Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2352

Fire Dragon flogging!!!” On the face of penalty elder shows the smiling face that the god extinguished: Your this whole life does not want to see absolutely.” „Is elder Sir, actually what?” Two dragons they were more curious. This type of torture instrument our does not have, on the fire dragon whip has 999 small spurs, everything was whipped by the fire dragon, even if six cauldron Expert also wants instantaneous bruised and lacerated, afterward the spur will grip on the bone, the executioner only needs to draw the fire dragon whip, was hit the person to hear the bone punctured sound, but his flesh and blood will be brought a big piece, after I once personally saw six cauldron Rank 5 Expert had pulled out ten whips , the pain dead while still alive, everyone this pain may not be can endure.” The penalty elder spoke of here time as if has thought of any fearful matter. Elder Sir, will the might that big fire dragon whip all pull out the meat of person?” Two dragon puzzled asking. Has not seen with one's own eyes, he does not have the too deep experience, he thought that some are unreasonable. If the might of fire dragon whip seems like so big, the person body that really the criminal law elder said then receives punishment will pull all out does not have. You thought mistakenly.” The penalty elder said. „?” Several people all looked to the penalty elder. Ten whips pull out in the same place.” Saying of penalty elder coldly. Hears the words of penalty elder, people have all held breath cold air. Although they personally have not seen the fire dragon flogging, but they can imagine that terrifying matter. Was good, today you here review the criminal law, early tomorrow morning you went to the yard to be OK, nine altogether ten gear-driven elders, whose hanger- on the time comes can do obeisance, that must think your good fortunes.” The penalty elder has not said anything, but direct turn around left. Gear-driven elder!! Also was their later Master. Ten Master choose their three, who had a liking for who selects, sounds truly well.

But in fact, this may not be simple, because the strengths of ten gear-driven elders are different, therefore they the Professor thing is also different. Three people sat to look here, after the half day, Xia Tian direct turn around left. The two have actually sat there have not left. Snort, this person did not have the politeness, walked did not greet.” Two dragon very discontented saying. Now walks is so early, definitely by the penalty elder is known, the penalty elder looked he is not earnest, later will definitely not let off his.” Saying that Lu Bing disdains. Ok, should not be different from him, he will die in any case sooner or later!!” Xia Tian that two dragons have cast aside one vanish. Is, offended eight elders, this and courts death anything not to distinguish, ok, no matter he, our two finds the way to do obeisance good Master tomorrow, if cannot do obeisance good Master, that helps eight that elders remove him, when the time comes eight elders definitely our two accents to eight, when the time comes we will be separated from this poor nine.” Lu Bing in a low voice in a low voice. Um!!” They also nodded. After Xia Tian goes back , to continue the ginseng to grind that sword in Lingyun sword Secret Art to incur. Ling Yunfei sword!! This move of might is not small, but cannot say that is abnormal existence. In the Xia Tian eye, any sword incurs, must look that is who uses, if you is a waste, even if that will give you unmatched in the world the sword to incur you to be also same will die, but if you will be a super talent, even if that will be the most basic swordsmanship that you will learn, you can also defeat the formidable match. This is the so-called talent. Shouted!!

Xia Tian understands that he wants to promote strength, then truly needs a guide. Although Yin Nie is his Master, but Yin Nie has not actually taught him anything. He also anticipated own some day can displays Finger of Consonance and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step true might. Next morning!! Xia Tian their three went to yard. Here disciple were many, all disciples are carrying on cultivation there, their cultivation unusual is earnest. At this time ten elders stand there proudly. Sees these ten elders time, they understood the true meaning in penalty long proverb finally. The rank disparities of ten elders are very big. Is that elder of head is nine sword elders, this is other most Advanced elder in Hong Jianmen, but worst is a sword elder, he is also the Hong Jianmen rank lowest elder, why will become the gear-driven elder as for him, that nobody knew. Welcome your three to join nine!!” In nine sword elder vision has been full of the dignity. See elder!!” Three people bow to ten people slightly, represent the respect. Um, believes that you before joining nine definitely had heard many about nine matters, anything sets the base, trash, even some people said that is poor nine.” Nine sword elder expressions are light, not any mighty waves. Disciple does not dare!!” Three people said hurriedly.

They think that nine sword elders must be nine argue anything. No, I want to tell you am, these are the facts, outside passes on not wrong.” Nine sword elders said directly. He does not have slight concealing, does not have to argue anything intentionally, but directly acknowledged. But I want to tell you am, you cultivation basic skills are the same with several other, therefore you will not compare them to be bad many on the road of cultivation, as for bad, that needed you to go diligently.” Nine sword elder this are to people a reassuring medicine, although he acknowledged nine truly are inferior to several other. But similarly, he also told everybody, nine institute cultivation merit methods did not compare several other difference, was the same, can have any achievement as for later, that must look at own effort. I hope after you, effort well, carries forward nine.” Nine sword elders looked that said to three people. Yes!!” Three people also nodded. Good, then must carry on to group, an inspection of meeting is very simple, after you inspect finished, will have the elder to choose you, if there are simultaneously several elders to have a liking for you, then you can choose the elder who like, naturally, 80-90, three elder there present have been short of manpower, if you to can after the inspection had ended direct selection they, do not need to obtain their agreements.” Nine sword elder saying of slowly. Yes!!” Good, now I announced that the inspection starts!!” Nine sword elders have put out three handle singlesticks directly, simultaneously threw to Xia Tian their three: Your three, puncture 10,000 swords same place.”