nodded, has not said anything. He is not one is introverted the person, but he thought that this special is false, in his smiling face that is called two dragons the people to smile as if hid many secrets to be the same. After they send off, Xia Tian once more goes back to study Lingyun sword Secret Art!! He wants the Lingyun sword Secret Art of cultivation heart, that most at least must reaching the clouds sword Secret Art cultivation to Third Layer, then get so far as in 1000 spirit stone, and obtains the status of two sword disciples, to present Xia Tian does not understand how to promote own rank, but he guessed that quick can know. Because this should is the most basic matter. Now he main matter, first studies Lingyun sword Secret Art, he does not believe Lingyun sword Secret Art is only an ordinary basic sword Secret Art, if that was true, then Hong Jianmen will not be famous, will not become the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, although the Rank 3 sword Secret Art was very precious, but in many schools the Rank 3 sword Secret Art definitely will be very many. Therefore Xia Tian guessed that this Lingyun sword Secret Art is very likely is the basis of Hong Jianmen genuine sword Secret Art.

This sword Secret Art is used to lay the ground. It seems like must seriously treat.” Xia Tian opened Lingyun sword Secret Art directly, this time other two are carrying on the private talk, any that nobody who as for their discussed knew, what they relate is the criminal law comprehensive work, because they were worried which point one will not be careful will move. However Xia Tian is different, he understands. That is the law of the jungle!! The custom is formulated by Expert, the weak one carries on to observe. Therefore he only needed to promote his strength to suffice, as for the criminal law comprehensive work, he only needs a liking for tomorrow, naturally had remembered, because he had the ability of photographic memory. Starts the cultivation Lingyun sword Secret Art!! It can be said that successful!! Others cultivation First Layer needs three to five months generally, these talents take one month, but Sword Intent senses over 90 to take seven days to ten days. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has only used for three hours!! After three hours!! His Lingyun sword Secret Art broke through First Layer Realm directly!! Whistling!! Xia Tian long expiration. He discovered own cultivation Lingyun sword Secret Art time, own Swordsmanship domain will play the role automatically , helping him sense Lingyun sword Secret Art inside Sword Intent instantaneously, therefore he can in such a short time on First Layer Realm of cultivation to become Lingyun sword Secret Art. Has not thought, my former unexpectedly has wasted this Swordsmanship domain.” Xia Tian starts to watch the Lingyun sword Secret Art above graphic solution, the analysis and dismantling. At this time Xia Tian understood three finally and next three disparities. Fine!!

Exquisite!! Regardless of next three these person of cultivation merit methods famous, so long as they with three compares, that not remaining anything. Xia Tian wait / etc. passed on the graphic solution and analysis to own doing several things at the same time, hopes they according to these graphic solutions fast decomposes Finger of Consonance and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. After cultivation to Lingyun sword Secret Art First Layer. Here also had a sword to incur. Ling Yunfei sword!! This sword incurred is in the First Layer Realm big unique skill. That night, Xia Tian passed in ginseng research continuously. Next morning. Their early got up, three people walk toward criminal law hall directly. Nine not much are big, therefore they walked for more than ten minutes to find the position of criminal law hall. See elder!!” Elder in criminal law hall comes is also early. Um!! Comes to sit down.” Elder in criminal law hall is two sword elders. In three people enter the hall to sit down. I will not tell each am anything, that is needs you to look that I will only introduce the penalty type of our criminal law hall.” Elder saying of criminal law hall slowly. Three people nodded!! First, a simplest point, penalty lightest cleans Hong Jianmen, this penalty violating the youngest wrong these people, next is the back side of the mountain faces the wall, do not despise this facing the wall, the back side of the mountain is very terrifying place, faced the wall the person who either dead there majority, either committed suicide.” Elder very optional saying of criminal law hall. Attracts!!

Hears the words of criminal law hall elder, the people have all held breath cold air!! You do not need to care, because can use spirit stone to exempt in our Hong Jianmen many responsibility for an offense, for example requests you to clean the entrance, you can according to violate the matter size to carry on the payment spirit stone to be good, if the back side of the mountain faces the wall, that needs to pay many spirit stone.” Elder in criminal law hall said. The people nodded. Goes all over the world these words to be also suitable in Hong Jianmen richly. Actually this idea is very good, after all whose spirit stone is not the gale blows, therefore this can avoid these getting angry mistake. Xia Tian looked the own air-to-air pocket, he can only warn itself silently: Is certainly careful. He may not have that many spirit stone to compensate the opposite party. Although enforces the law hall the elder has not stated clearly, but the obvious figure will not be absolutely low. This regarding Xia Tian, that is the huge digit. It seems like I must think that means made a money.” Xia Tian secret was pledging. Our Hong Jianmen altogether 99 penalties, majority is the simple punishments, even if were faces the wall unable saying that was the most serious punishment, you should look at the criminal law comprehensive work yesterday, then you should know that the most serious punishment was anything!!” The penalty elder said. Knows that is the fire dragon flogging!!” Two dragons said hurriedly. Um!!” Nod of the penalty elder appreciates. Right, is the hot cage flogging, this penalty is used to cope with these to bully Master Miezu, the betrayal entrance and so on most serious penalties!!” The penalty elder kept a serious look saying. Elder, is actually the fire dragon flogging what?” Two dragon puzzled asking.